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Work and Play at Alaska's Legacy Fishing Lodge!

Whaler's Cove Lodge is an all-inclusive remote wilderness fishing and eco-tour lodge located in the banana belt of southeast Alaska. Join us this summer in celebrating our 40th year of fishing and exploring the protected waters of Alaska's inside passage!

Go to Google Maps and type "Killisnoo Island, Angoon, Alaska"

Jobs in the Spotlight

Scrub it up and away in Southeast Alaska! Salary + tips, private room and delicious meals!


About Whaler's Cove Lodge

Celebrate with us!  2022 is the 40th Anniversary of Whaler's Cove Lodge providing personable and professional service to guests looking to immerse themselves in the best Alaska has to offer in both sport fishing and wilderness experiences. Humpback Whales & Orcas along with Alaskan Brown Bear are our closest neighbors. With a maximum guest capacity of 32, we primarily cater to fishing, but our adventure tours continue to grow each year.  Our crew to guest ratio is 1:1.

The Employee Experience

Whaler's Cove Lodge is REMOTE. For Real.  

  • Killisnoo Island is a 45 minute privately chartered plane ride or a 5-8 hour ferry ride from Juneau.
  • There are no grocery stores, no shops, no bars, and literally no other businesses on Killisnoo Island.
  • There are just a few private homes on the island.  
  • You can walk around the island within a few hours.
  • Your feet or a boat are the only two methods of getting around.
  • You are surrounded by huge spruce and hemlock trees, rich soil, and the Pacific Ocean.  There are humpback whales, orcas, more bald eagles than you can count, and a sea lion we have named Carl.
  • It rains most days and is breathtakingly beautiful.
  • When it's sunny, the hottest days are in the low 70s and it's gorgeous.
  • Nighttime temperatures are 40s-50s.
  • We don't have killer mosquito swarms like Alaska has up north - but we have horse-flies when the is warm and they like to bite!  We also have No-see-ums once in a while.
  • There is no Wifi.  There is very, very limited internet access. ATT is the only provider, which you may be able to use if you are standing on your left foot, on the third Thursday of the month, in just the right spot on the Island, while waving one hand in the air.
  • Kayaks and small motored skiffs (18') are available for crew rentals, for a stipend to cover fuel and insurance.  Includes gear rental and fish processing.  You are responsible for your recreation time (i.e. fishing charters are not available for crew).
  • Crew rooms are modest, warm, and dry. 
  • Crew have private rooms. Most crew share bathrooms.
  • Some senior crew have a private bathroom. 
  • The lodge provides crew with all bedding, basic bedroom furniture, bath linens, and uniform shirts.  
  • Crew have access to laundry - self serve. The lodge provides detergent and dryer sheets.
  • The lodge provides body wash, shampoo, and conditioner - the rest of the toiletries are up to you.
  • Crew will have time to shop in Juneau for their summer personal needs prior to departing for the lodge.  Literally this is the last stop shopping for the 90-120 days you will live on-site.  This includes medications, personal snacks, alcohol, tampons, etc.  There are no re-provisioning runs for personal items.  Prior to travel we take a lot of time to talk about packing and connect new crew with seasoned crew for packing tips.  Did we mention that we are remote?
  • Some summer positions offer travel benefits or they are earned by returning.
  • We have a 60%- 70% crew return rate.
  • Our professional kitchen staff cook the same food for crew as they do for guests; could you make it through a summer of venison, elk, prime rib, game hens, fresh Alaskan halibut, salmon, and crab??? 

You need to know yourself. Most everything takes extra effort and has logistical challenges due to our remote location.  We all need to rely upon each other - we make our own water to drink, we process our own poo, we incinerate our own waste, we crush our own recycling. 

There are 26-32 of us who live on-site, and we host over 600 guests within an 82 day window of operations.  

Are you patient? Cooperative? Innovative? Can you balance your independence with interdependence?  Do you enjoy creating a team experience?  Do you play nice with others? Do you take pride in your professional performance?  Are you self-aware about how your attitude affects others? Because on a remote island in the wilderness everyone's attitudes makes a huge difference.

If you are not self-directed, need to be entertained, can't live without your cell phone, or don't like dirt - this is not the place for you.  

We, and many of our crew, enjoy the challenges and the invigoration of working remotely in the midst of wilderness, in a temperate rainforest, with other dedicated crew providing exceptional vacation experiences to guests who come from all over the United States to experience this unique and amazing part of the planet. When guests leave our lodge there are often hugs all around and even grown men crying because of the beauty they experienced. This really is an amazing place and our crew brings true hospitality and joy to our guests, which make a difference in their lives.  Isn't that what hospitality is all about:  making someone feel welcome & creating memories that can be cherished when life gets dull?

Seeing humpback whales, sea lions, and orcas swim in front of the lodge happens more than once during the season!  Enjoying your time off (yes!) to hop into a crew rental and drop a line for halibut, or jump into a kayak and paddle above the fish. You're welcome to jump in the 50 degree ocean for a refreshing moment or to sit by the fire after your shift is complete.  This intense work experience in Alaska is worthwhile and one of the most inspiring and beautiful places to experience! 

If you are up for it, we'd like to meet you.  Check out our Trip Advisor reviews so you understand what our guests expect and the performance we expect from you.  Check out our Website www.whalerscovelodge.com.  If you like what you see send over a cover letter and resume to wclapplicant@gmail.com.  Take care.

Ideal Candidate

Do you really care about the guest experience? We do.

Whaler’s Cove Lodge operates a cooperative, self-sufficient, remote wilderness operation that requires an immense amount of foresight, communication, and teamwork.  We are seeking crew members who are truly customer service oriented who strive to provide the best vacation experience possible for each and every one of our guests.

We expect our crew members to embrace their work every day and to be leaders with their exemplary professionalism.  We have high-performance expectations for our crew to provide a welcoming, tasteful, relaxing, and fulfilling remote wilderness experience to our guests who quite often become our friends, returning year after year.  It’s our crew who graciously host our guests every day and who make the guest experience memorable.  

Our most successful crew have the following attributes in common: prior experience living in remote or isolated areas; prior experience living in close quarters with your coworkers; a sense of humor; ability to adapt and innovate based upon the daily challenges; ability to work and cooperate with a full spectrum of personalities (crew and guests); ability and willingness to listen - especially during the first season - there is a reason 2022 will be our 40th year; ability to maintain stamina throughout the intensive operating season; ability to plan and think ahead; and the understanding of and willingness to have "all hands on deck".

Bring your professional experience and a helpful attitude.  We will train but not micro-manage.  You need to be self directed.

We really are very remote - really!  Please consider this prior to applying.  There are no distractions other than work, each other, and Mother Nature.

Our goal is to have a crew that inspires and respects each other and creates a satisfying and successful seasonal experience.  Many of our crew have been on the Whaler’s Cove Lodge team for multiple (12+) seasons. 


Room and Board

Private rooms (no bunk beds or snoring strangers) with basic furniture, basic bed and bath linens, shared baths, and basic shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Three delicious meals a day, with snacks in between, provided from our culinary crew.  We take pleasure in providing our crew the same delicious meals as our guests.  If you get tired of fresh Alaskan seafood and prime cuts of meat - we have comfort food items available.

Employee Perks

Most W-2 employees, except for Guides, are included in a tip pool that is distributed in bi-weekly paychecks. All tips specifically given to an employee or guide is distributed with their respective pay.  Seasonal travel advance may be earned. Fish processing at cost, vessel and equipment rentals for a small stipend, and gift shop discounts are available to staff living on-site.  More benefits and perks disclosed during the interviews.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Employees fly into Juneau then Whaler’s Cove Lodge arranges transport to Killisnoo Island via floatplane, privately chartered catamaran, or Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System.  Once on the island, employees may travel by Alaska Seaplanes in/out of Angoon, kayak, or renting a vessel for day trips.  

Whaler's Cove Lodge is located on a remote island. The lodge owners coordinate your travel to and from the lodge. Once here, it is an outdoor paradise, which means no roads. We are a water-based lodge, so most activities are water-based or involve boats to get to where you want to be. The water is typically 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  On the lodge grounds, your feet are your primary locomotive. 

For Fun

We are surrounded by natural wonders for you to enjoy: kayaking, hiking, self-guided salt and fresh water fishing, boating, photography, whale watching, crew beach parties, day-off Juneau or Sitka get-aways, diving (bring your gear – water is usually around 50 degress), beachcombing, and exploring un-touched Alaskan bays, inlets, streams and lakes.  You are responsible for understanding vessel safety and operation, in addition to being willing to learn fishing techniques from talking with other crew.  Due to the fact that this lodge is focused on hosting guests for only 80+/- days per year, we do not have the guides available to take out crew.

How to Apply

We are NOT set up to accept H2B or J1 visas.

Applicants must email their resume and cover letter to wclapplicant@gmail.com. Captain and guide applicants need to provide Merchant Mariner documents at the time of application in order to be considered. Only applicants that submit a resume and cover letter will be reviewed. Interviews begin pending available positions and qualified candidates.  Please go to our website for full job descriptions, professional requirements, and company requirements or call 907-723-7667 with questions.

Contact Whaler's Cove Lodge