Trinity Hot Springs

Join our Terrific Team to Enjoy the Purest Water on Earth, Organic Food Provided w/Housing, & Flexible Scheduling

Trinity Hot Springs in Paradise, Idaho is a historical hot spring resort hosting the deepest and purest source of spring water on Earth as an accessible club resort open to community membership & visitors from near and far. We operate year-round for Soaking, Lodging, Camping, & Spa Sessions. As a small resort, we function as a tight team that works hard to support our guest's experience.

In the remote mountains of S. Central Idaho between the small cabin communities of Pine & Featherville, just north of the Anderson Reservoir. Between Boise w/ Bogus Basin and Sun Valley's Acclaimed Ski Resorts - 2 hours to each.

About Trinity Hot Springs

Trinity Hot Springs is a unique Health & Wellness Resort Club Experience that shares the deepest and purest source of spring water on Earth!  We operate with a tight team that works hard to support and steward this special resource and enjoys a fun and healthy lifestyle. 

We are proud to be a beloved hot spring destination and fan favorite for many guests from around the world.  We are the only certified 'Healing Spring Water' in the Americas and located in the Boise National Forest along the South Fork of the Boise River and as deep into the wilderness as any paved road can take you in the continental US. 

The Hot Spring has been an acclaimed soaking experience since it was developed in 1912 and reopened to the public after decades of private ownership in 2016. The Historic Paradise Lodge features 6 rooms each with private bathrooms, a large living room with a grand fireplace, a den with musical instruments including a historic player piano, kitchen & dining area, a clubhouse with a retail shop, and yoga/ fitness studio.  There are 3 small Cabins and a larger 4 bedroom Chalet for rent plus a Spa Room, Laundry, and Staff Housing. 

The Employee Experience

We operate as a tight-knit team with deep care and consideration for our staff as well as our guest's well-being.  We function as a health and wellness club and choose to work with employees that exemplify a healthy balanced lifestyle.  While the workload is heavy and neverending, we allow staff to self-regulate their schedules and encourage everyone to take self-care seriously and consider team-care conscientiously. Our crew works together as a collaborative collective to cover all the bases, excel at guest service, and strengthen each other's experience onsite while working together with honor as stewards of such a pure and profound resource.  With time to soak in the pool benefitting from the healing waters as well opportunities to enjoy the river or drive up into the mountains to go camping & crystal hunting, mountain biking, or other adventures our staff enjoys the benefits of our remarkable wilderness in Idaho as well as opportunities to visit Boise or Sun Valley for skiing/snowboarding, social events, concerts, and errands accomplished in time offsite. 

While onsite, our team is consistently engaged in diverse problem solving with various projects that keep the days dynamic and fulfilling.  Our community of crew, club members, and guests demonstrate care and consideration for the efforts and value in being able to share the deepest and purest source of spring water on Earth with respect for the resources and each other.  Our crew consistently returns for multiple seasons - some cycling thru each winter and others just for summer while others come in for a month or two off and on throughout the year providing dedication and a learned understanding of this special spot balanced with other adventures afar. 

We strive to provide a meaningful opportunity to host those with the work ethic and dedication to serving such a special place on this precious planet. 

Ideal Candidate

Candidates who are well suited for our team dynamic will display the following characteristics;

  • Cooperative Team Player with Excellent & Easy Communication Skills
  • Resilience and Positive Attitude Towards Life
  • Willingness to Work Hard in Summer Heat or Winter Cold
  • Motivated by Service and Problem Solving Scenarios
  • Self Awareness, Stamina, and Self-Care Strategies

Best fit for those who;

  • Enjoy Cleaning, Maintaining Order, & Organization with Attention to Detail.
  • Are Physically Fit for Running, Lifting, Shovelling Snow, Carrying Laundry and the High Pace Demands of Resort Life.
  • Appreciate Rural Mountain Living.
  • Have Developed Excellent Communication Skills and Approachable Personalities.
  • Work Well with Others in a Tight Cooperative Team.
  • Enjoy a Dynamic & Stimulating Workflow Environment.
  • Live a Demonstrated Healthy & Mostly Sober Lifestyle

Also Beneficial:

  • EMT, Backwoods Safety Certified
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Yoga Teacher Certifications, Meditation Teacher, &/or Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Green Thumb for Gardening & Landscaping Skills
  • Farmlife Experience for Tending to Chickens & Ducks, etc. 
  • Musical Abilities Are Always Appreciated

Ideally All Applicants but it's Especially Necessary that Managers should also:

  • Have Team Management and Leadership Experience
  • Have a Strong, Grounded, and Dependable Personal Relationship with Self & Partners
  • Have General Plumbing, Systems Thinking, and Building Maintenance Skills
  • Handle Difficult Customers with Firm Grace & Strength of Character
  • Lead Confidently in Case of Emergencies

Must be legal to work in Idaho. 

  • We are unable to hire H2B Visas or other work visa programs at this time.
  • Please do not inquire about H2B. Please do not repost to international job boards. 

Room and Board

Room & Board is provided with 3-4 additional 'off the time card' hours each week in exchange for room & board - such as when a guest asks to refill a jug of water, or needs assistance with their campfire, or when it snows and extra shoveling is required prior to the plows coming, or if the power goes out and assistance is needed to fire up the generators. These types of unanticipated but necessary in the moment responses are expected and considered in lieu of rent for the room & board provided. If it is preferred to have firm 'off the clock' hours staff can pay $200/month for Room & Board.

There are a variety of limited rooming options available. (We are in the process of developing a much needed new staff housing dorm but are delayed another year to break ground on that project.) Currently, there are 2 bedrooms and a landing with 4 beds in our staff cabin (shares 1 bathroom), 2 RVs available onsite, and room for more RVs/Campers/Vans, etc.  Some staff have chosen to live in tents during the summer and we have 3 large (2 room/10man) Tents and a 14ft Classic Teepee if camping is preferred. 

There is not a lot of housing for rent in the area... most of the cabins are vacation homes owned by families that don't want to rent them out seasonally as they are utilized intermittently but occasionally something may become available and we are happy to work with staff or directly with landlords in the area to provide more housing than what we currently have on site.  Some of our crew keep a house or apartment in Boise or the Sun Valley area and come on site a few days a week and others are onsite full time for a season and so housing decisions and placement take various details into consideration including FT vs PT, couples with desire for more privacy, pets and other factors that help determine best fit for all.  

Staple Ingredients (Fruit, Veggies, Meats, Rice, Pasta, Bread, Cereals, Cheese, Dairy & Alt Milk, Spices, Oils, Condiments, etc) are provided.  We provide mostly organic healthy ingredients as well as tending to our own organic garden onsite.  We raise our own chickens and 2 ducks that provide fresh eggs. Other groceries are purchased weekly (as there are no grocery stores nearby and must be purchased in town) and there is typically an abundance of food onsite. Some individuals with strict dietary demands or desires purchase and bring up their own dining options as well. Cooking is occasionally communal - sometimes organized, sometimes happenstantial, often individuals make large portions and share with whoever happens to be around.  We tend to look out for the team and ensure that those that are working long shifts get fed something at some point and everyone shares in cooking and clean up with reasonable rotation and spirit of contribution. 

Employee Perks

"The benefits package is unconventional, but the perks are priceless!" 

Employees get to enjoy living onsite with ample opportunity to soak in the deepest purest spring water on Earth! With 24 hour access to the hot spring pool to enjoy late-night star gazing and early morning sunrise in the spring, it is a remarkable experience to soak in Paradise... especially at times when you can enjoy it to yourself. 

Staff also enjoy free food & beverages from the kitchen plus a few free drinks/week from the retail shop (LaCroix, Yerba Mate, Izzys, Bai, Kerns, Coconut Water, etc) including local Good Vibes Kombucha on Tap! In addition there are discounts on many retail shop items, clothing, spa specialty items, local honey, etc. 

Select Staff have been invited to work at various festivals (Sawtooth Valley Gathering, Imagine Music & Arts Festival, Idaho Mountain Festival, Summer's End, Sun Valley Wellness Festival, etc)  where we build a lounge and wellness space featuring the spring water and spa services.  While we are working events there is also ample time to enjoy the festivals.

Staff can attend any of the regular yoga and wellness classes (which have been on hold due to Covid precautions but we hope to restart soon). Employees also get discounts on Massage & Bodywork at our spa - and occasional free massages as assigned by management in appreciation for star players.

The yoga/fitness studio is closed to guests at this time but available for use by staff and their friends & family who also get 10% OFF all soaking, lodging, & spa treatments. Some special requests for family visitation & lodging may be approved by a manager on a case by case basis.

Additional Employee Appreciation Days & benefits are arranged seasonally with group outings such as waterskiing, crystal hunting, snowmobiling, special concerts with Limo transport to/from the provided AirB&B in town, etc.  Select staff have been awarded bonus vacations with the boss including trips to Seattle, the Oregon Coast, Nevada City, the California Redwoods, Connecticut, and New York City! 

Getting Here and Getting Around

We are located in a remote cabin community with no local transportation. No shuttles, taxis, or uber/lyfts come out to our location - so while you won't often need a vehicle most prefer to have their own vehicle to get around, into town for supply runs or time off, or just to get offsite and into the mountains.  We do want our staff to feel autonomous and capable of leaving to get offsite when needed so no one feels 'stuck' in our remote location.  

4x4 vehicles are recommended in the winter season. Bikes are nice to have in the summer but mostly for mountain trail rides or to go to the reservoir, which is 6 miles away.  The golf course is 2 miles away and the 2 bars in the area are both 5-6 miles away in either direction... and that's all there is for local attractions. 

If you choose not to bring your own transport we can work with you to arrange for pick up at the Boise or Sun Valley Airports (or anywhere else that is reasonably en route with our management team.)  But having your own transportation is highly recommended, though not required.

For Fun

Obviously, Soaking in the Healing Hot Spring with the deepest and purest water on Earth Is Totally Awesome! Nightime Star-Gazing is some of the best in the world as we are far from city lights and very close to the Idaho Dark Sky Preserve... Especially during the meteor showers!

Local Summer activities include Boating, Waterskiing, Jetskiing, Paddleboarding, etc on the Anderson Reservoir, Swimming, and Fishing in the S. Fork of the Boise River, Hiking, Mountain Biking, & Camping in the Boise National Forest, Digging for Crystals, Mushroom Hunting, etc.  There is a beautiful golf course that sprawls along the river if you'd like to swing at a few balls and have a few beers.  Fall is Hunting Season. In the winter folks enjoy the 350 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in the region including trails that go thru our property and connect to mountain tops and regional snowmobile accessible restaurants. 

In pre-covid years we hosted a variety of mini music festivals, concert events, retreats, and seminars that our staff were able to attend.  We are starting to book some events again on a smaller scale with safety measures in place. We still have our Dive-In Classic Movies every other week through the summer where we show a movie on a big screen poolside for soakers to float and enjoy the film. 

And we have private staff Game Nights as well as host larger Game Nights for the community. We have private staff music jams and host events with some of the more talented musicians in the world who are excited to come perform at and experience our special hot spring. 

In the winter we plan time for groups to go skiing/snowboarding at one of the three ski mountains... The world-famous Sun Valley Resort is 2 hrs away, Bogus Basin is also 2 hours away outside of Boise, and Soldier Mountain is 45 min away in Fairfield.  Each of these areas has summertime recreation as well and Sun Valley and Boise both have a great nightlife with music and cultural events of all types. 

How to Apply

After Submitting a Cover Letter of Interest (describing your reasons, interests, availabilities, etc, and a Resume with 3 Professional References to Employment@TrinityHotSprings.Club, selected applicants will receive a response to schedule a phone call introduction with a manager and then a zoom interview with members of the current crew.  Next, progressing applicants will be further selected to come up for a 2 Week Paid Training Trial Onsite before being Contracted for Ongoing Season Scheduling. 

You can Call 208-653-2123 for more info. Ask to speak with Casey.

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