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Alaska Adventure Lodge Seeks Hard-Working Employees for Summer 2024

Stillpoint Lodge offers guests a unique combination of nature experiences, adventure, leisure and wellness activities... on the edge of the wilderness. Just a short trip across breathtaking Kachemak Bay unveils our rustic yet refined boutique resort lodge nestled by the sea... the majestic, fairytale-like village of Halibut Cove is Alaska's premier destination for discerning travelers.

Halibut Cove, near Homer, Alaska, is a seaside village away from the road system and accessible only by boat or float plane. Stillpoint is separated by water from the rest of this island community. Just a 5-minute kayak paddle to the island offers recreation, coffee shop, post office, galleries, etc. A 45-minute kayak paddle lends access to Kachemak Bay State Park.

About Stillpoint Lodge

Stillpoint Lodge is an all-inclusive, boutique resort lodge, perfectly suited for small group events and multi-generational families, offering a unique combination of adventure, wildlife, and wellness. We promote recreation, responsibility, and sustainability in harmony with nature and our community. Guests feel safe and inspired by our facilities, location and professional staff, and they return home revitalized and transformed.

Our staff members are open-minded professionals, energetic, creative and outgoing. We attract people who love being in Alaska and are eager to devote their entire summer to our mission.

"We provide an uplifting experience and a place to reconnect with nature and ourselves."

The Employee Experience

Hospitality and sustainability are our two areas of primary focus, and we stay busy. 24 hours of daylight lends itself to working hard and playing hard, and our guests are high-energy and full throttle. The realities of a short summer season mean that staff must be able to tolerate and endure 60 hours of extended seasonal work and stay energized and positive.

Although each person specializes in a specific position, at times all are asked to help with housekeeping, gardening, groundskeeping, and kitchen duties including serving meals and dishwashing. To enhance our spirit of camaraderie, gratuities are pooled and divided among the staff.

Step out the door of your staff cabin into wild Alaska. Every day is an adventure and conservation is essential to our success. Sharing this gift with our guests is our greatest goal. Previous experience working in Alaska and familiarity with hospitality services is a definite plus.

Ideal Candidate

You will do well here if:

  • You are healthy, fit, active, and non-smoking
  • Providing exceptional service is a priority for you
  • You are flexible, have multiple talents and enjoy working as a team
  • Environmental conservation is important to you
  • You have a positive experience working and living communally
  • Working long hours does not intimidate you
  • You do not have any other plans for the summer and can commit 100%
  • Serving demanding, high-end guests is fun and satisfying for you
  • You are devoted to being a life-long learner and take feedback gracefully

Older and Bolder are welcome to apply!

Room and Board

Staff live in shared accommodations. There are a few private bedrooms (mostly for returning staff) and some shared bedrooms all adjacent to shared bathrooms. A central building contains the staff lounge and kitchen above a large deck and dock right on the ocean overlooking the mountains. All groceries are delivered by boat and floatplane Staff members prepare and typically share meals in the staff kitchen. Lodge meals are sometimes available for certain staff positions. Staff must purchase their own alcohol.

Employee Perks

In addition to providing excellent service to our guests, staffers may take advantage of a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Discounted massage
  • Ocean kayaking
  • Continuous wildlife viewing
  • Limited use of lodge facilities including hot tub, meditation cabin, labyrinth, and wellness library
  • Wi-Fi in your bedroom (bring your own device)
  • Fresh produce, healthy food, and well-stocked staff kitchen
  • Group activities such as nature outings, movies, games, and bonfires
  • Access to nearby Kachemak Bay State Park hiking trails
  • Summer employment opportunities year after year
  • Living with like-minded individuals
  • Interacting with our unique guests
  • Forging lifelong friendships

Getting Here and Getting Around

Stillpoint in Halibut Cove is located across Kachemak Bay from Homer, Alaska. Homer is literally at the end of the road south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. Staff members have access to boat transportation on the ferry and our personal lodge boats. Staff members get around Halibut Cove by walking and kayaking.  Each staff member is given thorough training on kayak safety and mechanics.

For Fun

Halibut Cove has no roads and is surrounded by water. The closest town is Homer, a boat ride away. Those who enjoy nature, reading, painting, photography and outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike and kayak will be delighted by this setting of great natural beauty, especially during the very long daylight hours of our Alaskan summers.

How to Apply

Stillpoint employs intentionally mindful, healthy and outgoing individuals with a proven commitment to first-class hospitality and environmental conservation.

Please spend some time reviewing our website and job listings and consider whether you are an eligible and like-minded candidate for our special team of employees. 

If you are confident that Stillpoint Lodge in remote Halibut Cove, Alaska is the right place for you... Please follow the instructions on the "How to Apply" section on the Employment page of our website.

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