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Be prepared to hit the ground running and adapt to our environment. Often, self-reflection and meeting the demands of a full work-load go hand in hand. Workdays are long and enthusiasm is a must.

It is our common goal to focus on keeping an eye on repairs, remembering safety, reusing and recycling, eliminating waste, reducing environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of the facilities and resources used at Stillpoint.

Living in harmony with others is part of our daily practice. Staff must be able to work and live together in a professional manner. We invite you to consider the realities of working in such a remote location and living in close proximity with others.

*More details about our positions can be found here.*

  • Dishwasher

    Kitchen, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of dishes, tableware, glassware, pots, pans, and utensils through manual washing and high heat sanitizer. Frequent lifting and working quietly is required, as well as maintaining our recycling, compost and refuse systems.

  • Gardener, Bartender & Server

    Outdoors, Dining
    Halibut Cove

    Do you love gardening and growing the food you get to serve to people? Our gardener knows all about growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers, harvesting, produce prep, making salad mixes, and composting. Spend part of the day outside then clean up to split your time with daily bartending and fine dining server shifts.

  • Fine Dining Server & Sommelier

    Kitchen, Dining, June-September
    Halibut Cove

    Our lively, creative and accommodating fine dining server ideally has sommelier and bartending experience and provides our guests with excellent service and a memorable experience. A positive attitude, genuine interest in wine and craft beverages, excellent communication skills, and the ability to maintain front of house operations is essential.

  • Breakfast & Sous Chef

    Kitchen, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Fresh, incredible meals come from our open kitchen: We serve custom breakfasts made-to-order with fresh eggs from our hen house, produce harvested from our garden, house-made baked goods and pastry specialties, delectable desserts, local seafood and sustainable meats.

  • Kitchen & Bar Assistant

    Kitchen, Bar, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    This strong, hardworking individual works closely with our lodge chefs assisting with meal prep, helping pack lunches for our adventurous guests and guides, detail oriented cleaning, busing tables, bar backing, and washing dishes. Be the rock star of our recycling program and compost system!

  • Gardener & Guide

    Outdoors, Kitchen, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Do you love being outdoors? We welcome people experienced in planting, maintaining and harvesting as well as landscaping and grounds keeping. Also work as part of the kitchen staff prepping the harvest. Guide guests on kayaking and hiking trips part time split with gardening.

  • Massage Therapist

    Massage, Other, June-September
    Halibut Cove
    unknown / hour + tips

    We are looking for an amazing, licensed massage therapists who also enjoy wearing other hats throughout the day helping with housekeeping, yoga, dining, and/or gardening. This requires flexibility and readiness to transition between jobs.

  • Housekeeper

    Indoors, Outdoors, Other, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Our housekeepers work tirelessly to provide a positively clean, healthy and peaceful setting for our guests and community.  They are responsible for working as a team in accordance with our procedures and the highest of standards. We are often bound to a tight schedule, so multitasking and efficiency is essential.

  • Maintenance & Sustainability

    Outdoors, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    The epitome of a handy man. This staff member will need to be physically fit and highly capable of fixing anything. The ability to assess, problem solve and utilize available resources is a daily practice.

  • Marina Manager & Captain

    Outdoors, April-October
    Halibut Cove

    Our charismatic, dependable marina manager has a passion for the ocean and fishing, sensibility for hospitality, minimum USCG 25 ton license, and discipline for routine upkeep of boats, spearheading repairs, cleaning and assisting with other lodge maintenance.

  • Head Housekeeper

    Indoors, Outdoors, April-September
    Halibut Cove

    Our upbeat head housekeeper is responsible for the organization and scheduling of the housekeeping department, training and supervising staff, and is the primary cabin housekeeper with a full load of daily cabin cleaning, turnovers, and turndown service. Leadership, technology, and positive communication skills are a must!

  • Naturalist Guide

    Outdoors, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Our passionate, charismatic guides are committed to being fit, healthy, safe and knowledgeable. They are quick-thinking masters of planning adventures with attention to detail, organizing gear, utilizing technology and have an intuitive sense about clients' interest and fitness levels.

  • Pastry & Sous Chef

    Kitchen, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Prepare a wide variety of consistent desserts and breads for breakfast, lunch and dinner such as muffins, scones, cakes, cookies, plated desserts, etc. following traditional and modern recipes. 

  • Breakfast & Lunch Server

    Kitchen, Dining, May-September
    Halibut Cove

    Love waking up early and connecting with people in the morning? Our servers establish a personalized rapport with guests, manage food and beverage orders remembering the smallest details from day to day, communicate proactively with kitchen staff, and clean up meticulously after service.

How to Apply

Stillpoint employs intentionally mindful, healthy and outgoing individuals with a proven commitment to first-class hospitality and environmental conservation.

Please spend some time reviewing our website and job listings and consider whether you are an eligible and like-minded candidate for our special team of employees. 

If you are confident that Stillpoint Lodge in remote Halibut Cove, Alaska is the right place for you... Please follow the instructions on the "How to Apply" section on the Employment page of our website.

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