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Currently recruiting for jobs that start between April 11th, 2024 and June 13th, 2024.

  • All Purpose Staff

    South Lake Tahoe

    Duties include housekeeping, food service, and so much more!! There's no better name for what you'll be doing than "all-purpose".  Your day will typically consist of anywhere from 2-4 shifts.  A day may start off doing Hobart in the morning (washing dishes - a staff favorite), boat dock in the evening, and in our retail store at night.  Our best AP staffers have a diverse skill set and can excel in all hospitality related tasks.  This schedule allows you to take full advantage of our beautiful surroundings.  If you don't have experience in all hospitality related fields of work that's completely fine!  As long you're a quick learner and a people-person you'll be great!

  • Kitchen Staff

    South Lake Tahoe

    Kitchen staff will work either a split shift during the day or a straight shift.  Both schedules allow ample time to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings!  You'll be learning from our highly experienced executive and sous chefs.  We prepare 3 healthy meals a day for our guests and staff with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.  Our food offerings range from simple fare done right like hamburgers, pizza, and an extensive salad bar to elk steaks, rabbit stew, duck breast, and more!  On "down days", when we have no guests, kitchen staff are encouraged to get creative and try new recipes for the staff to try!  Our best kitchen staffers have a diverse culinary backgrounds, excel in working both independently as well as part of a team, and have a zeal for learning in the kitchen.

How to Apply

We're currently hiring for our spring conference season which will run approximately April 11th  to June 13th !! Learn more about working here and fill out an application by clicking APPLY HERE below!

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