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Best Time to Apply for Different Seasons

Kelcy Fowler

skiEpic adventures are available in amazing locations all year round on Getting into the application game at the right time of year can make a significant impact on the type of position or the geographical locale where you end up having your seasonal adventures.  However, if you’ve got your head or your heart set on any particular positions or destinations, it’s wise to get started early.

Summer: January through March is generally the busiest recruiting window for summer opportunities. However, summer employers can begin recruiting as early as October of the year prior, and run through May or June of the next year. If there is a summer operation that you really want to work for, you may consider applying before the holidays and follow up after the first of the year. 

Winter: Recruiting season typically begins in July or August. This is when ski resorts, as well as warmer climate winter locations (like Arizona guest ranches and Florida beach employers), will start to post their jobs on Cool Works. Job postings may continue into December and January depending on the size of staff needed, winter visitation, and weather factors. The same tips about summer employers apply to winter operations. If you’ve got your eye on one, call them early and ask when the best time is to get your application to them. Everyone likes to be liked – let them know that they’re at the top of your list and you want to do whatever you can to be on the ball when they’re ready to offer out their opportunities!

And if you’re life didn’t lead you to a seasonal job until the middle of a summer or winter season, don’t despair. The summer employers often have a second round of hiring to get them through till the end of their season. And winter employers can find themselves in the same position midseason – bringing more staff in to help get through until spring.

You can also find some really fun and interesting shoulder season (aka Spring and Fall) opportunities on These are great if you want to try something shorter, or if you’re in between your winter and summer seasonal jobs and you want to keep the wages coming your way.  The shoulder season can also be a great time to try something new, like volunteering in the States, or abroad!