Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center

Youth arriving at their campsite on an Opal Creek Expedition.
Guides on our summer scouting trip
The Oregon Wilderness
Teaching in the Oregon Wilderness
Lead Guide and students

Lead trips in Oregon wilderness areas and local parks!

All of our work is based around one simple idea: people will protect what they care about, and they will care about what they know. Through our outdoor school and backpacking expedition programs, we bring youth and adults face-to-face with the outdoor places that make Oregon great—pristine mountain streams, uncut vistas, and old-growth forests.

Our base of operations has been in the historic mining town of Jawbone Flats in the temperate rainforest of the Opal Creek Wilderness. In September 2020, a wildfire burned much of the old growth forest and destroyed almost all of the buildings of Jawbone Flats. We are designing a new site plan that is in harmony with the land and will support the amazing education programs we continue to offer.

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