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Imagine waking up to the sun peaking over the mountains, or looking out over the plains as far as the eye can see.  You are in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming or South Dakota, you might be in the mountains or high plains, either way it is majestic.  You are tired because you and your team worked hard the day before building trail, fixing fence, restoring a campground or spraying weeds, but you are ready start a new day because you feel mother natures strength.  You feel a sense of accomplishment and even something more...pride because you are giving back to America.  Beyond that you are helping so many others to connect to the great outdoors and improving our environment. Sound like an experience your ready for? Then don't let the sun go down before you apply today 

  • Conservation Fellow

    $1,008.00 / month

    The Conservation Intern (CI) and Fellow (CF)  works throughout Montana and surrounding states with a selected partner agency referred to as a host site. They make a measurable difference in local and state conservation efforts while gaining valuable hands-on professional skills in natural resources. 


    Conservation Interns and Fellows’ service is centered around completing natural resources-related projects within their host site community.  Project focus and outcomes vary depending on the host site. To learn more about what some past members have accomplished during their term of service check out the past member projects links on the IPP home page.  


How to Apply

Please apply online using our online application portal. Our applications are quick and easy but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 

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