Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait Point aerial photograph
Cruise Ship at Icy Strait
Icy Strait map
Icy Strait Point aerial photograph

Experience an authentic and remote Native village with Alaska-sized adventures and unspoiled wilderness.

Located a mile and a half from Hoonah (pop. 765), the only way to get here is by small plane or ferry, or your own private plane or watercraft.  It is quiet, laid back, and simply one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world.

Icy Strait Point is a private cruise ship destination located on a remote island in the archipelago of Southeast Alaska.

About Icy Strait Point

Built as a salmon cannery in 1912, Icy Strait Point had several incarnations before being restored by a local Native corporation into a private cruise ship destination. It requires approximately 225 team members in a wide variety of jobs from tour guides, to ZipRider operators, to waitstaff, to operate our site; therefore we are in full operation only when there is a ship in port (209 visits from late April to late-September). Some positions work on non-call days but primarily our work week is 5 days per week, some days longer than others.

We offer numerous tours and excursions such as whale watching, kayaking, wildlife search, zip lining, cultural theater performances, fishing, walking tours, etc. Additionally, we have three food and beverage venues and 12 retail shops.  We are a one-day destination and do not offer overnight lodging.

Ideal Candidate

Our Ideal Candidate is someone who:

  • Truly enjoys nature and wildlife and prefers to be outside rather than in.
  • Has an adventurous spirit and likes learning about other cultures and engaging in conversation with strangers.
  • Has a curiousity about the great state of Alaska.
  • And has a knack for having fun while getting the job done!

Room and Board

We currently have a Bunkhouse that will accommodate two people per room, with two common bathroom and shower areas and a shared kitchen and living space. The Bunkhouse is fully furnished with the exception of bed and bath linens which you need to provide. There is a no smoking policy on the property and pets are not allowed. The rate is $10 per day.

Employee Perks

  • Seasonal Incentive Bonuses ranging up to $1,000 may be earned based on performance and length of employment
  • Free transportation to and from work
  • 40% discount on meals at Icy Strait Point
  • 25% discount in ISP’s retail shops
  • Free tours and excursions on a space available basis
  • Free transportation via catamaran to and from Juneau on specific days
  • Staff Olympics and other fun departmental events ‘on the clock’
  • Partial uniforms provided
  • Employee break room with complimentary beverages and snacks and occasional meals

Getting Here and Getting Around

Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Juneau. From Juneau to Hoonah, options are the Alaska Marine Highway state ferry or a small local airline, Alaska Seaplanes.  Please note that the largest aircraft is a 9-seater and ferry service is not daily. If you are afraid of flying you should make sure the ferry service will work for you.  

Once here, it is 4 miles from one end of town to the other so walking or bicycles are in order.  And transportation to and from work is provided complimentary.

For Fun

We are a small village and much of the joy of being here is the peaceful, outdoor, unique lifestyle that we enjoy. One must be able to find his/her own ways of having fun, whether it's spending time with new found friends on a picnic 'out the road,' going fishing, reading in solitude, watching TV, or computer time. We are not so off the grid that internet connections aren't available but we don’t have the same quality of speed and connection that you're probably used to.

How to Apply

Please apply online or give us a call at (907) 789-8603 with questions or for additional information.