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Take a trip back in time to unspoiled forests and pristine rivers & lakes!

Huron Mountain Club is a Private family owned Club in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The property sits on the shore of Lake Superior and is home to thousands of acres of old growth forests/trails and beautiful inland lakes. Members and employees enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, bonfires and more.

Huron Mountain Club is located in the Huron Mountain region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior, 30 miles northwest of Marquette

About Huron Mountain Club of Michigan

The Huron Mountain Club was started in the late 1800s and still possesses a charm from that bygone era.  Most of the structures are the original log cabins with large stone fireplaces and old wooden doors. The history is felt everywhere you go, from old photos of the original settlers to antique boats to wooden bridges.  The 'main campus' is comprised of a Clubhouse, a small general store & dining hall that provides meals for members and employees. 

The employee housing is a 2-minute walk from the main campus.  What's even more magical than the historic structures is the Club's 'backyard' that is enjoyed by members and employees alike (some restrictions apply).  The Club is home to 20,000 acres of old-growth forests, streams & inland lakes.  There are hundreds of well-marked hiking trails and dirt roads that lead to beautiful picnic or swimming spots.  All of this beauty is accessible on foot or by bike (no driving necessary), directly from your accommodations.      

The Employee Experience

Huron Mountain is about connecting with nature in whatever way suits you.  During the day, and on your time off, you may want to take long walks in the woods, sit and read by a lake, go fishing or go on a group hike.  You may also want to sit on a screen porch with a good book and feel the breeze off the lake.  Everyone tends to find their unique spots and favorite activities.... there's no lack of them. 

Employees often spend the evenings/nights at campfires on Lake Superior, which has always been a sign that the social life thrives here for both members and staff.  Almost everyone leaves Huron Mountain feeling a renewed sense of connection and wonder with the outdoors. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate has a positive attitude toward being in the hospitality industry in a unique setting. The kitchen employees are part of a team and, ideally, they take pride in providing a top-notch meal service for the members/guests.  The Dining Hall is a hub of activity and, therefore kitchen staff interacts regularly with Club members.  Employees that are outgoing and comfortable engaging with the members will feel most at home.  Staff members have a great opportunity to make new friends and create fun experiences together. 

Room and Board

Yes.  Room and Board is provided.  There is a newly built 2-story dormitory within walking distance of the Dining Hall and Clubhouse.  Employees should expect to have one roommate and a shared bathroom.  The Dorm includes a screened-in porch and a common area.  Three healthy meals are included. 

Employee Perks

Please see above, under the Description of 'Employee Experience'.  Employees have access to HMC property, including hiking/biking trails, inland lakes, fishing, swimming & some beach access.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Employees can drive to Huron Mountain Club in their personal vehicle or fly into Marquette, MI and be picked up by the Club. Once you are at the Club, you don't need a car.  Work, housing & leisure activities are all accessible by foot and/or by bike (it is not necessary to bring a bike but can be a nice perk).  Employees are welcome to have a car that can be useful for day trips to nearby towns (Big Bay or Marquette).

For Fun

As mentioned above, HMC staff has access to hiking, biking, fishing and swimming.  In addition, there are opportunities to participate in variety of outdoor group activities with co-workers. On days off, employees are welcome to explore the surrounding towns & attractions of the U.P.   

How to Apply

In order to apply, please contact Chelsea Parrish. 

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