Lodge Staff
FLY8MA Flight Training

Backcountry airstrip near glacier

Alaskan PILOT LODGE seeks Lodge Staff for combo role of Front Desk/Housekeeping/Maintenance

Mountain views on a private runway in Alaska!

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
Big Lake, Alaska
$2,000.00 - $5,000.00 / month
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 15, 2024)

Our lodge is a hard place to describe. We started two years ago building cabins and a private airstrip here in Alaska.  Over the last two years we have completed the cabins, and begun work on converting old airliners into houses and airbnbs.  We are also building a tower Airbnb with 360 mountain views on our 115 acre property.

We are looking for someone to join our team for the summer/fall, perhaps permanently if things work out, to help us with turning over the cabins, ensuring supplies for our guests are stocked, help with keeping the property clean and adding landscaping, performing basic maintenance tasks on the cabins and airplane homes, and assist with the office tasks of replying to emails, phone calls, posting updates on our social media, etc.

Overall this is a crazy place where we have crazy ideas about building amazing structures for our guests to come and stay in and experience Alaska here on the property, and to the remote locations we fly them to on our tours.  We do still have some construction projects going on here as we continue to add more airplanes and convert them into living spaces.  We have a work hard play hard mentality, and focus on being as productive as possible and conducting ourselves in a professional manner throughout the day, making the most of the long summer daylight to accomplish A LOT, so that we can play in this amazing place once all the work is completed.

We'd like for you to have at least some experience in this random line of work, and most importantly a positive attitude hungry to get work done and taking pride in doing the best quality work possible for our crew and our guests.

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