FLY8MA Flight Training

Backcountry airstrip near glacier
Flying out to go catch salmon
Cabins on Pilot Lodge property
Flight training in the backcountry
Runway building equipment

Flying BushPlanes in Alaska

FLY8MA began as a YouTube channel providing educational flight instruction videos to student pilots seeking to fly for fun or pursuing a career in aviation. We now offer online courses to over 16,000 students nationwide, flight training in Alaska, cabin rentals on our private runway, and small aircraft charters around the state. The variety of operations here ensures every day is interesting.

Big Lake, Alaska. We are on the road system and about a 1 hour drive to Anchorage. There are grocery stores and the typical "big box" stores within 10-20 mins.

Jobs in the Spotlight

Alaskan PILOT LODGE seeks Lodge Staff for combo role of Front Desk/Housekeeping/Maintenance

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