Fishing Creek Farms

Guest fire pit at night.
End of season staff hunt (and Dogs!)
End of season staff hunt
Main Lodge Dining Area and Lounge
Guest lockers with hunting vest and hat.
Guests departing for the morning quail hunt.
Appetizer setting for guests.

Premier Quail Hunting Lodge - NOT an H-2B Sponsor

The Fishing Creek Farms team is dedicated to creating enjoyable and relaxing hunting experiences for small groups in a luxury, boutique setting. The farm can accommodate six to eight hunters, with additional non-hunting partners welcome as well. Here, a private quail hunting experience means assured privacy, combined with exquisite accommodations and gourmet cuisine.

Located in the heart of the Piedmont region of Georgia. Located 40 minutes from Athens, GA (home of UGA) and 1.5 hours from Atlanta.

About Fishing Creek Farms

Fishing Creek Farms stands out as a premier quail property in the sporting industry, boasting not only exceptional facilities but also a family atmosphere. The meticulous attention to detail and top-notch amenities cater not only to our esteemed guests but also to our dedicated staff. Our staff housing offers private rooms with shared communal areas, a far cry from the typical "staff housing" seen elsewhere in the industry. At Fishing Creek Farms, we pride ourselves on being a high-end operation rooted in family values and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our establishment is an ideal fit for mature professionals seeking an outstanding work environment. Fishing Creek Farms upholds rigorous standards, including employee drug testing, ensuring the safety and integrity of our team and guests alike. 

The Employee Experience

Our employee experience at Fishing Creek Farms allows for both private space and interaction with co-workers outside of working hours.  Each staff member has their own private bedroom (fully furnished with towels, linens, and bedding).  All staff houses have a shared kitchen or kitchenette and common.  Staff has access to over 700 acres of managed lands for hiking, fishing (3 trophy bass ponds) and relaxing.  There are gravel roads throughout the property that are perfect for the casual stroll or the more serious runner.  The staff has access to the 5-Stand shooting on the property as well (when hunters are not out).  Our clientele is top shelf and treats staff with great respect and courtesy.  

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for Fishing Creek Farms is someone with previous experience in the hospitality and/or lodge industry (or a desire to learn) and who has a mature and professional attitude.  We want everyone to enjoy their time and experience at Fishing Creek Farms; however, we have high expectations for each person's dedication and commitment to their role as part of the team.  We value employees who are on time for work and are present each day when they arrive. If a candidate is looking for a party environment for the time after work, then we are not the right location.

Room and Board

Fishing Creek Farms provides each employee with room and board.  Each staff member is provided their own private bedroom with access to either a shared or private bathroom depending on the staff house.  All towels, linens, and bedding are provided.  Each house has a common sitting area and kitchenette. The houses are fully furnished with cooking equipment if you want to prepare food, although meals are provided when guests are in-house.  Our chef prepares lunch and dinner for all staff, and does a great job!  House staff eats breakfast at the lodge each morning.  Outside staff is in charge of their own breakfast, but ingredients are provided.  Typically, Sunday night meals are not provided, as it is everyone's time off.  Most staff choose to eat from the food provided in the main kitchen or go to town for dinner.    

Employee Perks

As an Orvis Endorsed partner, Fishing Creek Farms' staff is eligible to apply for the Orvis Pro Staff discount (40%) on most retail items.  Staff is responsible for applying and submitting proof of qualification (paycheck).  We offer pro-shop purchases to the staff at cost.  All staff is included in the tip pool.  Our guests typically are generous with gratuities.  All tips are fully transparent and public knowledge between staff.  Cash tips are dispersed weekly and check or credit card tips are paid out once a month.  

Getting Here and Getting Around

We are located 40 minutes from Athens, GA and services, so having your own transportation is highly recommended.  Personal vehicles are allowed and there is room for parking at the staff housing. Staff housing is located outside of the main gate and across the road from the main lodge. A Vehicle is necessary to get in and out of the main gate. There is no public transportation serving the lodge location. *We do not allow/ have space for travel trailers or RVs.

For Fun

Fishing Creek Farms allows for a number of outdoor activities on-site for staff if they choose.  We have three trophy bass ponds (bass, crappie, catfish).  We offer access to our 5-Stand shooting facilities when guests are not hunting.  Staff is allowed access to over 700 acres for hiking, running, walking, wildlife photography, etc.  We are located 40 minutes from Athens, GA (home of UGA) so there is a great music scene downtown with cool restaurants and events.  The farm is located a few hours drive from both Charleston and Ashville, SC.  Both areas are known for food, music, art, and events.

How to Apply

We do not have an online application.  Please email your resumereferences, and a brief introduction of yourself to Our Hospitality Manager will be reviewing applications and reaching out to selected candidates within the next few weeks to set up interviews. Thank you for your patience.  

Please note that we do NOT sponsor H2B Visas.

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