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Currently recruiting for jobs that start between May 1st, 2024 and September 29th, 2024.

  • Bartender

    Elkins Resort
    $14.00 - $16.00 / hour + tips

    ALL THE DRINKS -- Your job is to make drinks, both Alcohol and non Alcohol for the public.  This includes our guests at the resort, people boating in from the lake, people staying off the lake.  We have 3 main areas of service: The front lawn, the indoor bar and our fine dining restaurant.  You will be responsible for servicing your seats at the bar and the servers in all 3 areas. The bar is structured so that each bartender services a specific area.  These shifts and areas are rotated.  

    Another part of the bartenders job is taking to-go orders and restocking.  Then restocking, and restocking some more.  Then its time for back stock.....

    One of the biggest jobs of the bartender is being a salesperson, when you have higher sales and ticket averages, your tips will reflect this!

    We are known for the best Huckleberry Daiquiri on the lake, we are known for everything Huckleberry. Embrace the Huckleberry.

    LETS GO!!!

  • Server

    Elkins Resort
    $7.25 / hour + tips

    Elkins Resort has the best food in the region. We need you to complete the service team. You will need to be attentive to each table in your section. Our number 1 goal is excellent customer service, we have a reputation for impeccable service, we would like to keep that reputation.  Calm, courteous service with a smile, while being timely and organized.  Serve like you would like to be served.


    You are a salesperson at Elkins Resort, the bigger your tickets the bigger your tips. This is the bottom line, you make money for the resort and make more money for yourself, WIN WIN.

    Communication is key, working as a team between the front and back of the house.

    We are known for Huckleberry everything, Sell the Huckleberry. Embrace the Huckleberry.

  • Dishwasher

    Elkins Resort
    $17.00 - $17.00 / hour + tips

    THE HEART OF THE KITCHEN with end of season bonus!!! This job gets tips+End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if contract is fulfilled!

    We would be nowhere without a dishwasher.  Seriously, no restaurant can function without it- it is truly one of the most important jobs in the kitchen.  

    Washing dishes, putting away dishes, cleaning silverware in our state of the art double dishwasher, yes!

    This is a fast paced job that is critical to our kitchen.


  • Front Desk

    Elkins Resort
    $18.00 / hour

    YOUR ARE THE WELCOMING COMMITTEE -- You are the concierge, the hub of our guests experience. You are the first person they see and the last person they see at check in and check out, you have the power to make or break their experience.

    Greeting guests, answering phones, processing cabin bookings, processing boat rentals, helping guests with ALL of their questions (yes there are a lot of questions)

    They are depending on you to lead them to the right place, the right hike, the right dinner reservation, the right rental. You got this! We will train you in all things Front Desk. We will train you in all things Priest Lake.  

    Organization is key at the front desk, and a love for office supplies...just kidding. It does help though.

    You will be posting charges from around the resort to their cabins, this requires organization and accuracy.

    Your are the liaison between Housekeeping, Maintenance and the guests-communication is key for this.

    You also sell pepper sauce at the desk, our FAMOUS pepper sauce.  It is delicious. 

  • Host/Hostess

    Elkins Resort
    $14.00 - $16.00 / hour + tips

    Welcome! Everyone has been to a restaurant, greet everyone like you would like to be greeted when you go to a restaurant. Having an upbeat positive attitude sets the tone for the guests entire experience in our restaurant.  The host sets the pace for the restaurant and the front lawn, this takes organization and attention to detail, especially with our reservation software.

    This is a position that is very critical to our restaurant. Everyone is happy to here, happy to be at Elkins Resort for a meal, you should be too!

  • Housekeeper

    Elkins Resort
    $18.00 / hour + tips

    NEW STATE OF THE ART LAUNDRY HOUSE. Who wants to clean up after people on vacation?? WE DO! Housekeeping is a critical job to our guest experience that we built a brand new huge laundry house, it has made the job way more inviting and infinitely more streamlined. 

    • Clean lodge daily
    • Restock towels, soap, toilet paper in public restrooms
    • Clean guest cabins - includes kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, changing bedding, vacuum, dust, mop, windows
    • Clean and stock laundry vehicles
    • Keep laundry building clean and organized
    • Laundry - most laundry done in house
    • Work together as a team
    • Have a positive work attitude
  • AM/PM Line Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $20.00 - $22.00 / hour + tips

    THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER- with an end of season bonus!! AM line cook $20hr / PM line cook $22hr + This job gets tips!+ End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if the contract is fulfilled! (We know you will make it to the end)

    Our menu is cooked from scratch, taking pride in taste and presentation.

    So you think you can cook? Excellent! We are looking for highly motivated cooks that can handle a fast paced restaurant on the beautiful shores of Priest Lake. We have 3 areas of food service, Our fine dining restaurant, our Bar and Front Lawn.  Also our to-go food which is a beast in itself, haha. Prepping, knife skills, line cooking, adhering to safety codes are imperative.  

    Do you see yourself as a team player? It definitely takes a cohesive team to make this machine produce such excellent cuisine.  Our food is cooked mainly from scratch, using in house recipes and guided instruction.

    The kitchen has 3 stations: hotline, pantry and pizza.  Which one are you up for?

  • Maintenance

    Elkins Resort
    $16.00 - $18.00 / hour

    ALL THE THINGS: Our maintenance department is awesome! The majority of them are here year round and know how to do ALL THE THINGS. That being said we need seasonal staff to help with ALL THE THINGS.

    ALL THE THINGS include keeping the resort facilities and equipment in working order, daily upkeep of beaches, sweep and clearing walkways, firewood to cabins, watering & fertilizing our massive amount of flowers and trash collecting around the resort.  Cleaning BBQ's, picnic tables, decks and landscaping duties.  These include weed whacking, mowing and watering. Daily umbrella opening and closing, mail retrieval, and MOVIE NIGHT!  

    All things broken, CALL MAINTENANCE

  • Pantry Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $18.00 - $18.00 / hour + tips

    CHOP CHOP-with end of season bonus!!! This job gets tips+End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if contract is fulfilled!

    Now this is a fun place to work in the kitchen.  Prepping, making salads and making desserts.  All the good stuff.

    Being consistent on sizes of salads, sizes of desserts is part of this position.  You don't want too big of a salad, then they won't order dessert, you don't want to big of a dessert because they will only remember how incredibly full they are.

    We make the majority of our salad dressings from scratch, this is a good time. 

    Labeling and dating all the prep, food and dressings is critical

    Keeping work area neat and organized and you will keep up with the customer’s demands and your Chefs demands as well!


  • Prep Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $18.00 / hour + tips

    CHOP CHOP SLICE SLICE+ end of season bonus!!! This job gets tips+End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if contract is fulfilled!

    This job is FUN! None of the major stress that a busy kitchen goes through, you are prepping and preparing in your own space.  Helping unload and put away product, making sure the kitchen has enough prep for every day and every night.  You need to be able to follow recipes and instructions.  Some heavy lifting is required.

    This position will improve your knife skills, your food knowledge and your bank account at the same time

    Let's do this! 

  • Dinner Server

    Elkins Resort
    $7.25 / hour

    SELL SELL AND SELL MORE - This is a position in our award winning fine dining restaurant. Our servers are our sales people, they are our front of the house champions! Coursed meals, impeccable wine service and a positive attitude make this part of our service truly spectacular.  The view out our restaurant can't be beat.  Working as a team with all their support staff and the back of the house makes this a dynamic service each and every night.

     Our guests want to come in, feel welcomed and have a relaxing dinner with that view.  Sometimes they will want to know your story, sometimes they won't.  It's up to you to be able to tell the difference.

    The higher your check average, the more wine you sell, the higher the tips.

  • Store & Gift Shop Clerk

    Store/Gift Shop
    Elkins Resort
    $14.00 / hour

    LETS SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WE CAN GET IN A SMALL SPACE! Our store and gift shop might be small but it is MIGHTY.  Grocery items, clothing, hats, sunglasses, stickers, huckleberry products, key chains, towels, shoes...You name it its in there! Everything our guests might need, including beer and wine so you will need to be 19 to work in this store.

    You will assist customers with clothing WAY UP HIGH, don't worry, we have a hook

    Stocking merchandise, restocking merchandise, and back stocking merchandise. Cleaning of the store in between shifts, mainly for the night closing store person. 

    Most of the customers will have ALOT of questions, we will train you on ALOT of questions. This is your time to shine with your hospitality.

    You will have a register your are responsible for, can you count back change? Well, it's time you learn.

    All of this while having a positive attitude! 

    LET'S GO!

  • Floor Manager

    Elkins Resort
    $20.00 - $22.00 / hour + tips

    SUPERVISING ALL THE THINGS-plus end of season bonus!!! This job gets tips+End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if contract is fulfilled!

    Supervising, babysitting, camp counselor....no really your supervising grown adults it just may seem like you're not at times.

    Supervising the floor in the restaurant/Bar and Front Lawn.  The beauty of this is that our guests are here on vacation, a beautiful vacation spot so they behave for the most part.  It is up to the supervisor to assist our staff to make everything rolls smoothly along. Troubleshooting is the name of the game, if you are strong in this we want you to join our team. The majority of our management team is year round and has been with us on average 15 years! It must be a great place to work! 

    Support for the servers, buses, expo, hosts, troubleshooting issues, help in training, guiding the serving staff.  

    Experience Required

    LET'S GO!

  • Pizza Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $20.00 / hour + tips

    WHO DOESN'T LOVE PIZZA-plus end of season bonus!!! This job gets tips+End of season bonus of $1.50 for every hour worked if contract is fulfilled!

    At Elkins Resort we make our dough from scratch, bake in a WoodStone hearth oven and use a dough roller prior to hand stretching our incredible pizzas.  

    This is a job for a whirling dervish.  It is fast paced job with pizza and nachos coordinating with items going out on the line.  If you have a lot of energy, enjoy teamwork and are not gluten free or dairy free this is a good job for you! 

    If you are all about the gluten and the dairy and love yourself some PIZZA, we are the place for you!

    Experience is helpful but we can train you if you are a fast learner.

  • Expeditor

    Elkins Resort
    $14.00 / hour

    CARRY THE FOOD -- This position entails delivering the food to all the tables in the dining room, the bar, and the front lawn.  The trays are heavy with GIANT plates of nachos and some items in cast iron so you can consider it the best summer arm work out around! 

    This is a fun fast paced job! You get tipped by all the servers and the bartenders and work in different areas(dining room, bar, lawn) throughout the shift so it never gets monotonous. We love our expos!!


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