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  • Front Desk ($16/hr + doe)
  • Housekeeping, Full Time ($18/hr)
  • Floor Manager ($18/hr + doe)
  • Bartender ($10/hr + tips)
  • Dinner Line Cook ($18/hr + tips, up to $22/hr doe)
  • Breakfast/Lunch Line Cook ($18/hr + tips)
  • Store/Gift Shop ($15/hr + doe)
  • Pizza Cook ($15-$18/hr)
  • Pantry Cook ($15-$17/hr)
  • Dishwasher ($15/hr + doe)
  • Busser ($11/hr + tips)
  • Breakfast/Lunch Server ($9/hr + tips)
  • Dinner Server ($7.25/hr + tips, fine dining)
  • Host ($15/hr)
  • Dock Attendant ($15/hr + doe)

*doe = depending on experience (the more you know, the better we pay)

  • Dishwasher

    Elkins Resort
  • Front Desk

    Elkins Resort
    $16.00 / hour + tips


    • Greet every guest who walks through the door.
    • Answer the phone and if necessary forward to the proper extension or voicemail.
    • Take reservations for cabins, marina and rentals using the appropriate section of Restream.
    • Check in and out guests from their cabins- make sure all forms are signed and appropriately filed.
    • Check in and out rental equipment- make sure all forms are signed, filed into appropriate folder and payment/deposit is taken.
    • Take reservations for the dining room.
    • Be responsible of the till and the money that resides within it.
    • Post charges to cabin accounts.
    • Sign for deliveries, if payment is needed then find an MOD.
    • Make sure maintenance has taken the mail to the mailbox.
    • Make sure ALL rental items have been returned.
    • Complete tasks that are asked of you by different departments (i.e., making signs, typing something up, researching a part, etc.).
  • Host/Hostess

    Elkins Resort
    $13.00 / hour + tips


    • Manage reservations using reservation software
    • Greet and seat guests with appropriate menus, and remove extra set ups from tables
    • Communicate with servers and bussers when you’ve sat a new table in their section
    • Work with the MOD to ensure a smooth pace throughout service
    • Help with side work and bussing when given the time
    • Maximize number of guests seated
  • Housekeeper

    Elkins Resort
    $18.00 / hour + tips
    • Clean lodge daily
    • Restock towels, soap, toilet paper in public restrooms
    • Clean guest cabins - includes kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, changing bedding, vacuum, dust, mop, windows
    • Clean and stock laundry vehicles
    • Keep laundry building clean and organized
    • Laundry - most laundry done in house
    • Work together as a team
    • Have a positive work attitude
  • Line Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $19.00 / hour + tips

    Position includes:

    • Prep - cutting fruit, vegetables, meat, making sauces
    • Organization - product rotation, read tickets, cook more than one ticket at time
    • Cooking on the line - production during business hours
    • Communicating with other team members - work well as a team, with other cooks, kitchen positions, servers and managers
    • Clean up - keep work area clean, clean after shift
    • Know and apply food safety rules

    Our menu is cooked from scratch, taking pride in taste and presentation.

  • Maintenance

    Elkins Resort
    $15.00 / hour


    • Removal of all trash around resort. This includes “V”, lodge, parking lot, front lawn, boat ramp, trails, cabins, etc. 
    • Care of all flowers around lodge dock and front lawn area. Upkeep of flower pots.
    • Water front lawn and all other lawn areas around resort.
    • Sweep, shovel and clear all resort walk ways.
    • Keep resort facilities and equipment in working order.
    • Daily upkeep of beaches.
    • Bring firewood to restaurant, cabins and designated areas for beach fires.
    • Check with manager for specific duties and daily tasks.
    • Fulfill all department requests.
    • Always check with a manager before punching out for breaks, lunch and end of shift
    • Be familiar with Elkins Resort and where supplies are located. 
    • Guests will ask you questions about the area. If you are able to help them, please do! If not, help find someone who can provide them with the information they are searching for. 
  • Pantry Cook

    Elkins Resort
    $13.50 / hour + tips


    • Be consistent with the size and quality of salads and desserts.
    • Salads should look full and be well garnished while paying attention to size.
    • Dessert portions should be medium sized.  Desserts are rich and are intended to compliment the meal, not gorge the person with sugar and calories.
    • Learn where items are in the dry storage and the walk-in cooler across the street.  This will make prep and the night go smoothly.
    • Know what is an acceptable substitution, and servers upcharge for extra items.
    • Follow recipes to maintain consistency. 
    • Label, date and rotate all food.
    • Keep work area neat and organized and you will keep up with the customer’s demands.
    • Help the dishwashers keep up, if time allows.
    • No Ticket – No Food
  • Store & Gift Shop Clerk

    Store/Gift Shop
    Elkins Resort
    $13.00 / hour


    • Assist customers who need help with merchandise. 
    • Stock merchandise. Be familiar with products that we sell as well as clothing sizes available. Keep sizes stocked to the best of your ability.
    • Ring in sales, be respsonsible for balancing till.
    • Restock and clean store between shifts.
    • Be aware of guests who come into store. Be as helpful and attentive as possible.
    • Have a positive work attitude.
    • Must be over 19 years old.

How to Apply

Please complete our online application and give us a call. Our HR is in Wednesday through Sunday.  If you don't hear back from us, please follow up with a phone call at 208.443.2432.

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