Camp Granite Lake

Camp is located at 9,000 feet in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains....about an hour from Denver and 40 minutes from Boulder...
we have 135-acres, with a private 8-acre lake where staff lead fun activities...
We hire staff from around the country and world who value kindness, acceptance...
...and want to be great role models for our campers.
Enjoy great food prepared by our kitchen team...
Lead fun activities like woodworking...
waterfront activities like SUP'ing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and log rolling...
Work as a member of a team and make lifelong friends...
and play a positive role in the life of campers!

Spend this summer in the mountains of Colorado playing a positive role in a child's life!

Camp Granite Lake is a summer camp for children ranging in ages from 1st-10th grades. We are committed to creating a supportive, inclusive community where campers can build close connections with their peers, counselors, and the natural world around them. Our staff are the 'heartbeat' of camp!

We are located at 9,000 feet in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Less than an hour from Denver and Boulder, we have a beautiful 135 acre property, with a private 8-acre lake!

About Camp Granite Lake

hiring for last few positions for 2023!

We are looking for 3 male counselors and 2 female counselors!

2023 Note to Staff - Please Read Before Applying

Dear Potential Counselors & Staff Members,

We’re honored that you are considering a position at Camp Granite Lake as your summer job.  A summer at camp will be one of the most fun, rewarding, and yes, challenging summers of your life.  We disconnect from technology, build deep meaningful connections with nature and each other, and slow the pace of life down for a little bit.

Like any job, but especially one where we all work and live together, it’s important that we are as good a fit for you, as you are for us.  And with that, I want to share a little bit about where Camp Granite Lake stands in regards to a number of different things impacting our world.

It’s no secret that a lot has happened in our country over the last few years.  As a camp that believes science is real, Black Lives Matter, and that peoples rights should be recognized no matter their sexual orientation or personal identity, it’s important we share a few of our values with potential staff members:

- We take COVID seriously and follow the science:  All of our staff are required to be vaccinated, and we’ll take  necessary steps to keep our community healthy.  As a staff member, this may mean having to wear a mask at certain times, potential limitations on time off travel, pre-camp quarantines, etc.

-We strive to build a diverse community: Let’s face it - summer camp is not known for being the most diverse place.  While camp won’t just flip a switch and be a model for diversity overnight, we are actively taking steps to make camp more accessible to staff and campers from under-represented backgrounds and offer them support while they are at camp!

- How we treat each other and the words we use really matter:  Words have a lot of power, and in building a community of kindness, what we say, and how we say it really matters.  It’s important to us that people be called their chosen name and pronouns, and it’s not uncommon for us to start activities with a name game, and the opportunity to share pronouns if the camper or staff would like to share them.

Additionally, we have do not tolerate speech that disrespects the humanity of another person.

- We are a camp that welcomes folks from the LGBTQIA+ communities: We have lots of campers who identify with one or more of these communities.  Campers and staff bunk with the gender with which they identify.

- We call people IN and not OUT!:

Each of us is at a different place along the path of awareness, education and engagement when it comes to matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.  If we want to see the changes in our society that so many are fighting for, it’s important that more and more people be called in and not out.   

We’ve often found that both campers and staff are hesitant to discuss matters of race or gender because they don’t want to ‘say the wrong thing’ and be called out.  However, there is no way to broaden the umbrella if we don’t give people the chance to ask questions and learn in a non-judgmental way.

At camp, we start with the assumption that everyone is doing the best that they know how to do. We acknowledge that each of us makes mistakes and that it’s OK!  The important thing is that each of us be open to learning and accepting new information, and then putting that into action.

Submitting an application to work at Camp Granite Lake is a commitment to believing we can make the world a kinder, gentler, and more inclusive place by being great role models for campers (seriously, if you want a kinder, more equitable and accepting world - where better to start than young people?).  It means that you are willing to take on the challenge of working really hard to help yourself and our campers learn, grow, and become better people.

We will be doing this work together, with good intentions and great care for one another, and I hope you will join us.


Tom, Ellie, Abbie & Tommy

About Camp Granite Lake

Camp Granite Lake offers 20-day sessions for campers finishing 2nd-9th grades, a CIT program for 10th graders, and a 5-night Mini Camps for first-time 1st-4th graders, where they make lifelong memories and friends while enjoying the magic of summer camp in the mountains. We offer tons of great activities, including sailing, rock climbing, arts and crafts, nature and ecology, hiking, theatre, culinary, engineering, archery, kayaking, music, stand-up paddleboarding, woodworking and more!

We are looking for staff members who are interested in helping us build a supportive community; who are willing to work hard, and create an environment where the decisions we make while at camp and on time off are made with our responsibility to the campers in mind. 

The Employee Experience

Our staff members play an integral role in providing a fun, enriching and memorable experience for our campers. We value staff members who are willing to commit themselves to a summer living in a supportive, un-plugged community, focused on building positive relationships with campers and peers, and creating a connection with the natural world around them. We train and empower our staff with skills and memories they can take back with them to their lives at home. 

Ideal Candidate

Camp Granite Lake staff play the ultimate role in supporting CGL’s philosophy and program. They are committed to creating an inclusive, supportive, and ‘un-plugged’ environment, where campers, directors, and staff live and work collaboratively, and create connections with each other, and the natural world around them.  They are willing to work hard, really hard, and to create a ‘kid first’ environment where the decisions we make day to day, in and out of camp, reflect a commitment to our campers experience.  

Staff education and experience backgrounds are very diverse; everything from staff who went to or have worked at camp, to those who are studying to be teachers in either a community college or university, to people taking a gap year, to people studying in a field completely unrelated to education, to folks who are working.   The desire to work and be a great role model for children and the willingness to learn and work really hard, are more important than any previous job or education.

Room and Board

We provide room and board to all staff. Counselors live in a cabin with 6-12 campers, and 1-2 fellow staff. Kitchen Staff and Chef's will live in a cabin with other staff. All accommodations are 'rustic' style, however are quite cozy, and are great spaces to live and work with campers while in the Colorado mountains!

Employee Perks

  • Be a member of an inclusive, supportive camp community!
  • Access to camp provided employee assistance program, including mental health support!
  • Camp provided transportation during time off to local places.
  • Gain valuable experience - we love writing recommendations for great staff members!
  • Explore Colorado; all staff get time off weekly!
  • Access to Pro-Deal discounts
  • Most importantly: play a positive role in a campers life!​​

Getting Here and Getting Around

Camp Granite Lake is located approximately 35 minutes from Boulder, and 50 minutes from Denver. Many staff drive or carpool to camp, others fly into Denver International Airport (we provide transportation from the airport to camp!).

Camp is in a remote setting, however, is in proximity to Boulder, Denver, and rest of the Front Range. We provide transportation to local places during certain evenings, and any staff carpool together on evenings and days off. 

For Fun

We are located in close proximity to the fun mountain town of Nederland, as well as Boulder.  Both have wonderful restaurants and shops to explore.  

About 50 minutes away is downtown Denver with everything that a major city has to offer: awesome dining and museums, shopping, and professional sports teams!

Additionally, within 30 minutes of camp, we have world-class hiking in Indian Peak Wilderness and climbing in Boulder Canyon! 

How to Apply

2023 Dates & Positions

We are hiring for 3 male cabin counselor positions, and 2 female cabin counselor positions!  Female counselors with experience (or willing to get certification before camp!) in rock climbing, low ropes, and lifeguarding preferred (we'll even help you find a class!)

Staff Dates!

Counselor & Kitchen Staff Dates: June 11th - August 12th
Village Director & Backpacking Lead Dates: June 6th - July 30th

Staff Training: June 11th - June 18th
Session 1: June 19th - July 8th
Session 2: July 10th - July 29th
Mini Camp 1: July 31st - August 5th
Mini Camp 2: August 7th - August 12th

Steps to Apply!

1. Learn More:
- Counselors, Coordinators & Village Directors: Read our Hiring Packet here (especially the first few pages!)
- Chefs & Kitchen Staff: Read our Support Staff Hiring Packet here!                        
2. Submit a Staff Application here
3. We will be in touch soon!   

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