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2019 Dates!

Counselor positions are June 1st - August 3rd. 
Kitchen Staff: June 1st - August 3rd
Nurse: June 4th - August 4th (may be two & four-week options for right candidate!)
Kitchen Manager: May 21st - August 12th
Chef: May 25th - August 12th

All staff must be available for the entire duration of their position. For more information, please CLICK HERE to view our Counselor hiring packet, and please visit the Join Our Staff  page for information on Kitchen Manager, Chef, and Kitchen Staff positions.  

  • Backpacking Counselor

    $325.00 / week

    Responsible for leading children on 1 & 2 night backpacking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age by June 9, 2019, have experience backpacking (leading trips preferred - college Outdoor School is great experience!), have a clean driving record, and have a current WFA/WFR.

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  • Cabin Counselor

    $325.00 / week

    The core of camp! Cabin Counselors facilitate an inclusive, supportive cabin environment, and lead and assist in camp activities. It’s a twenty-four hour a day job, and the hardest job you’ll ever love! Salary starts at $325/weekly.

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  • Chef

    $700.00 / week

    Camp Chefs will work alongside the Kitchen Manager in all aspects of kitchen preparation, menu planning, food preparation, special diets, inventory and kitchen staff management. Salary starts at $700/weekly. 

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  • Kitchen Manager

    $800.00 / week

    Responsible for oversight of our chefs and kitchen.  Responsibilities include ordering food, managing staff, and working with Camp Directors to deliver delicious and nutritious meals to campers!  Salary starts at $800/weekly.

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  • Kitchen Staff

    $325.00 / week

    Kitchen staff work alongside our Chef's and assist with the preparation of all camp meals.  They help with the preparation and serving of food, wash pots, pans, and plates, and help our counselors and campers set and clean our dining hall. Applicants must be 18 years of age.




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How to Apply

Please go to our Join Our Staff page.  To apply, please follow the link below.

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