Camp Denali

The reward for our dedicated work is the most sought after view in Denali National Park - the mountain, framed by the windows of many of our buildings.
The northern lights put on an end-of-season display.
Truly a feast for the eyes and the mouth.
Just look at those perky pillows!
Scenes from the dish pit. Lots of hard work happens in this corner of the kitchen.
Wingspan, a staff favorite.
Quick coffee meeting to plan the day.
Denali National Park's six million acres gives us plenty to explore.
Pack your layers and rain gear! We hike in all weather conditions.
Gifts of the tundra...blueberry picking is a constant draw in the late season.
Tackling another project on the to-do list.
Fresh baked pastries

Camp Denali - A lifestyle, not just a seasonal job

Camp Denali is a wilderness lodge, located in the heart of Denali National Park, Alaska. We have been family-owned and operated since day one, back in 1952. Our founders envisioned a guest experience that centered on experiential learning about nature and cultural heritage long before "ecotourism" was popularized.

Camp Denali is the only lodge inside Denali National Park with a direct view of the Alaska Range on a clear day. We are located nearly at the end of the park's 92-mile road. Due to a road closure at mile 43, we are operating as a fly-in lodge. Staff remain onsite for the duration of the season, living and working in a location far removed from the throngs of visitors at the park entrance.

About Camp Denali

Camp Denali is a family-owned and operated wilderness lodge located in the heart of Denali National Park. Our mission is to provide active learning experiences and foster stewardship of the natural world through a tradition of community, excellence, and place. The focus we place on educating guests about Denali National Park is what makes us special. Rain or shine, we offer three levels of hikes each day and our Naturalist Guides lead guests out into Denali to see, experience, learn about, and connect on an intellectual and visceral level with the remote wilderness that surrounds us. Our staff, whether guest-facing or behind-the-scenes, actively work towards our shared mission.

Camp Denali is currently operating as a fly-in lodge, which we will continue to do until the Denali Park Road reopens (the projected date is the middle of summer in 2026). We host approximately 25 guests at a time, with 30 staff onsite for the duration of the season. Each year we bring on a handful of new staff. 

The Employee Experience

Living and working at Camp Denali is a unique situation that attracts staff who value being part of an intentional community. We work collaboratively and share close living spaces and common areas with one another and with our guests. The exceptional experience we provide to our guests is the first and most important thread we have in common each season, but you will quickly find that working at Camp Denali is an opportunity to form authentic connections with coworkers of all ages and backgrounds. We fill-in for one another when someone is sick, lend a hand to coworkers who are having a bad day, and share and teach one another our talents and skills, like playing music, carpentry, knitting, sewing, and dancing.  

In a typical week, you can expect to work 45 to 60 hours. We work hard and take pride in our work. All of our jobs are physically demanding and you should anticipate that by mid-summer, your work may start to feel tedious. We push through the hard days for the reward and fulfillment of knowing that each and every guest is getting the best we have to give. Guests notice the smiles and friendly interactions with every staff member with whom they cross paths. 

At Camp Denali, we want staff to get into the park to hike, explore, and play. Please refer to the employee perks section for specifics about company-sponsored support of recreational and educational opportunities for staff. Camp Denali's staff community is a vibrant one, and there is almost always a group activity on offer or enthusiasm from others to make something happen. Interests change from one year to the next, but some common group activities include: music night, volleyball, swimming in Nugget Pond, group hikes, board games, basketball, trivia night, field day competitions, murder mystery events, and tundra lounges. 

Ideal Candidate

How do we boil down the essence of the exceptional employees we search for and hire each year at Camp Denali? It's a difficult task, but for starters, they exhibit these important qualities:

Positive attitude...Strong work ethic…Initiative...Attention to detail…Flexibility…Cooperation…Professionalism…Effective communication...Dependability...Dedication to the community...Openness to personal growth...Focus on providing excellent customer service.

Room and Board

Room and board are provided at no cost to employees for the duration of the summer.

In the summer months, we live remotely and off the grid, surrounded by the vast expanses of Denali National Park. All new staff and most returning staff share a cabin with one or two roommates. We share shower facilities, outhouses, water spigots, and public spaces with other staff and guests, and are expected to keep them clean and tidy.

Linens are provided. Our housekeeping team also washes staff linens that are placed in the dirty bin. Laundry detergent, as well as basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are provided. 

Staff can look forward to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared by our excellent cooks and served at set times each day. We source as much of our food as possible locally and organically. The quality of food served to staff is the same as what we serve to guests. You don't have to cook or wash dishes for the entirety of the summer unless you're being paid to do it that day!

Employee Perks

Location, location, location! One reward for our dedicated work is the most coveted view in Denali National Park--the mountain, framed through the windows of so many of our buildings--each day of the summer. We are situated at the end of the Park Road in an area known as the Kantishna. The Park Road is currently closed at mile 43 due to the Pretty Rocks Landslide, which means our staff and guests come and go by small aircraft. Our location has always been unique among Denali businesses, but even more so during our time as a fly-in lodge with so few people in our neck of the woods and virtually no road traffic. 

Base wages are listed on the individual job descriptions on our employment website, and room and board are provided at no cost for the summer season. Many of our staff are able to save the majority, if not all of their wages from the season, because there are no nearby restaurants, bars, movie theaters, or stores. 

Staff receive a travel stipend upon completion of the season to help defray the cost of travel and an annual uniform allowance.  

Beyond compensation:

  • While guests receive first priority, staff are welcome to canoe on Wonder Lake, borrow a bike to head down the Park Road, fish on Moose Creek, or even join a Naturalist Guide-led hike with guests. 
  • We have an overnight kit staff can borrow for camping in Denali National Park. 
  • Staff have permission to use our private cabin located three miles from Camp Denali, on the ridgetop with 360-degree views. 
  • Our personal visitor policy allows staff to invite a friend, family member, or significant other to come to Camp Denali free of charge (personal visitors are responsible for their flight fees to/from Camp Denali). 
  • The company will pay for approved professional development opportunities in the off-season, so long as they relate to your work at Camp Denali and you have committed to return the following season. 
  • Your summer home includes a view of Denali. Don't forget to make time for a "mountain moment" each day. 
  • The Camp Ridge trail runs right past your doorstep, and it's a hike that many Camp Denali guests include on their list of favorite hikes of all time. With six-million acres to explore, the backcountry hiking options in Denali National Park are nearly limitless, but we have a handful of great options that run right through campus. 
  • Enjoy professionally prepared meals made from organic ingredients that often feature produce from our very own greenhouse. 
  • Desserts, breads, pastries, ice cream, and cookies abound and they are all made from scratch. 
  • Living at Camp Denali from May through September will provide the best chance to observe natural wonders that don't adhere to a precise schedule--candle ice on Wonder Lake, Denali bathed in alpenglow, migrating sandhill cranes, dancing northern lights, autumnal tundra at its peak, and sometimes even waking up to fresh snowfall. 
  • Trade in some modern conveniences for the rare opportunity to be present with yourself and with others. 

Supervisors and year-round positions receive additional benefits, which can be found on job descriptions when we are hiring for those roles.  

Getting Here and Getting Around

We provide a travel stipend to seasonal employees upon completion of a full season to help defray the costs of transportation to Anchorage. Company transportation is provided to and from Anchorage to Camp Denali at the start and end of the season--it takes approximately five-hours by vehicle and a short flight via small aircraft. Once onsite, your primary mode of transportation will be walking.

For Fun

Camp Denali creates a community that welcomes and appreciates do-it-yourself fun and adventure. The outdoors usually plays a significant role in staff members’ days off. Our location provides excellent access to some of Denali’s tantalizing backcountry adventures. Whether you want to day hike or go for an overnight trip with a backcountry camping permit, canoe in Wonder Lake, fish, bike, swim, botanize, photograph, sketch, or join one of our naturalist-guided hikes, you will no doubt find many summers' worth of outdoor adventures and enjoyment while living at the end of the Denali Park Road.

Our unique and isolated location encourages and requires community, and staff members frequently step up to share their talents and knowledge. In the absence of concerts, bars, and restaurants, staff creatively fill time off with personal hobbies and community events. The company hosts one all-staff gathering each month of the summer, including an annual staff talent show and handmade gift exchange. 

Company-hosted staff gatherings are alcohol-free; at other times the moderate consumption of alcohol by staff over 21 and within the boundaries of our company policy is permitted. Operating as a fly-in lodge imposes limitations of availability and access; there is a system for staff to purchase alcohol, but  deliveries come in as space is available on cargo flights. While the use of marijuana is legal in the state of Alaska, it cannot legally be transported to our properties, as all means of travel require crossing federal land (Denali National Park), on which possession of marijuana is still illegal. 

How to Apply

Visit our website via the Apply Here link below to learn more and to submit your application!

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