A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

Mt. Rainier National Park worship service
Grand Teton ACMNP team
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Grand Canyon National Park Worship Service

Encountering God in the Wonders of Creation since 1951

Live at the base of Halfdome… hike the jagged peaks of the Tetons… splash through the waterfalls of the Blue Ridge… escape from another average summer (or winter!), and discover nature and God in a whole new way!  Be sure to check out our winter team locations in Big Bend, Death Valley, and Virgin Islands National Parks!

In National Park locations across the US

About A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

ACMNP Ministry Teams lead interdenominational services of worship each summer in over 40 national park campgrounds and amphitheaters across America - everywhere from Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon to Denali, Alaska and Acadia, Maine. (We also have a smaller number of positions for select locations in the Winter.) 

We bring Christian community to people often isolated from immediate contact with local churches, including millions of visitors and employees who come to enjoy God's great natural wonders each summer.


Each volunteer Ministry Staff Member is also employed full time by a private concessionaire in the park and works as a desk clerk, housekeeper, bellhop, store clerk, wait staff, or other job typical of seasonal employment.

Room and board is provided with co-workers in park employee housing.

Besides leading worship and earning a full time income, you will participate in informal relational and cross-cultural ministry among your co-workers (including many international students), develop your leadership skills, explore issues of faith and the environment, encourage others to explore the many wilderness opportunities at your doorstep, and have endless adventures in your free time!

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Please visit the ACMNP web site to learn more about our history in the National Parks and the possibilities for your volunteer ministry work with us.