A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

Live right on the edge of the Grand Canyon! Photo credit: Leah Jablonski
Hold a worship service with the best background ever. Photo credit: Spencer Garrison
Hike in amazing places with incredible people! Photo credit: Kami Morris
Live in some of the most beautiful places in the US. Photo credit: Leanna Chin
Lead worship on a beach!
Enhance your nature photography skills!
Host a service project in your park!
Bring your RV and live out your summer working a national park!
Witness wildlife like you've never seen before!
Meet people who will stay in your life forever.
Spend your evenings surrounded by nature and campfires.
Encounter wildlife on the edge of beauty!
Work a job that you'll love, in a place you'll love more.
Make lifelong friends!
Do fun outdoor activities in your free time! Photo credit: Kaitlyn Correll
Gain new skills by planning and leading a worship service with your team! Photo credit: Kaitlyn Correll
A job where a national park is your backyard! Photo credit: Kaitlyn Correll
Meet and make friends with people you wouldn't meet in any other context! Photo: Linsey Wenk
Worship with people from all over the country and world! Photo credit: Kelsey Bruinwood
Work in a kitchen and learn how to cook like a pro! Photo credit: Rylan Larsen
Work a unique job, like a dockhand for a boat company! Photo credit: Naomi Strobush
Our Olympic team leading worship in the park!
Meet amazing people from all over the United States and the world! (Mt. Rainier)
Our big, fun, Smoky Mountains team!
Team Leading Worship in Glen Canyon.

Serve. Connect. Explore. Belong.

Live at the base of Halfdome. Hike the jagged peaks of the Tetons. Splash through the waterfalls of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Escape from another average summer and discover God through creation while loving and serving those in the national parks.

In 45 National and State Park locations across the US and Canada.

Jobs in the Spotlight

About A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

What is your ideal landscape to live in and explore for an entire summer?

Hiking two hundred miles in Glacier? Cliff jumping in Crater Lake? Boating on Lake Powell?

ACMNP's ParkLife Ministry program combines your love for the outdoors and a desire to grow as a Christian leader by ministering to those who live in and visit America's national parks. 

While working a full-time job in a national park (which we help you secure), you have an entire summer to explore, hike, kayak or climb with people you also live and work with. ParkLife differentiates from just any national park job by equipping leaders and supporting them as they focus on relational ministry and lead interdenominational worship services every week in America's most incredible landscapes. 

While pay can vary depending on the state and park the team member is working in, pay typically ranges between $10-15 per hour. We estimate that the average team member ends the summer with $2500-3500 in their pocket. 

The Employee Experience

While living in one of 45 National (or state) Parks we offer, you will not only earn a paycheck and explore a new landscape for 3-4 months, but are prepared for and encouraged to grow as a servant leader throughout your experience.

You will go from friends to family with the ParkLife team you are placed with in the park, while also learning from new cultures working with international students from all over the globe.

Through worship services on Sunday and relational ministry opportunities with co-workers and guests throughout the week, you are empowered to cultivate a Christian community within the park you were called to serve.

When you are not working or leading worship services, the adventures you can take part in are unlimited. We encourage you to take co-workers on road trips, climb with the locals, kayak on glacial lakes, and hike with National Park Service employees.

Ideal Candidate

ParkLife team members will not only be enriched personally, but will play a role in the impact of thousands of people that work in and visit the National Parks of America. As we prayerfully consider where and with whom you serve, each team member is then encouraged to make as much of this experience as they can!

Candidates must be...

  • A follower of Jesus Christ and can affirm the Apostle's Creed
  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Able to plan and lead worship services every week in the park
  • Able to work well on a team
  • Able to work full-time and earn an income for the duration of your placement

Room and Board

As an employee for a national park concessionaire, room and board is provided at minimal cost by the employers within the park. Employee housing is shared with other employees, typically in a dormitory style setting, but differs by national park location and employer.

Employee Perks

Each of our national park locations will have their own unique perks for employees. Whether it’s discounted gear, cheap trips, or free rentals—explore your park to find out their special deals for employees!

Getting Here and Getting Around

ParkLife team members are responsible for transportation to and from the national park where they will serve. Bringing your personal vehicle is highly recommended due to lack of public transportation, but is not required.

For Fun

Take time to adventure and explore the national park that you’ll get to call your new backyard. Hiking, backpacking, white water rafting, wildlife watching, kayaking, climbing, hammocking, photography, star gazing—our national parks have it all, and whichever park you serve in will have its own unique opportunities for adventure!

How to Apply

Please visit the ACMNP website to learn more about our history in the National Parks and the possibilities for your ministry work with us. 


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