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The majority of our jobs are working at one of our seven gas station/convenience stores as a retail associate.  We also have positions for qualified automotive technicians/tow truck operators, and office/warehouse personnel. More detailed descriptions can be found at

  • Returning Employee

    * Returning Employees

    If you are a returning YPSS employee please complete application. Work references are not required unless new employment history has occurred since employment with YPSS.  Personal references are also not required if employed by YPSS within the last two years.  Questions? Contact us before completing. 

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  • Accounting Clerk

    Office / Warehouse
    Office / Warehouse
    Title of Job: Accounting Clerk

    Start from mid to late May, finish between early and late September.


    Responsible for compiling and calculating daily sales data and inventory from seven service stations and four automotive repair shops in Yellowstone Park, greeting office visitors, answering the telephones, and processing other employees as they arrive. Assist the Accountant in performing the general accounting functions of YPSS.

    Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Greet and assist walk-in visitors to our office.
    • Welcome and help process new employees as they arrive.
    • Answer telephone and forward calls to others.
    • Potentially access personnel files for 70 employees which requires a mandatory confidentiality agreement.
    • Audit daily sales reports submitted by location management.
    • Discuss report results with location management.
    • Post data to sales journal.
    • Comply with current federal and state laws regarding compliance and data protection of credit card information.
    • Dispatch wreckers and service trucks via 2-way radio and phone.
    • Participate in audits and inventories of retail facilities.
    • Handle customer and employee accounts receivable.
    • Assist with accounts payable, prepare checks.
    • Assist with payroll preparation.
    • Prepare various sales reports.
    • Perform inventory management.
    • Other duties as assigned.


    Hours of Work:

    The YPSS general office is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., seven days per week. Accounting Clerks work 8 hours per day, five days per week, with one-hour lunch breaks and two consecutive days off. National holidays occurring between May 1 and October 31 are not observed in the YPSS office.


    $15.00 per hour


    An eager, friendly personality is a must. Many receive their first impression of YPSS from their contact either in person or on the phone with office personnel. We wish to project a warm, friendly but capable image. Some knowledge of basic accounting principles and inventory management would be helpful. The ability to operate a 10-key adding machine by touch would be very helpful, although this skill may be acquired on the job. Basic computer skills would also be very helpful. Must be flexible, organized, able to handle a fast pace, possess good communication skills, have the ability to work with people and project a positive attitude.

    Other Information for Gardiner Office and Warehouse Staff


    Housing Arrangements:

    All office/warehouse employees are housed in conventional apartment units in Gardiner or in house trailers. All bedding, linens, etc., are furnished by Yellowstone Park Service Stations, Inc. Basic household equipment is also furnished - such as pots and pans, kitchen and cutlery implements, dishes, silverware, ironing board (but not irons), mops, brooms and a vacuum cleaner. No electrical appliances are supplied, such as coffee makers, toasters, fry pans, etc. Birds are the only pets permitted in the apartments or house trailers. Rental rate is $10.75 per day. All utilities are furnished, except for telephone service. Cell phone service is available. Contact us to determine if your carrier has coverage. RV sites are available on a limited basis.  Please contact us regarding this option.  

    What to Wear:

    Our entire operation is quite informal, and this informality extends to the Gardiner office. Male employees are expected to be neatly and presentably dressed, but this definitely does not mean a coat and tie. Open neck sports shirts and slacks are quite appropriate for office wear. Female employees may wear summer-type dresses, skirts or slacks and blouses. Blue jeans are allowed.  T-shirts with slogans are not considered appropriate office apparel for either male or female employees.

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  • Warehouse Assistant

    Office / Warehouse
    Office / Warehouse

    -Make deliveries to our locations in the Park.  
    -Pull warehouse orders along with inventory control.
    -Receive warehouse deliveries from vendors.  
    -Operate battery-powered forklift equipment (Walkies, Hysters, etc.).  
    -Drive a large box truck. (No CDL required but must be comfortable with a large box delivery truck.)  ***Heavy lifting may be required.
    -Communicate effectively with locations on their orders.
    -Become proficient of our computerized software system.
    -Basic computer skills required. 
    -Warehouse cleaning.
    -Other duties as assigned.



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  • Automotive Technician

    Repair Service
    Repair Service

    Spend the summers within the borders of Yellowstone - the World's First National Park.

    Automotive Technician Position

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Working under the supervision of a location manager, our technicians perform a wide variety of mechanical and technical repairs on passenger cars, pickup trucks, and motor homes belonging to members of the public. The ability to quickly and accurately diagnose mechanical and technical problems with a bare minimum of test equipment is essential. Once it has been determined what repairs are required, technicians will advise customers of possible solutions to their problems and make necessary repairs or adjustments as requested. The company supplies minimal hand tools; therefore, individuals employed at the repair services must provide their own. If offered employment with YPSS, technicians may contact the company if they have questions regarding the tool policy. Included in the type of work we do is the operation of service trucks and tow truck units. Operation of tow truck will occur after proper training. Tow truck operation includes towing disabled vehicles of all sizes and vehicle recovery from motor vehicle accidents. Tow truck operation will require evening "standby" duty for which the technician will be paid a percentage of revenues generated. The ability to always deal with the public with courtesy and tact is a job requirement nearly as important as the mechanical/technical knowledge and skills involved. YPSS provides a service to customers who are having vehicle concerns; therefore, enthusiastic, helpful customer service is a priority.

    Compensation & Work Hours:

    In 2022, the wage for entry-level technicians is $17.00 per hour. Wages will be incrementally higher based on the amount of training and practical experience an individual has. YPSS will also consider higher compensation for ASE certification. The basic work-week at the repair service facilities consists of five eight-hour days. Since our facilities are open seven days per week, there is no premium pay for Sunday or holiday work. A person's days off may fall on any two consecutive days of the week. For any hours worked in excess of forty-eight per work-week, overtime is paid at the rate of time-and-one-half. In addition to normal business hours, each repair service employee is required to be on "standby" several nights each week. This standby duty is to provide emergency wrecker and road service during the hours when the repair facility is closed. Employees providing this service are paid a percentage of the revenue generated during the period of standby. There is no pay for this duty unless the employee is actually called on to provide the emergency service.

    Experience & Training Required:

    Must have successfully completed one (1) year of automotive mechanical training beyond the high school level and/or have at least one (1) year working at some level in the automotive mechanical/technical field. A valid driver's license, issued by any state, is a prerequisite. A Commercial Drivers License is not required to operate YPSS tow trucks; however, additional consideration is given in the hiring process to applicants who do have a CDL. YPSS will perform a mandatory motor vehicle license and background check to determine if our insurance carrier will allow the new respective employee to be added to our policy.

    Housing/Meals and RV sites are also available.  Information can be found on the 'Room and Board' section.  

    Contact us with any questions.  We desire to make your transition to Yellowstone as smooth as possible.  

    Yellowstone + Automotive Technician = Once in a lifetime amazing experience. 

    Interested?  Complete an application online thoroughly.  

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  • Retail Associate

    Service Stations
    Service Stations


    Yellowstone Park Service Stations (YPSS) is the oldest concessionaire in Yellowstone National Park. We offer some of the best summer jobs working at our convenience store facilities. To live and work in the Park can be a life changing experience. We offer access to endless adventure opportunities and connections to people with which you will make memories and friendships that last a lifetime. 


    Benefits (Dessert) First!

    • One of the biggest backyards in America! With 2.2 million acres, you can take advantage of the employee recreation program for guided hikes, sports, seminars, and other events. You can find more at
    • Identity: With YPSS you are a name, not a number.
    • Looking for the Wildlife?  Yellowstone is home to the largest concentration of free roaming wildlife in lower 48.
    • Two days off per week to hike, fish, view wildlife, mountain bike, and more. The adventure is up to you! Who needs Gold's Gym?!
    • 1st place:  Yellowstone is the first National Park.
    • International: You will be exposed to folks from all over the world.
    • Lifelong friendships!
    • Hooked:  Yellowstone is home to some the nation's premier fly fishing waters.
    • Yellowstone is home to over 300 active geysers.
    • Resume builder: Develop lifelong skills and managerial responsibilities.
    • Mountain lifestyle: Gateway to experience life out West. 
    • A summer adventure you will remember for a lifetime!

    Daily Job Activities

    • Interacting with park visitors from around the world.
    • Completing sales on our touch screen point of sales system.
    • Actively selling snacks, drinks and other retail items.
    • Replenishing stock of our high quality retail items that include local and sustainable merchandise.
    • Taking the responsibility of keeping public restrooms, dormitories, sales & service areas clean and sparkling.
    • Working varied shifts. 
    • Answering repetitive questions for visitors in a cheerful manner.
    • Sharing knowledge of Yellowstone's history, policies and issues with park visitors.
    • Undertaking additional opportunities and duties as assigned.

    Skills & Abilities Required

    • Strive for a pleasant attitude on and off duty with visitors and team members.
    • Work in the beautiful outdoors in wide range of weather conditions.
    • Able to lift up to 50 pounds.
    • Able to physically stand for periods up to four hours long.
    • Assist with loading and unloading of warehouse delivery trucks & other vehicles.
    • Give directions and provide information to inquisitive park visitors in a professional and cheerful manner. 
    • Promote appreciation and enthusiasm for Park environmental and safety programs.
    • Learn and share Park information.


    • Entry level pay rate for 2022 is $14.00 per hour. In addition, an incentive based location operations bonus is payable to those who satisfactorily complete the terms of the employment agreement. For details, please contact us.
    • Subsidized housing at our dorms in Yellowstone! Rent is only $3.25 a day and this includes free laundry facilities and WiFi! (Most housing is in shared rooms. Limited private rooms and RV sites are available. Contact us for more details.) 

    Take the first step in your Yellowstone Summer Adventure and APPLY TODAY!

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How to Apply

Complete an application thoroughly.  References will be checked so provide requested information. Contact us with questions or concerns.  

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