Wisconsin Conservation Corps

Crew Leader Chainsaw Training - Fall 2022
Indiana Dunes Crew Summer '22 - Learning from NPS Staff
Summer Roving Crew '22 - Trail Work
Indiana Dunes Crew Summer '22 - Visitor Center Visit
Crew Leader Training Summer '22 - Chainsaw Training
Local La Crosse Crew '22 - Visiting Project Sites
Fall '22 Roving Crew - Visiting Ice Age Trail Alliance Office
Fall '22 Roving Crew - Snow Day on the North Country National Scenic Trail
End of Season Communal Crew Camp at Perrot State Park
Indiana Dunes National Park Crew - Sinking In
Indiana Dunes National Park Crew - In the Marsh with Waiters On
Summer '22 Roving Crew - Leaf Shade
Roving Crew - Testing Out a Trail Project
Crew Member Training - Trail Building Training
Local La Crosse Crew - Lunch Break View
WisCorps Roving Crew - Mountain Bike Trail Construction Crew
WisCorps - Fall 2022 Crew Cohort!
WisCorps Roving Crew - Boardwalk Construction Project
Indiana Dunes National Park Crew - Habitat Restoration

The WisCorps mission is to develop leadership, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic in youth and young adults through the active stewardship of upper Midwest communities and natural resources. WisCorps, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) conservation corps headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin that engages youth and young adults in two areas: conservation projects and nature education.

Roving Crews complete high-quality projects throughout the upper Midwest as they gain technical skills and expand their knowledge of natural resource management.

About Wisconsin Conservation Corps

Be prepared to work hard in beautiful places with the Wisconsin Conservation Corps! WCC operates the Crew Program and the Individual Placement Program.

Crews are responsible for the gritty aspect of conservation at natural areas throughout the upper Midwest. Crews work together to build trails, manage habitats, and perform carpentry projects at properties managed by non-profits, local government, state agencies, and the National Park Service. Crews join the teams that manage some of the most beautiful areas in our region. Crew participants get the chance to network with land management agencies, learn various land management techniques, and serve their communities as a member of AmeriCorps. Being on a crew can be a platform for personal change. Crews connect with nature through their AmeriCorps service and their leisure time. Previous Crew Leaders and Crew Members have commented that this opportunity to connect with nature has helped boost their self-esteem and confidence. During the experience, participants collaborate to eat healthily and minimize their impact on the earth.

Individual Placements serve with WCC partner organizations focused on the areas of natural resource conservation and environmental education. Members promote community service and environmental awareness through direct training and service in the outdoors while participating in community engagement projects. Members will spend time researching, maintaining and cultivating interest in community gardens, educate students and community members about the natural world, complete technical fieldwork, and assist with volunteer mobilization and recruitment. Members are supported and mentored by WCC staff and Placement Site staff throughout their term of service.

The Employee Experience

With WCC, you will:

  • work directly with WCC staff and project partners
  • maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity
  • learn and master techniques in different aspects of conservation

Ideal Candidate

Placements, Crew Leaders, and Crew Members are: 

  • Highly self-motivated, hardworking, confident, autonomous
  • Passionate about the environment or nature 
  • Creative thinkers and have a sense of humor
  • People who appreciate being outside
  • Understanding of the importance of conservation work

Room and Board

WCC offers housing for the Crew Program. Most crews live and work together throughout the entirety of training and the project season. Housing accommodations vary by crew. Crews may be stationed at various front country campgrounds, may need to camp in backcountry or remote locations, and may live in an apartment or dormitory style space depending on the project and time of year. Tents are provided for all Crew Leaders and Crew Members in the Crew Program, but you may use your own tent if you prefer. All food is provided for the entire season in the Crew Program.

Housing is offered for some Individual Placement positions by the Partner Site. If housing is offered, Members should be prepared to live in communal housing with other members of the program. If housing is not offered, it is the responsibility of the Individual Placement to find accommodations. 

Employee Perks

  • WCC crews get to live and work in some of the most beautiful National Parks, State Parks, public lands, and wild areas in the Upper Midwest
  • WCC provides excellent opportunities to network with land management agencies and nonprofits to learn about potential career paths
  • Participants get to learn about themselves, become exposed to other cultures and opinions, learn about professional conservation techniques, and experience new places around the Midwest

Getting Here and Getting Around

Crew Program Travel Logistics:

  • Please do not bring personal vehicle. Please get a ride from friends or family, take a bus or train, take a plane to the Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport, or talk to staff about other transportation options.
  • If driving your personal vehicle is your only option:
    • There is a $100 parking option available for the summer season. The parking is available through UW-La Crosse and we will put you in contact with their parking managers. The parking location is at a UW-La Crosse lot near the WCC warehouse.
    • There is parking available at Camp Ehawee in the fall. If you must drive a personal vehicle to a fall season, you will be able to leave your vehicle at Camp Ehawee for the duration of your season.
  • We operate a shuttle from the Minneapolis - St. Paul airport on Arrival Day before Crew Leader and Crew Member Training. WCC also operates a shuttle back to the MSP airport on the Saturday after the season ends. Using MSP as your airport option is cheaper and more reliable than flying to the La Crosse (LSE) airport.

Individual Placement Program Travel Logistics:

  • Individual placements are accountable for organizing their own travel arrangements. Partners sites will convey any details or logistics that are specific to their location.

For Fun

WCC offers a unique experience for Crew Leaders and Crew Members, including the ability to work and live in the areas below:

  • The Wisconsin Conservation Corps main office is located in La Crosse, known for its beautiful bluffs, river activities, hiking, camping, and outdoor music events
  • Crews and Individual Placements live and work in some of the most beautiful places in the Midwest
    • Locations include Isle Royale National Park, Voyageurs National Park, the Keweenaw Peninsula, Chequamegon National Forest, the St. Louis River (near Duluth), the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the prairies of southwestern Wisconsin, and Door County

How to Apply

Read more about the Wisconsin Conservation Corps and apply on our website. For more information about the Crew Program, contact Paul George-Blazevich at paul.blazevich@wiscorps.org. For more information about the Individual Placement Program, contact Holly Pierro at holly.pierro@wiscorps.org

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