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Waterfalls, Bike Trails, Cold Beers, Good Friends

Wilderness Voyageurs is a multi-sport adventure company, headquartered in the adventure gateway of Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. From Class 1 - 5 one day river trips, kayaking, climbing and mountain bike instruction, to mulit-day bike tours all over the country and beyond, we are ones never to rest on our laurels. All Forward!

We are located river right of the Youghiogheny River, on the north side of Ohiopyle, PA, just a stone's throw away from the Great Allegheny Passage.

About Wilderness Voyageurs

We are the oldest and most experienced outfitter on the East Coast (established 1964).  Expert guides, proven instructional programs, and thousands of happy guests for over 50 years tells our story!  Make it your story, too! Between our award-winning small group Bike Tours, Our World Class Whitewater Rivers, and the Delicious and Refreshing Falls City Pub and Restaurant, we have opportunities for everyone.   

The Employee Experience

We are more than an adventure company, we are a family of friends.  We do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take the work that we do very seriously, and what we do is to give our customers memories of great times and an amazing appreciation of the outdoors.  If you give a damn about the quality of your work, and are willing to work hard to make sure it is the best you can make it, then we will be an ideal fit.  Not only do we love doing the things we do well, we love to get better at those things and we love to learn new things.  Whether it is kayaking, biking, fly fishing, or making the best Reuben in the Laurel Highlands, we do our best to do our best. If that sounds like something you can get into then Ohiopyle and Wilderness Voyageurs is the place for you!!  

Ideal Candidate

Experience is nice, but Enthusiasm is better!!  We have been training top notch guides and staff for years.  That is the easy part.  What we look for in a candidate more than experience, is the enthusiasm to learn and the drive to do better than the day before.  Thick skin helps as well.  Trigger warning, we call it like we see it.  We do not like bullies, but we also do not like whiners.  We believe that to get respect you must give respect.  That means when you show up for work or training the first day, you will always be given the benefit of the doubt.  After that it is up to you to keep it.  Everyday is going to bring you another lesson to learn.  Take advantage of it!  There are so many things to do and learn here it can be a little intimidating, but don't worry, we are in this together.    

Room and Board

We have two places in town and one place out of town for our staff.  The venerable whitehouse sits in a prime location and is reserved for senior staff.  First and Second years usually end up either camping up on "River View Terrace," or a quick drive out of town at the Last Resort, usually referred to as the LR.  The Terrace is right above our global headquarters and is compiled of platforms and tiny houses that have emerged over the years.  The "Terraists" use cook stoves and our Bathhouse for essential living.  The LR has platforms and campers for the guides, plus a shared bathroom and kitchen area.  To live on the "Terrace" we ask for a one time non-refundable security deposit of $50.  To live at the LR there is a non-refundable security deposit of $50 and monthly rent of $35.  

Employee Perks

We like to spread the love around here.  

The Outfitter Store offers 40% off apparel and 30% off of technical gear and hardware.  You can also try any boat from our fleet of demo boats for free, with a couple strings attached.  Basically, you are only allowed to use them for free during off peak hours and you are only allowed 10 free demos.  After that we only ask for a $5.00 fee.  

You will recieve a 15% discount off of regular menu items at Falls City Pub.  Just remind your server before they ring up your check.  

You may use any of our bikes, rafts, or duckies as long as they are not already spoken for.  Just sign them out, and go have a rip!  

You will receive 6 comps to be used on any of our river trips, except for Saturdays. 

You will receive a staff gift and if you are a river guide you will receive a pfd, river knife, whistle, pair of guide shorts and two guide shirts.  Bike tour guides receive a staff bike jersey.  

There are various staff parties and get togethers through out the season.  It all culminates with our annual Staff Gauley trip!  

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting here is easiest by car.  There is a bike trail, but that might take awhile.  We have picked up employees at the Pittsburgh Airport and there is a Amtrack stop just down stream in Connellsville, PA, where we have picked people up and brought them back up the mountain.  

You should definitely bring a bike, although we usually have some staff bikes floating around town.  Even though it is a small town we live in, the bike trail runs right through town and can give you gas free access to the wider world.  

For Fun

The town of Ohiopyle is located smack dab in the middle of the largest state park in PA!  The end/beginning of the 70 mile Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is right in front of "The Pub," go for a walk!  There are multiple rock climbing and bouldering areas to take advantage of.  If two wheels are your thing, there is a 9 mile, 1700 ft descent, mountain bike trail as well as the 150 mile Great Allegheny Passage rail trail that goes right through town on its way to either Pittsburgh, PA or Cumberland, MD.  Heck, we have a class 4 waterfall and a 1.5 mile class 3 river "loop" right in the middle of our tiny little town.  The walk back to the start is only 0.5 miles.  And it runs all summer long!  When it rains the class 3-5 creek Meadow Run comes in and flows right into the first rapid of the Lower Yough. That is only scratching the surface of the possibilities right out your front door!  There are world class whitewater rivers all around you with the class 4-5 Upper Yough just a half hour away in Maryland.  The Big Sandy and the Cheat River are just to our south in West Virginia.  More mountain biking and climbing opportunities are littered all around us.  And if the mountain lifestyle is getting you down after a while, Pittsburgh is just over an hour away!  Pick up a Pirates game, or get your fill of the hipster vibe over in Lawrenceville.  We also host a variety of music at the Falls City Pub all summer long!  

How to Apply

Go to our online application and fill it out to start your next step to a wonderful new world.

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