Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

Take action. Build community. Work and learn with the land.

The model for a successful VYCC experience is consistent: small, diverse groups of young people working on significant projects. High expectations, hard work, and crew-oriented activities rich with educational experiences draw youth from a variety of backgrounds together to live, work, and recreate as a tight-knit community.

Our headquarters is located in Richmond, VT.

About Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

Take action. Build community. Work and learn with the land.

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is a mission-driven nonprofit that offers paid positions to young people who are dedicated to meaningful, outdoor work. VYCC operates two programs: the Conservation program and Food & Farm program. In the Conservation Program, youth and young adults complete important projects across the state. Their impact includes improving water quality, forest health, and sustainable outdoor recreation. In the Food & Farm Program, youth and young adults grow and harvest organic vegetables to address the complex issues of food insecurity, diet-related illness, sustainable agriculture, and responsible land use.

Across programs, Corps Members work and learn with the land. They gain durable skills and technical skills. They work directly in and with local communities.   

The Employee Experience

As a team, we work hard, outdoors, on projects that matter to our communities. And we grow.

Let’s talk about that a bit….

· As a team – Circle up at the start of each day – what tools do we need, which farm field or section of trail are we working, who is cooking, who is planting, who has a great game to play? “Honestly, my biggest accomplishment was making some truly incredible friends. The people I worked with at VYCC are strong, funny, passionate folks, and I am so grateful to have them in my life.” – Bex

· We work hard – We sure do! We move large rocks to build trails, harvest thousands of potatoes in a morning, dig holes to plant trees along our rivers, pack boxes of food for hundreds of families, and clean our tools at the end of a long day. “I’ve come to appreciate hard work, dirty hands and sore muscles, as these stand as a testament to the things we create.” – Alyssa

· Outdoors — On our beautiful farm in Richmond, in state parks, on trails, and on the lake. All day. Will there be rain, bugs, hot days, cold mornings, and mud? Yes, there will! Will there be Vermont beauty, songbirds, sunrises, overlooks, and the energy of being outside all day every day? Oh yeah, that too! “I’m passionate about showing people how powerful, wholesome, beautiful, and healing the outdoors can be…. Oh, and I love being SILLY!” – Andy

· On meaningful projects – that matter to our communities! We build trails that increase access to the outdoors, create backcountry infrastructure that supports our state lands, grow fresh food for Vermonters in need, and improve the health of our forests and waterways. “the town’s excitement reminds us that our work is more than cutting wood or pounding posts; we are creating access to a unique habitat, and the community’s support fuels our own interests.” – Thomas

· And grow personally— When we dig in and work together on meaningful projects, we believe in ourselves and each other, feel a strong sense of belonging, build skills, and see possibility in all directions. “My proudest moment was seeing my saw crew grow as sawyers, and see them start taking on bigger and more complex trees with confidence.” – Sable

If you are ready to dig in, with a spirit of curiosity and courage, then this is the place for you. Believe in yourself; we certainly do!

Learning together, with difference, and kindness: We are strongest when VYCC represents all members of our community, we lean into and learn from our similarities and differences, and we celebrate one another with kindness. VYCC is committed to creating an inclusive experience for our Corps Members and reducing barriers so that all people can thrive at VYCC.

Ideal Candidate

Corps Members come to VYCC from all over the country, motivated by many different things. To be a successful Corps Member, you should be curious about environmental stewardship, excited about the outdoors, and open to meeting new people and working alongside them!  

VYCC is all about working on a crew (a small team). You’ll work hard together and laugh a lot. You’ll help each other, and be surprised at what you can get done!

The work is hard. Our goal is to make sure you are safe and supported. Your goal will be to complete projects that make your community and the environment healthier. Crews and VYCC staff are all about advancing the work of growing food, building trails, cleaning up our waterways, building efficient backcountry shelters, and/or improving forest health.

Room and Board

All camping crews receive full room and board while on crew. That looks like a budget for food, and weekly farm shares, as well as all the gear and tools needed to camp comfortably. Gear assistance is available for personal gear or clothing as needed. 

Employee Perks

VYCC offers paid positions that come with many other benefits. Leaders and Members alike receive high-quality training and, depending on their crew type, earn industry-recognized certifications. Upon completion of their fieldwork, many Corps Members (both Leaders and Members) are eligible for an AmeriCorps Segal Education Award. Read more below:

  • CPR Certification & Wilderness First Aid Training 
  • On the job learning opportunities to expand technical skill knowledge through the season
  • Career pathways support provided by VYCC's Community Engagement Manager 
  • Access to our robust Alumni network for future adventures and career assistance
  • Eligible for AmeriCorps Segal Education Award upon successful completion of service (service terms vary by member)
  • Eligible for student loan forbearance
  • Potential to earn up to 12 free college credits 

For more specifics about compensation and benefits refer to the position descriptions listed on our website.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting Here
The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is housed in the historic West Monitor Barn, visible from both I-89 and VT Route 2 at 1949 East Main Street Richmond, VT 05477. Richmond, VT is approximately 20 minutes south of Burlington (nearest airport), 35 minutes north of Montpelier. 

Getting Around
During the season, on Camping Crews, vehicles are provided by the VYCC to transport Corps Members and Leaders. 

How to Apply

There is a single application for all Leader positions, and a single application for all Member positions. After filling out the application, a VYCC staff member will be in touch to discuss the specific position you're looking for. 

Completing an application does not obligate you to join VYCC. It is the first step for us to learn more about one another. We look forward to helping you find a position that fits what you're looking for!

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