Vermilion Valley Resort

Plenty of photo opportunities
A great place to meet wonderful folks from all over the world!
Patio Dining
If its Barbecue, it's Saturday Night!
Great Paddleboarding
Historic 2020 Creek Fire
Hauling Hikers across the lake.
Flying the colors across Edison Lake
Good Food......
chopping Wood
Know why the crew here at VVR is always smiling? 'Cuz it's a great place to work, that's why!
Plenty of time for all kinds of fun on your days off. We work hard but play hard too.
VVR truly is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Just another day in the High Country.
Our water taxi sitting on lakes edge
Pack Station
Kayaks waiting to go out.
Loving the wilderness!
Mono Creek great for hiking and flyfishing!
Yawn! End of day relax time.

Be a part of this High Sierra back country base camp and lodge that supports the JMT/PCT hikers and their trail adventures!

The Vermilion Valley Resort is a remote, mountain, off-the-grid successful seasonal resort that caters to the PCT and JMT thru-hikers as well as day-use and campers who fish for the trophy German Browns and Rainbow trout in the area. The VVR features a restaurant, store, motel, tent cabins, yurts, water taxi service and marina.

Located 80 miles from Fresno, CA and deep in the Sierra National Forest - John Muir Wilderness. This facility sits on the shores of one of the Sierra Nevada's largest lakes; Lake Thomas Edison. Our back of the lake water ferry landing is just a mile off the JMT and PCT National Scenic Trails.

About Vermilion Valley Resort

The Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR) is a unique opportunity to taste life off the grid in an incredibly beautiful and scenic region of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Employees live and work on-site in this high sierra camp style setting as part of the Sierra National Forest. Employees must be able to thrive at 7700' in elevation. The owners take pride in their employees and their value to those visitors from around the world that come to be part of the JMT and PCT trail adventures.

The typical season for most employees is Memorial weekend through September. 

Our staff becomes close-knit as they work, play and live on-site together. We are fortunate that our customers and staff share a common passion for the great outdoors and approach life with a positive can-do attitude and have enthusiastic good energy personalities.

If you're a hiker, climber, fisherman or photographer or outdoor enthusiast then we have something for you!

The Employee Experience

Our successful employees are enriched in knowing that they actively participated in many of our guests' bucket list goals and hiking aspirations. A successful employee leaves the VVR at end of the season knowing they were challenged in ways they never could have imagined, were given the opportunity to take ownership of their position and be an active and recognized participant in the success of the VVR and our customers' dreams and challenges.

We are a close-knit staff and have a lot of fun, but we work hard during the season. Our staff learns to rise to the challenge, be it a forest fire, losing a power generator, the communications satellite ... problem-solving is not an option or an art, but a must. Employees become adept at accepting challenges and finding solutions and solving problems. And, isn't that much of what living life is?

The owners take pride in empowering the staff to work independently of supervision and trust that its small team of employees share those goals of getting things done for the better good of all.

On your days off, the Sierra is literally your backyard.  Enjoy outdoor activities on world class trails, and high sierra lakes and streams.  We encourage you to get out and explore on your days off and come back ready to share your stories of adventure with our guests.

Ideal Candidate

Customers always remark about how friendly and helpful our staff is, whether it is our front-line counter staff, the ferry driver or an outside maintenance person. Our staff is committed to excellent customer service skills, coupled with a shared positive attitude and packaged with a lot of dynamic fun energy.

We believe that all of our positions are key to a customers or hikers experience with us. We are proud that our staff asks for a drug- free, and sober working environment. And, we do our best to provide such a work-place.

Having the following attributes will also make for a better employee experience: the ability to multi-task, and that pleasant attitude; well, it's a must. And, be a sponge, the wealth of knowledge from our senior staff is incredible. You can learn to diagnose problems, prioritize and handle situations, deal with interpersonal relationships, there is so much here that can add to your life and career skills.

We are a close-knit staff and share in the experience, so, if you are into an off-the-grid backcountry challenge we may be a good fit. Work weeks are 40 hours or more. Take advantage on your days off, and get out to experience and enjoy this spectacular part of the John Muir Wilderness.

Room and Board

In the past few years, we have made significant improvements to staff housing, we have added an employee break room with a complete kitchen, and big screen TV. We have converted employee trailers into tiny houses and have added RV trailers to the employee housing inventory as well. We have two dedicated employee bathrooms and showers as well as the public restroom/shower building. If you have a trailer or camper you are welcome to bring that and use it as your lodging! 

We provide three meals a day, seven days a week. You will be asked to participate in keeping the break room clean and doing your meal dishes.

We provide free access to the laundry, including washer and dryer. 

Employee housing can be anywhere from a Tiny Cabin, RV trailer or Yosemite styled large tent cabin.  

Employee Perks

Crew-Share tip program. All employees split cash and credit card tips equally. Cash tips are distributed weekly and credit card tips monthly.

Employees have use of kayaks, rental boats and stand-up-paddleboards at no cost.

Employees receive a 15% discount on all store purchases.

Getting Here and Getting Around

If an employee doesn't have their own transportation or arrives via bus, train or airport, we provide free transportation from Fresno, CA to the VVR.

Many employees do bring their own cars or trucks to make trips to the nearby Mono Hot Springs, as well as Huntington Lake, Shaver Lake, and even down to Fresno. 

If employees don't bring their own vehicle with their belongings, then most will have their needed possessions shipped via UPS or Fed-X.

For Fun

I always like to tell people; if you are bored it's because you want to be!

There is so much to do on the outside, we have great summer weather here in the Sierra, so hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, taking a SUP out to enjoy the splendor of the surrounding peaks; along with climbing, fishing, the natural hot tubs at Mono, the photography opportunities it's unlimited! Also, the nights around the hikers/public campfire so much fun talking to people from around the world. You never know who you are sitting next to.

What we don't have is night clubs, the bar scene, the city lights ... and yes, our stars are actually bright and beautiful!

How to Apply

Please complete and submit your application. You will be able to upload your resume if you wish. We will only review resumes with a completed application. 

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