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The most successful candidates will be able to work for the entire season from June 1 through Sept 30, but we do fill some positions on staggered starting dates.

  • Dishwasher

    $14.00 / hour + tips

    The dishwasher is responsible for gathering, washing, and putting away all dishes, service items, and cooking items, as well as hauling trash, cleaning bathrooms, and maintaining a clean working area. In addition, dishwashers must be able to lift 50 lbs easily, and will be required to assist in stocking orders and other miscellaneous cleaning assignments. The dishwasher wages begin at $14.00 per hr. (+tips) and are included in the general tip pool.

  • Line Cook

    $18.00 / hour + tips

    Line cooks are responsible for executing the menu to our standards and should be able to read hand written tickets, fry, grill meats to temperature, work a flat top or plancha grill, sauté, and plate. Duties include maintaining fresh inventory, keeping a clean work environment, and cleaning stations and line at the end of the day. Experienced line cook wages start at $18.00/ hr. (+ tips), and every employee (except for the bakers) receives a share of the tip pool. We have an open line. Must come to work to be seen by the public.

  • Prep Cook

    $14.00 / hour + tips

    Prep cooks are responsible for general preparation of raw ingredients according to our recipes, as well as plating various desserts, salads, soups, and specials. Duties include daily execution of the prep list, stocking and proper rotation of ingredients (both raw and prepared), as well as maintaining a clean work environment and cleaning the work area at the end of each shift. Prep cook wages start at $14.00/hr. (+tips), and every employee is included in the tip pool.

How to Apply

Please fill out our online application through the link on our page. Please be sure an include contact information for your work history, and your dates of availability. Your dates are very important, applicants MUST be able to work through the Labor Day weekend, and the most successful candidates will be able to work through the end of September. Please apply online via the link below. 

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