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Staff Training for Summer 2023 begins on June 5 in Hayward, WI. We will cover the cost to fly you to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and a Road Less Traveled team member will pick you up at the airport.

Most of our programs run from mid-June through August 4 with some programs running through August 12.

All Trip Leaders and Co-Leaders must be Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified prior to the start of staff training. We will be offering a WFR course at the end of May, or leaders can find local courses to attend.

All Trip Leaders and Co-Leaders are strongly encouraged to be lifeguard certified. We will likely be offering a certification class prior to staff training.

  • Trip Leader

    All Around The World!
    $55.00 - $70.00 / day

    The Road Less Traveled offers three field leader positions: Trip Leader, Co-Leader, and Intern. Trip Leaders guide and engage participants in service-learning projects, language immersion programs, backpacking, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, trekking, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, and more from June through August. Co-Leaders and Interns work in conjunction with the Trip Leader in a variety of supportive roles. Both Trip Leaders and Co-Leaders have a minimum age of 21; Interns are graduates of The Road Less Traveled programs that are at least one year removed from high school. Most first-year staff are Co-Leaders, but applicants with extensive experience working with youth in settings similar to the programs offered by The Road Less Traveled may qualify for a Trip Leader position.   

    Trip Leaders and Co-Leaders help run the day-to-day logistics of the trip. Trip Leaders will be grouped with 1-2 other leaders and those groups work closely together to share responsibilities. The leader team will be responsible for all aspects of the trip: logistics, medical issues, driving, meal planning and preparation, behavior management, conflict resolution, facilitation of outdoor adventure and community service activities, and risk management.

    As we offer trips of varying lengths, dates of employment can range anywhere from June 1st to the end of July or the middle of August, depending on your trip assignments. Trip Leaders and Co-Leaders may lead one, two, or possibly three sessions of a program over the course of a summer. Our high school aged trips have up to 15 participants on the trip and our middle school aged trips have up to 12 participants. We will make every effort to employ Trip Leaders or Co-Leaders for as long as they wish, but we request flexibility with trip assignments and dates, keeping in mind the students’ experience is a direct result of its leadership. It is our commitment to the participants to create the strongest leader teams possible.

    Salaries are based on qualifications and experience, and vary based on the number of trips/days worked. A first year Co-Leader typically can take home somewhere between $3000-3500 over the course of the summer if they lead 2-3 programs.

How to Apply

The hiring process:

  1. Submit an application online via the link below. 
  2. RLT's Hiring Director reviews applications on a rolling basis and invites all qualified candidates for an interview.
  3. First Round Interview with RLT Hiring Director.
  4. Final Round Interview with RLT's Director.
  5. Check References.
  6. Make you a job offer!

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