Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge

Seasonal Job Opportunities Adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park

Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge is a nonprofit educational conference and retreat center located immediately adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Grand Lake, Colorado.

Our facilities were built in the 1960's and 70's by more than 600 volunteers from 42 countries. Shadowcliff has always been intended to be a place where people can reconnect with nature and the natural world. Our mission statement is "An eco-friendly mountain sanctuary where together we are creating a climate for a restorative world."

Most staff live on-site end enjoy great views Grand Lake and the surrounding mountains. Some of Rocky Mountain National Park's best hiking trails are available right out our door. Wildlife, wildflowers, mountain streams, wonderful staff and guests, healthy food options and so much more. 

We strive to create opportunities for our staff to grow and succeed. We live, learn and grow together at Shadowcliff. Shadowcliff is a seasonal business, and our positions are available from early to mid-May through the end of September or early October each year.

You can learn more at and more about all of our job openings at

The Employee Experience

Shadowcliff requires hard work. We live, learn and grow together. It is important to us to make sure that our staff have opportunities to get out and explore the mountains and streams and learn the history of the place that is Shadowcliff and Grand Lake. We create opportunities for our staff to connect with our guests who come from diverse places and backgrounds. We also apply space and opportunity for staff to enjoy quiet reflection. Our proximity to the Town of Grand Lake and Winter Park provide opportunities for night life, movies and more.

The Town of Grand Lake is also home to the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater with outstanding productions during the summer months. You can hike, run, swim (water is cold), boat, bike, play miniature golf or real golf and so much more.

Ideal Candidate

Our successful candidates will be experienced in the areas for which employment is sought with appropriate skill sets for the tasks to be performed. Candidates must be prepared to provide outstanding and caring customer service. Because we live and work together, team work and a strong sense of caring for each other as well as our guests is essential. A love of the outdoors is certainly important to fully enjoy the benefits of our surroundings. An interest in environmental issues, recycling, climate change and related topics is also a plus. For more about the history of Shadowcliff go to our website, There you will learn more about who we are and what you can expect.

Room and Board

Shadowcliff provides room and board. When we are hosting a food group, you will eat what is prepared for the food group. For other times, we provide the food from which you will make your own meals. It is not uncommon for staff to coordinate the preparation of a meal when no food group is present. Staff will determine what the meal will be, who is cooking and who is responsible for clean up.

The positions offered will offer a private room in our Rempel Lodge. Bathroom facilities in our lodge buildings are shared by guests and staff.

We do hire local folks from the Town of Grand Lake or Grand County. These folks generally don't require housing, and meals are available to these folks during their assigned working hours.

Employee Perks

Guest provided gratuities are shared only by the Chef and our rotating staff members. A few restaurants in the Town of Grand Lake offer a resident discount. 

The best perk is the location--trails, mountains, streams, lakes, wildflowers, wildlife, incredible scenery, changing seasons.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Shadowcliff is approximately two hours from the Denver International Airport. Home James provides shuttle service from the airport, and it is not inexpensive. Amtrak has train service that stops in Granby, Colorado, about 16 miles from Shadowcliff. We can do pick ups and drop offs in Granby but we don't generally do so in Denver.

Staff may bring a private vehicle but we don't have space for large trucks or recreational vehicles on site. When we have a large group, all staff are asked to park their cars off site to provide parking spaces for guests. As a general rule, enough staff members have cars that rides are easy to find. It is only a five minute walk into town.

Bring a bike. While there are not many bike trails nearby, there are some in the area and many closer to Winter Park. Most bikes in and around Shadowcliff are road bikes. Cyclists often challenge themselves on long rides into Rocky Mountain National Park.

For Fun

You will be able to hike, bike, climb, raft, ride, photograph, star gaze, moon gaze, dance, attend music festivals, artist fares, museums, read, and more. Summertime in Grand Lake and surrounding areas is a never ending treasure trove of possibilities.

Our Jobs

We are about to start the seasonal hiring process for the following positions:

Assistant Manager: Working closely with the General Manager, the Assistant Manager will help with vital tasks including, but not limited to, working with and managing fellow staff, connecting with group leaders, assisting in special projects, and taking an active role in Shadowcliff's seasonal marketing and communication efforts. This is a full time position and includes a private room, board, and a seasonal salary.

Maintenance Manager: Taking care of Shadowcliff's 4 acre campus and lovingly built structures takes a keen eye, dedication, and skills. This person must have working knowledge and previous experience with basic construction, electrical and mechanical systems, and have a sharp ability to problem solve. This is a full time position and includes a private room, board, and a seasonal salary. Must be able to be onsite May through October 1st.

Chef: Leading the charge in our Compassionate Kitchen, the Chef is responsible for setting menus, placing orders, preparing and cooking nourishing meals made with local, seasonal, and organic ingredients, and working with Rotating Staff to keep the kitchen in top shape. Shadowcliff serves buffet style meals to groups who have prepaid for food; this is not a restaurant. The Chef is also expected to provide food for staff. This is a full time position with a private room, board, and a seasonal salary.

Office Manager: This person is a key piece to the success of Shadowcliff's front office. Working with the General and Assistant managers to set part-time hours, the Office Manager will help with reservations, emails, phone calls, and other office related tasks. If the skills and savvy are present, helping with the seasonal marketing and communications efforts may also be an option. This is a part-time position that provides pay at $10 an hour and food while on-site. Lodging is generally not provided for Office Manager.

More information, including compensation, is available at

It is important to know that Shadowcliff is built on a cliff. There are many stairs to climb to access the lodges, different floors within the lodges. There are no elevators.

How to Apply

For more information or to apply, contact To apply, submit a resume and an up to two page cover letter outlining your experience and qualifications for the position you are seeking. You must also include the names and addresses of three references who you authorize us to contact.

We will begin interviews by mid-February and will conclude the hiring process as soon as the positions are filled, hopefully by mid-March.

Background checks may be required.

Shadowcliff does not allow smoking of any kind at any time on the grounds or within any facility.

No pets are allowed. We are frequently visited by wildlife, and we don't want to deal with the negative impacts of a pet/human/wildlife encounter.