Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge

Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge

Seasonal Job Opportunities Near Rocky Mountain National Park!

Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge is a nonprofit lodge and retreat center located near Rocky Mountain National Park. It's where you come if you want to work, live, learn, grow, and play in a beautiful environment closely connected to nature and community!

Grand Lake, Colorado.

About Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge

Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge is a nonprofit lodge and retreat center located near Rocky Mountain National Park. It's where you come if you want to work, live, learn, grow, and play in a beautiful environment closely connected to nature and community. Our facilities were built in the 1960's and 70's by more than 600 volunteers from 42 countries! Our mission is, “A mountain sanctuary that holds space for individual and collective transformation.” We deeply believe in the power of human connection and the ability of that connection to heal.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains overlooking Colorado's largest, deepest natural body of water, Shadowcliff puts you at the doorstep of Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, the beautiful Fraser Valley, and the Continental Divide Trail. Activities such as hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and more are at your fingertips!

The Shadowcliff community is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive. We have a strong history of volunteerism that continues today, and every community member cares deeply for Shadowcliff and its seasonal staff. The connections you make at Shadowcliff could last you a lifetime! Friendships carry on long after we close our doors for the winter and most every season witnesses one or more reunions as prior staff return to say hello, volunteer, or stay for a few days as guests.

The small town of Grand Lake is the western gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and is located 2-3 hours from any big cities. There is very little night life in the town unless you count nature's nocturnal, furry friends. Along with the natural beauty of the area, Shadowcliff and Grand Lake are also a great environment to work and live in if you are seeking a place of quiet reflection.

Shadowcliff is a seasonal operation, and our positions are available from early/mid-May through the first week of October.

You can learn more at and more about all of our job openings at

The Employee Experience

Shadowcliff is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for all staff members. Please note that applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Staff live onsite together in community and support each other in their roles. Shadowcliff provides community meals when group retreats are onsite. The level of activity and business fluctuates throughout the season, there are slower times and very busy times. Flexibility/adaptability, kindness, and a desire to serve are valuable attributes we look for in our staff.

It is important to us that our staff have opportunities to get out and explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the area and learn about the history of the place that is Shadowcliff and Grand Lake. Most positions have a variable or semi-variable schedule, and all positions have the opportunity to connect with our guests who come from all over.

It is important to know that Shadowcliff is built on a cliff. There are many stairs to climb to access the lodges, different floors within the lodges. There are no elevators.

Ideal Candidate

Successful candidates will be experienced in the areas for which employment is sought with appropriate skill sets for the tasks to be performed. Candidates need to be prepared to provide outstanding and caring customer service to our guests. Because we live and work together, good communication, team work, and a strong sense of caring for each other as well as our guests is essential. A love of the outdoors is certainly important to fully enjoy the benefits of our surroundings. For more about the history of Shadowcliff visit our website There you will learn more about who we are and what you can expect.

Room and Board

Shadowcliff provides room and board. When we are hosting a food group, staff eat with the group participants. In between food groups Shadowcliff provides the food/ingredients to make your own meals and on occasion the Cook provides meals for staff. It is not uncommon for staff to coordinate the preparation of meals when no food group is present. Staff will determine what the meal will be, who is cooking, and who is responsible for clean up.

Housing is included. Staff stay in private or shared rooms (depending on the position) in our Rempel Lodge. Bathroom facilities in our lodge buildings are shared by guests and staff.

Employee Perks

Coming to Shadowcliff for the summer provides you with so much more than simply a paycheck. Seasonal employment with us is not just a job, it is an experience!

Aside from a monthly stipend, a share of gratuities from guests, and room and board, additional employment perks include complimentary access to our onsite laundry facilities, some transportation assistance if coming to Shadowcliff without a vehicle, and a 50% Friends & Family discount on Lodge Room reservations during the season (not including holiday periods). We also offer all staff the opportunity to participate in special events and team-building activities/trainings.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Shadowcliff is 2-3 hours from the Denver International Airport. Home James provides shuttle service from the airport. Amtrak has train service that stops in Granby, Colorado, about 20 minutes from Shadowcliff. We can do pick-ups and drop-offs in Granby but we don't generally do so in Denver.

Staff may bring a private vehicle but we don't have space for large trucks or RVs onsite. When we have a large group, all staff are asked to park their cars off site to provide parking spaces for guests. As a general rule, enough staff members have cars that rides are easy to find. It is only a five minute walk into town.

Bring a bike! While there are not many bike trails nearby, there are some in the area and many closer to Winter Park. Riding around the town of Grand Lake is easy, while cyclists often challenge themselves on long rides into Rocky Mountain National Park.

For Fun

You will be able to hike, bike, swim, SUP, climb, raft, ride, photograph, star gaze, moon gaze, dance, attend music festivals, artist fairs, museums, read, and more. Summertime in Grand Lake and surrounding areas is a never ending treasure trove of possibilities.

How to Apply

To apply, please review all details on the Jobs page of our website and follow the application instructions:

Shadowcliff does not allow smoking of any kind at any time on the grounds or within any facility.

Pets are not permitted. We are frequently visited by wildlife, and for the safety of people and animals we do not want to encourage pet/human/wildlife encounters.

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