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First class remote self guided fishing lodge in SE Alaska!

Sea Otter Sound Lodge is a high end self guided fishing lodge located in a remote area of SE Alaska. For the past 22 years we have developed the lodge into a first class self guided lodge experience. We book 20 guests in every 5 days. Most of our guests have been returning every year for over 12 years. We have a total of 6 outside staff and 5 inside staff plus owners. Great conditions and pay!

The remote waters of Sea Otter Sound, 50 miles north of Craig, is our home. Very few boats fish our productive waters. Located on the West side of Prince of Wales, we are 4 miles from the Pacific.

About Sea Otter Sound Lodge

Our staff calls our lodge and location 'magical'. We are a remote fly-in fishing lodge that has been featured on television and rated 5 stars by national reviews. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of our location. Our guests are some of the best people you will ever meet. Many have been coming every year for over 15 years. We cater to small business owners, retirees and couples. No corporate bookings at our lodge. Our guests will take you under their wings with life advice and some with job opportunities. We are a family-type lodge and our guests respect that and treat our staff with respect and kindness.  

The Employee Experience

Your first week at Sea Otter Sound Lodge will be amazing. Our new staff has a wide-eyed look of wonder for the first week or two. Our longer-term employees are kind and will make you feel right at home. The owners, Tim & Murtie Comer, will also make you feel comfortable. The owners do not eat with the guests. They prefer to have breakfast and dinner with the crew. That way we can all unwind together from the day's events. Typically, there is plenty of time during the day to go saltwater fishing in the crew lodge boat, kayaking in a 2 man kayak, hiking on Hecate Island or kicking back in the newly built crew quarters. We do have WiFi for the crew and your phones will connect via WiFi cell connection. We operate as a team at the lodge. Even though we are an island, 'no man is an island' as they say. If you are done with your project, step in and help your fellow worker with their work so everyone can complete the day at the same time. Friendships are built on respect. 

Ideal Candidate

The perfect candidate for our lodge is one that cares about other people. We do have a service business that provides relaxation and comfort to guests that have looked forward to coming to the lodge for the past year. Having a caretaker type of personality or just being a kind person, is important in this industry. Our lodge is on the 'bucket list' for many guests.

Whether on the inside crew or outside crew, kindness and helpfulness to the guest are the most important. We encourage our staff to have the incentive to see work and not walk by it. Our staff must help their co-worker if they are done with their own work. That alone builds respect and friendship among each other.  

Room and Board

Sea Otter Sound Lodge is remote and we do provide room and meals to our crew. We just built a new crew quarter in 2021. The rooms are set up with a bunk bed where 2 staff will spend the summer. We have 3 full bathrooms and 4 bedrooms for the 8 staff in the new crew quarters. 3 couches and a 50 inch TV and an eat-in kitchen rounds it out. 

We do buy plenty of crew food for you to make your own lunches during the season. Burritos, burgers, spaghetti or sandwiches, you will have plenty of lunch food. Dinner and breakfast, the cooks will make extra of what is being served to the guests. The food is good, hot, and plentiful.

Employee Perks

Murtie Comer, Tim's wife and co-owner, is an avid fisherman. She loves to bottom fish in her new boat and loves it when the staff accompanies her. Murtie's boat will fish 4 fishermen. She will go fishing every other day and welcomes extra fishermen! Also, there is a crew fishing boat that will hold 2 fishermen that can go out on their own fishing. At the end of the season, you will go home with at least one 50 pound box of fish.

Murtie will also provide you, pre-season, with logo shirts from the gift shop to wear during the season. There is also an employee discount in the gift shop if you want to purchase items to take home with you.

About every 5 days, we have a town trip into Craig to get the mail or pickup up some fresh produce. It is a 5 hour trip via boat and truck, usually done by an outside crew member. If scheduling permits, one or 2 inside crew are welcome to tag along to the big city of Craig. We do have a 2 man kayak for the use of the crew also. Our shorelines are incredible to explore in a kayak. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

There is no getting around it. We are floating and we are remote. You will not need any transportation. Once you get to Ketchikan from your home, we will take over from there. We fly you on Island Air Express, a commuter flight service, to the town of Klawock on Prince of Wales. We will pick you up there and then drive and boat the 2 hours to the lodge. A great experience in itself. With no place to spend money (except for Amazon junkies), you can save a lot of money during the summer. Enough to buy a great car or for college expenses.

For Fun

From experience, our staff has been wonderful amateur artists who painted beautiful landscape pictures. Others great photographers captured National Geographic-type pictures of our wildlife. Especially the eagles and humpback whales. If that is not you, then the memories you create working and being at our Alaskan lodge for the summer will be memories to tell your grandchildren.

How to Apply

Our application process is simple. We do not require an advanced resume but please send us a half page description of yourself that includes education and any work experience that you have had that relates to the job you are applying for. We do want our staff to be well groomed and professional in appearance. Email is the best way to contact us.

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