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Get paid to travel the world as a rope access wind turbine technician

WindCorps® technicians work onsite in locations all over the world

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WindCorps Technician

Rope Partner
Centennial, Colorado
$35,000.00 - $120,000.00 / season
No experience required
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Rope Partner is looking for motivated individuals to join our elite WindCorps® team: Men and Women who live exciting, outdoor lifestyles and who form a part of the future of our nation’s renewable energy solution. The Wind Energy Industry is continuing its explosive growth in North America and internationally as countries take up the challenge of producing green, sustainable, home-grown energy. 


There are few jobs in the world as wide and varied as being a wind technicians. WindCorps® technicians work in locations all over the world, complete diverse job scopes and are a core part of the constantly changing wind energy and work-at-height industry. Becoming a wind technician guarantees a career choice that never gets old!


This career choice requires flexibility, that’s why Rope Partner strives to be as accommodating as possible. The expectation of our technicians is a commitment to work in the field for up to 5 weeks at a time before returning home. If you’re the traveling type, we’ll cover an equivalent cost towards a destination of your choosing at the end of a project.


Wind technician work offers excellent earning potential for those that go the extra mile. Our technicians work extremely hard over long hours, and have an excellent opportunity to be rewarded appropriately. Rope Partner benefits include a 401K matching program, medical and dental insurance, daily expenses allowance and individual hotel rooms during projects.


When choosing a career in this industry it’s essential to engage companies that care as much about safety as you do. As long standing members of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), we pride ourselves on the rigor of our training, our outstanding reputation for safe work practices and a team of safety experts who calmly seek, assess and mitigate potential hazards.


The continuous training and development of our team members is one of our biggest keys to success. Rope Partner seeks to train all its technicians that have the talent and desire, to climb through the SPRAT and WindCorps® certification levels and become experts in their field. We are a rapidly growing company that requires a rapidly developing team.


We care about the world we live and work in. Rope Partner stands proudly in its support of the renewable energy sector offering services that improve the longevity and output of wind power installations. Our methods seek to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals and our carbon-offsetting program plants trees around the world.


  • Currently recruiting technicians of all three SPRAT and IRATA levels (1, 2 & 3) 
  • Must be ready and willing to undertake extensive travel and time away from home
  • Mechanical aptitude and/or fiberglass experience preferred
  • Ability to safely identify and mitigate hazards
  • Experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, email and general computer use
  • Able to legally work in the United States
  • Legal ability to work in additional countries/regions would be seen as advantageous

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