Isle Royale Resorts, LLC

Summer Jobs on Isle Royale - one of America's most unique National Parks!

Visitors accommodations in pristine, remote Isle Royale National Parks. Located along the shore of Lake Superior, and accessible only by boat or seaplane, Rock Harbor Lodge has rooms with private baths, housekeeping cottages, and services include a dining room, snack bar, gift shop, dockside store, marina, rental motor boats, kayaks and canoes, guided fishing and sightseeing tours. 

About Isle Royale Resorts, LLC

Isle Royale is home to moose, wolves, loons, beaver, fox and other small mammals and birdlife. Lake Superior and the island's inland lakes offer excellent fishing, and many Lake Superior shipwrecks can be explored during diving excursions. Historic Rock Harbor and Passage Island Lighthouses create additional interest.

There are no roads or cars on the island.

Room and Board

A monthly charge of approximately $300.00 plus tax is made for room and board for those living on premises.  This amount is usually deducted from your paycheck. Meals for those not living on our premises are usually paid for at the time taken. Meals are a set employee menu. 

Employees living in quarters furnished by the Company must share the space with fellow employees ~ two or more people, usually, occupy a room. Housing for married couples is limited but available. Linens, blankets, etc. are furnished by the Company. Employees are responsible for the cleanliness of their quarters. Most areas have washing machines for employees' use, but few have dry-cleaning establishments within a practical distance from the park. Most areas are extremely isolated and many conveniences you may be accustomed to may not be available. Rapid adjustment to these conditions is essential.

How to Apply

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