Raquette Lake Camps

Prestigious Sleep Away Camp in the Beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York

Operating continuously since 1916, Raquette Lake Camps is a traditional sleep-away camp located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. The separate Boys Camp & Girls Camp are family-owned/operated and offers campers a nurturing environment and the finest in programs and facilities. Our campers range in age from 6 - 15 years old and attend camp for a nearly 7-week session.

Raquette Lake Camps are separate boys and girls camps located on opposite sides of stunning Raquette Lake, one of the Adirondack Fulton chain of lakes. Both camps are nestled against the shores, meaning that the lake is never out of view, never far away. Our remoteness provides a peaceful backdrop for campers and counselors to relax, play and get away from the hectic fast-paced world.

About Raquette Lake Camps

Staff members at Raquette Lake Camps don’t entertain campers, we engage them. And to make sure that happens, we are looking for counselors who are prepared to be the best big brothers and big sisters they can be. Through your passion and personality, campers will learn more about themselves and their potential.

Raquette counselors get the chance to develop deep bonds with their campers, spending seven weeks in the same bunk with the same kids and staff...while many also work at a favorite activity area where they can share their skills with all our campers. These program activity areas are manned by both professional instructors and dedicated counselors, who challenge campers to learn new skills and improve old ones, all while having so much fun they never want to leave.

At Raquette, we believe that when kids just play that's how they make friends, exercise, build community, and have fun. And play at Raquette means a blend of guided instruction, learning, practice and doing. Our setting is non-competitive, but we challenge our campers every day to try something new, do something better than they did yesterday, and have fun while doing it.

Most importantly though, friends are the reason campers (and many of our staff) return year after year. A child will only love camp and have fun if he or she has a friend to enjoy it with. Having friends and big brothers/big sisters to lean on makes trying new or scary things easier. That's why we take counselor orientation seriously, teaching counselors how to foster those friendships, all while helping campers be the best they can be.

That's why in many ways, we measure our success by the personal connections our campers take home with them far more than any trophies or awards. And that all starts with great counselors. Are you one?

We’re giving you the chance to work hard, play harder, and enjoy the best summer you’ve ever had!

Visit our website, watch our Boys Camp Video or Girls Camp Video and see our virtual-tour

The Employee Experience

From the moment you arrive you will realize that we mean it when we say that you are part of the family. Yes, you'll work hard, but just remember, the job we are asking you to do is play with kids. Be their big brother or big sister, and become a part of their lives.

Many of our counselors return, sometimes even after being away for a summer or two, because from the moment you arrive we strive to treat our staff fairly and embrace them as if they've been with us for years. We encourage you to participate and have just as much of an awesome summer experience as the campers.

We work in teams so you are never isolated, and we are open to all good ideas and suggestions that might make for a more rewarding camp experience.

Lot's of camps talk about fostering a family atmosphere but we mean it! Our counselors have a habit of getting together and traveling together after camp. We have many counselors who decided to become roommates or get full-time jobs together. In fact, we have had several couples in the last few years who met at camp and later got (or are getting) married.

Ideal Candidate

What are you passionate about? It could be as simple as "I love being outdoors all day," or as detailed as "I want to share my love of sailing with others," or one of a million things in between. If you have a passion that you are prepared to share, then Raquette Lake Camps may be perfect for you. We have high expectations. You should be 18 or have completed one year of college. All staff undergo a rigorous background check and thorough interview.

We are seeking college-aged students to live in the bunks with our campers and work as general counselors or activity specialists in one of our daily activity areas. You will be their mentor, companion, and big brother or sister as you guide them through their daily activities, including meals, special events, and out-of-camp trips.

As a general counselor, experience and enthusiasm for working with children are necessities. As a specialty counselor, you need to have a high level of skill in a specific activity, or show an aptitude and strong interest. We hold a mandatory orientation the week before camp; some programs require additional training which we will provide on-site, prior to orientation.

Finally, we expect you to have sound judgment and decision making skills, and be warm, caring, and patient.

Positions do fill up quickly. Please be aware that all staff should be able to arrive on June 14 to begin orientation, and that camp ends on August 7. Certain positions may require you to arrive earlier than the 14th for certification and/or additional orientation. You would be required to remain at camp until the end.

Bear in mind, we don't expect you to be certified or professional at these activities (it would be great if you were), but we do expect you to be passionate about one or more of them. It's that passion and desire to share it with children that will set you apart.

  • Boys and Girls General Counselors
  • Boys and Girls Lifeguards/Swim Instructors
  • Boys and Girls Waterski/Wakeboard/Wakesurfing
  • Boys and Girls Sailing Specialists
  • Boys and Girls Tennis Instructors
  • Boys and Girls Pioneering and Canoe/Kayak
  • Boys and Girls Ropes Course
  • Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Arts & Crafts, Ceramics
  • Girls Gymnastics
  • Girls English Riding
  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Flag Football

Room and Board

As a general counselor or activity specialist, you will live in the bunks, eat meals, and go to activities with your camper group.  We typically have a 2-1 or 3-1 (age dependent) camper to counselor ratio and bunks with up to 12 campers each.

As a Raquette Lake Camps Staff Member, your compensation starts at $2500 and can go up based on your experience and the number of weeks you work, including the paid Orientation week(s). If any certifications are required we will pay for those, as well as for your time. You will not be charged for anything. Staff uniforms are provided, both room & board is provided, laundry is provided.

All bunks have their own bathrooms and most have their own showers. There is a shower house on boys camp for the oldest boys bunks.

Employee Perks

  • You will make many life-long friends and develop life skills through leading, guiding, and caring for campers. You will learn from high school and college coaches, professors and teachers, pro athletes, and professional artists.  
  • Our pay is highly competitive, workers compensation is provided, and room and board is covered. Oh, and while we have shortened our camp season from 7 to 6-1/2 weeks, we are still paying counselors as if you were here the full 7 weeks.
  • There is high-speed internet access available in counselor lounges and you will have access to many of our facilities during your free time.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to disconnect from the wired world and enjoy the natural splendor all around you.
  • All counselors have at least 6 days off during the season and 4 nights off each week. And don't worry if you don't have a car, we have staff transportation to various locations for days and nights off
  • Did we mention that you get to spend your summer playing with kids, doing sports and activities you used to do as a kid, or always wanted to try but never got around to?

Getting Here and Getting Around

At a minimum, all staff need to arrive on June 14 for the start of orientation. Certain positions require either additional skill specific orientation and/or certifications and those positions would start earlier, but we require all counselors to commit to staying until the last day of camp on August 7.

Raquette Lake Camps will provide transportation to and from the local airports, train stations and bus stations in Albany, NY.

A number of staff members drive their own personal vehicles to camp or are dropped-off by friends/family. Parking is on-site and free for your entire stay. 

For Fun

On Camp, counselors have the very best facilities and equipment to work with; during off duty times, counselors can & should take advantage of all we have to offer.  You will have the ability to hone your skills within your area of expertise, as well as learn new and exciting activities from other staff members who are always eager to share their passions. 

Some counselors will accompany our campers on out of camp trips once per week.  These trips can be one to four days in length, and include hiking, camping, theme parks and a number of other local attractions.  All expenses on camp trips are provided by the camp.

On days off, staff members can enjoy a wide variety of options in the region.  Hiking & camping are at our doorstep. Nearby towns include Old Forge, Lake George, Lake Placid, and Burlington, VT.  Visit the racetrack in Saratoga or go paintballing in North Creek. Also accessible on your day off are Montreal, Albany, Syracuse and even Boston or New York City for those staff members that don't mind spending a little extra time in the car.

How to Apply

Is this the summer you’re looking for? If so, we encourage you to apply; you might be just what we’re looking for. We need your help to give our campers the best summer of their lives.

Look at our photos, watch our videos, and be sure to visit our website to see if Raquette Lake Camps is right for you. 

If you have any questions, You can email us or call us in our winter office at 800.786.8373 / 914.764.1500, or in our summer office at 315.354.4382.

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