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Currently recruiting for jobs that start between April 21st, 2024 and September 15th, 2024.

  • Executive Chef

    Odyssey Lodge
    $1,600.00 / week

    The Executive Chef will oversee diverse tasks to ensure kitchen efficiency and to diners satisfaction. Your duties will involve crafting distinctive an Alaskan themed menu. Important staying updated on industry trends, maintaining kitchen hygiene, managing inventory and purchases.  Guide the kitchen staff in meal preparation and introducing innovative culinary methods. 

    The Executive Chef has a important role and we will depend on that person to wow us and our guests with a culinary exquisite experience. 

  • Massage Therapist/Yoga instructor/Guest Services

    Odyssey Lodge
    up to $20.00 / hour + tips

    This hybrid position caters to guest massage requests, yoga and wellness classes.  Also, contributing to housekeeping duties or administrative tasks during off-peak massage and wellness times. It offers a salary, commission-based earnings for massages and includes room and board. A valid Massage Therapy license is required. The role involves flexibility, multitasking and the ability to switch between guest services and alternate responsibilities as needed.

  • Bartender

    Odyssey Lodge
    up to $18.00 / hour + tips

    The Bartender oversees the bar setup, serves drinks to guests, maintains bar cleanliness, manages liquor inventory and processes guest payments. They ensure prompt service, prepare beverages to high standards and maintain a clean lounge area. Responsibilities include cashiering, adherence to liquor laws, cost management and monitoring guest intoxication. Bartenders also manage inventory levels, stock and clean glassware, maintain soda tanks, prepare garnishes, assist in lounge area cleaning and prioritize guest satisfaction throughout.

  • Guide (Hiking and Kayaking)

    Odyssey Lodge
    $14.00 - $16.00 / hour + tips

    We're seeking passionate individuals for a multifaceted role in Alaska with opportunities to specialize as a wilderness guide. A strong work ethic, positive attitude and love for the outdoors are essential. Proficiency in hiking and kayaking is critical while knowledge of local history, wildlife and photography is beneficial. Flexibility is key as the role involves diverse tasks from guiding to assisting in the kitchen, maintenance, guest service and various outdoor activities. Physical fitness, adaptability and a willingness to assist in any lodge duties are necessary. This position serves as an entry point offering the chance to prove oneself for potential advancement to a full-time guide role.

  • Sous Chef

    Odyssey Lodge
    up to $18.50 / hour

    Sous Chefs play a crucial role in restaurants and hotels by overseeing food preparation and staff. Their daily tasks include preparing meals promptly, enforcing kitchen standards and sanitation. Additional responsibilities are managing inventory quality, ensuring food safety, maintaining a clean workstation and handling opening, closing. Work closely and take on other duties as directed by the Executive Chef.

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