Mountain Meadow Ranch Summer Camp

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We are a traditional family owned-and-operated California summer camp. Uniquely located on a spacious 900 acre ranch, our summer camp is co-ed and for kids ages 7 to 16.

Located north of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Connect-Unplug-Explore-Grow Serve as Lake Staff Camp Counselor!*Only Male Staff Positions Available*

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About Mountain Meadow Ranch Summer Camp

We are actively hiring for our Summer 2024 camp season! At Mountain Meadow Ranch Summer Camp we strive to create a very unique environment. An environment that is contrary to contemporary culture. Where technology is traded for all-present conversations and authentic friendships. Where true fun is had and bonds are made without the helping aid of substance. Where the present and reality, the authentic human experience, are celebrated. Where there is no pressure or expectancy for romantic relationships, and everyone is viewed as family.  Our mission and our commitment are at the heart of what we do at MMR and should be taken into special consideration when seeking employment with our family. 

We endeavor to move away from the norm and reap the benefits of challenging ourselves to grow to become better humans. To discover the fruitful benefits of servanthood. With full hearts, we desire to be better humans who seek to experience life to the full, to find all the fulfillment and peace mindful living can offer. 

Camp is an intensive, short-lived time, filled with kids that need us to be present in every moment. We seek individuals who are willing to find and discover their whole selves; through self-reflection, empathy, and community living. The hard work that is worth doing to better themselves and the world. All in an effort to better serve the kids and camp families.  

If you seek a summer of fun alone, we encourage you to look elsewhere. To say camp is fun is an understatement; fun is a given. But MMR isn't just a summer camp. It’s a place where fears are conquered, and identities are found. It’s a place where genuine relationships are born and flourish. We are growth, unplugged, wholesome adventure. We practice stewardship, inclusiveness, empathy, encouragement, and integrity. As we celebrate authenticity, we help each other as a family, find joy in our uniqueness and encourage all to dance outside their comfort zones. We believe all this starts with our counselors.

Parting words of wisdom:

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment." -Tony Robbins

The Employee Experience

A day in the life of a counselor at Mountain Meadow Ranch is an opportunity to genuinely love and care for kids while providing them with a safe atmosphere that challenges and grows them. All while, growing yourself. As a counselor, you and one or two co-counselors will have your own cabin of campers that you live with. In a cabin, there are roughly 10-15 campers and it is equipped with bunk beds, showers, restrooms, and storage for our staff. While you only spend rest periods and evenings in the cabin, it is a place where much of the connecting and growing will happen. Here you are expected to practice communication with your co-staff, learn about your kids, and ensure that they are safe both physically and emotionally. Outside of the cabin, counselors work at a specified activity area. This is where you will have an opportunity to share your passion, help campers overcome fear, and enjoy the great outdoors. We have two activity periods - one before lunch and one after lunch. As directors, we know these days can get long, but don't fear, we have set aside an hour each day for our counselors to take a break and you will also have 24 hours off each week!

MMR is notorious for its high return rate and our small camp size allows for a true family atmosphere. What we believe sets us apart from other camps is our 100% focus on the kids, and staff that is eager and willing to grow and dance outside their comfort zones. Through our heart commitment vast is the opportunity for self-growth and whole self-discovery! Our technology-free environment and the practice of servant leadership throughout the camp family beckons enjoyment of each present moment. Being a part of the Mountain Meadow Ranch family is a life-changing experience and we are so excited to invite new staff to join us!

Ideal Candidate

  • At least 18 years old with one year of college education (or equivalent experience).
  • Ability to believe in and follow our Mission Statement and support the MMR Heart Commitment. 
  • Can commit to an entire summer at Mountain Meadow Ranch.
  • Loves the outdoors and working with kids.

Room and Board

Room, board, meals, and laundry are all a part of the deal at Mountain Meadow Ranch - we do not dock your pay or charge you a fee. (*exception; staff are encouraged to enjoy the weekly 24-hour day off, off camp property.)

Getting Here and Getting Around

Initial transportation to Mountain Meadow Ranch can be arranged by airport via the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. We will arrange your pick-up from the airport and your return to the airport at the end of camp. Once at camp, the only need for transportation will be during your 24 hours off. There is no public transportation near camp and carpooling among counselors is the most popular way to travel on days off. If you are able, bringing your own vehicle to camp is a great way to get around.

For Fun

If you like the outdoors, there will be no shortage of fun and adventure on your days off. Camp is located close to some spectacular country including the Lassen Volcanic National Park, Lake Tahoe, and in our own backyard, the Plumas-Lassen National Forest. Hiking, rock climbing, visiting the National Parks, camping, swimming, and fishing are all apart of our staff's typical down time. And for those who prefer to stay in town on days off, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, as well as a movie theater, and riverside trails to enjoy.

How to Apply

The application process begins when you visit our website and submit an online application via the Apply Here button below. Once we have received your application, we will contact you via email should we be interested in pursuing your application. You will not receive a letter of rejection until our hiring process is complete in late-May, so hang tight!

We receive a ton of applications each year and we want to be able to give our full attention to all our prospective counselors. Interviews happen after our initial contact and will be via video chat. 

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