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  • Ride Host/Hostess

    Mackinac Island

    For those not wanting to work directly with our horses in the barn or driving a team, being a Ride Host/Hostess is a great opportunity!  Work downtown greeting, directing, and assisting customers in the loading of tour carriages.  This is often one of the first impressions a customer gets of Carriage Tours so a friendly, enthusiastic person is a must!

  • Tour Drivers

    Mackinac Island

    Since horse-drawn transportation is our business and one of the things that make Mackinac Island unique, drivers are very important employees. Most openings are for sightseeing carriage drivers, which requires an ability to narrate as well as horsemanship skills.

  • Dray Drivers

    Mackinac Island

    Work with the largest draft horse herd in the world!  On Mackinac Island, horse-drawn drays are the way goods are moved from the docks to businesses and homes. Moving everything from building supplies and merchandise, to UPS deliveries, horse-drawn freight wagons are what keeps Mackinac moving, and what makes it one of the most unique places in the world to work!

    Dray drivers work five to six days per week.  Pay is $11.56 per hour with hours over 40 per week subject to overtime.  Potential for 50 to 70 hours per week.  Position requires lifting and horsemanship skills. 

    Although it is preferable that an applicant has some horse experience, training is provided if an applicant does not have the experience but is a dependable, friendly, and an enthusiastic person

  • Ticket Sales

    Mackinac Island

    Another great non-horse related position!  Work downtown at the Ticket Office explaining sightseeing tours to customers and processing ticket sales.

  • Stable Help

    Mackinac Island

    People who help groom, maintain and handle the largest working draft horse herd in the world.  Carriage Tours operates five barns on the Island during the summer season.  There is a great deal of heavy lifting and physical activity involved with this job.

  • Cooks, Kitchen Helpers

    Mackinac Island

    Prepare and cook large quantities of food for employee cafeteria.  Clean and inspect galley equipment, kitchen appliances, and work areas.  Prepare and cook dishes such as eggs, pancakes, soups, meats, vegetables or desserts.  Order supplies and plan menus.

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