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Juneau's Adventure Tour Company Specializing in Glacier Guiding, Canoe and Brewery Tours

Liquid Alaska Tours is an equal-opportunity employer that operates guided excursions from May through September. We are looking for highly motivated adventure-seeking individuals to have the time of their lives in Alaska!

Juneau, Alaska

About Liquid Alaska Tours

Liquid Alaska Tours is an adventure travel company headquartered in Juneau, Alaska. We are dedicated to providing high-end Alaskan experiences that showcase our unique landscape, culture, and untamed spirit. Founded in 2009, our dream became our mission: to provide visitors of the Last Frontier with unforgettable and unparalleled vacation experiences.

The Employee Experience

Juneau is an outdoor enthusiasts dream, tucked away in a remote corner of Southeast Alaska where the mountains and glaciers meet the Pacific Ocean.  Our employees spend their time exploring nature for both work and play, all summer long. Peek summer daylight is in excess 18 hours a day, so even with a full work day there is always ample time for non-work adventures. 

We recruit the best people, pay the best wages, and provide our staff with the best equipment.  It's that simple!

Ideal Candidate

No matter what your position with Liquid Alaska Tours, we always look for these key elements:

  • Adventurous.
  • Honest.
  • Hardworking.
  • Punctual.
  • Goal driven.

If you're seeking an exciting, challenging, demanding and rewarding environment, then working with us is a perfect match.

Room and Board

Finding a place to stay in Juneau can be as easy as pie or as tough as nails, it all depends on your needs.  You have the choice to go out on your own or get together with other employees.  No matter what the situation, we are here to help with finding accommodation. 

Employee Perks

Working with Liquid Alaska Tours allows you to take advantage of perks such as: 

  • Reduced rate or free excursions with other local tour companies
  • Housing assistance (when applicable)
  • Equipment provided (varies based on position)
  • Company parties and adventure outings
  • Top Wages in the industry!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Juneau is surrounded by the ocean and mountains, and unfortunately landlocked as a result.  You can fly into our international airport (multiple daily flights with Alaska Air or Delta Airlines) or use the Alaska Marine Highway ferry service.  The city itself has one major road that is 45 miles long with a regular public bus system and a compact, walkable downtown. 

A vehicle is not a necessity but makes exploring the area much easier. You can either bring your own car via the ferry (departing from Bellingham, WA; Prince Rupert, CA; or Skagway, AK) or purchase a cheap car for the summer (very common).  Bicycles are also a good solution, just be sure to have waterproof gear!

For Fun

Mountains, Ocean, Ice Caves, Hiking, Camping, Beach Fires, Kayaking, Tours, and soooooo much more.

How to Apply

Please email us your resume and a short cover letter.

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