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Current Job dates:

Currently recruiting for jobs that start between April 15th, 2024 and September 30th, 2024.

  • Lodge Staff/Transportation

    Cooper Landing

    No two days are alike! If you enjoy a varied routine and an active job, this is the perfect role for you. Our lodge staff make the season possible.

    Some duties of our lodge staff:

    • Drive clients to/from fishing trips and the airport. Drives can be extremely early or late in the day, and they vary in length: some are just an hour, some are a full day outing.
    • Drive company vehicles to run trailer shuttles, rafting trip pickups, client dinner dropoff and pickup at local restaurants, fish drop, and other errands.
    • Learn to back a trailer
    • Maintain vehicles and by cleaning inside and out, checking and filling fluids, checking tire pressures, making sure all lights are operational. 
    • Assemble sack lunches
    • Box up guest fish
    • Make trash runs to the transfer station
    • Start the nightly campfire, keep fire pit clean, split and stack firewood
    • Help to unload groceries and supplies from town runs
    • Scrub dirty waders and boots
    • Maintain property by weeding, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and digging.   
    • Water flowers and potted plants daily.
    • Participate in pre-season cleanup of property and buildings. Includes sweeping, pressure washing, scrubbing, sanding, painting, leaf blowing, raking, shoveling, planting, and stacking wood. 
    • Assist with the maintenance on buildings and structures at the direction of the supervisor. This may include nailing, hammering, sawing, drilling, sanding, painting, carrying lumber and measuring. 
    • Perform other duties assigned by the supervisor
  • Housekeeper

    Cooper Landing

    We are seeking a detail-oriented individual to work as a housekeeper at our lodge for the summer season. Our housekeepers keep the cabins and employee lounge sparkling, the breakfast nook stocked, and fill in as backup shuttle drivers. If you love the outdoors and working in a team environment, Drifters Lodge is the place for you this summer!

    The ideal candidate will show close attention to detail, a good attitude, adaptability, and bring their personality to interactions with our guests. Some prior housekeeping experience is preferred, but not mandatory. 

    Summary of housekeeping job duties:

    • Turn over guest cabins: Strip and make the beds, gather and empty trash, clean mirrors, dust furniture and fixtures, do dishes, clean the kitchenettes, bathrooms, and surfaces, vacuum and mop.
    • Replenish cabin supplies and linens as needed.
    • Inspect rooms for broken fixtures and make small repairs such as replacing batteries and light bulbs. Report larger maintenance issues to supervisor.
    • Work the early morning Breakfast Nook shift. Set out food, re-stock inventory, do dishes, and mingle with guests.
    • Compete all laundry everyday by washing, folding, and putting away. Maintain high standards of quality by checking daily for stains or tears and replacing as needed.
    • Clean shared employee lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms daily.
    • Perform other duties assigned by supervisor, such as client pick up/drop off, shuttle driving, landscaping, and food preparation. When it is busy jobs often cross over to ensure that all needed tasks are complete
    • Must be courteous and respectful to all guests and address their individual needs by fulfilling requests or communicating requests to the supervisor. Guests are of the highest importance and must be treated as such.
    • Must be able to stand for eight hours straight, and perform strenuous tasks such as lifting 30lbs, bending, kneeling, and squatting.
  • Front Office Staff

    Cooper Landing

    The office is the hub of all activity at the lodge. Help us build our guests' dream reservations and keep operations rolling from day to day during the season. Office staff aren't just stuck behind the desk! They serve as our core shuttle team, rafting pickup drivers, fish boxers, lunch packers, flower waterers and more!

    A summary of office job duties:

    • Work morning or evening office shifts under the supervision of a manager. Take sales calls, answer emails, follow up with leads, build reservations on the computer, take payments, schedule guests’ halibut and fly-out trips with outside companies, coordinate reservation details and troubleshoot logistics.
    • Learn how to use our reservation program and use it to schedule complex daily operations. Details are important.
    • Complete training to gain a baseline understanding of fishing techniques, salmon runs, and their timing in our area. Apply this knowledge to sales calls with the understanding that it will impact the guests’ expectations and the overall success of their trips.
    • Perform front-desk tasks such as guest check-in, taking payments for retail purchases, rafting check-ins, and handling minor guest issues if they arise
    • Help in other departments with lodge chores such as shuttling vehicles, driving clients to dinner, making a trash run, unloading supplies, packaging fish, packing lunches

How to Apply

Please email your resume, cover letter, and 3 work references to

Don't be afraid to show off your personality and any special skills in your cover letter! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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