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Escape to Alaska and Earn Great Money! Looking for Mechanics and CDL Driver/Guides!

Juneau Tours and Juneau Whale Watch is an independent tour provider in the beautiful Capital city of Juneau, Alaska. With 25 buses and 8 boats. Family-owned and operated since 2004.

We provide shore excursions to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center, tours through Historic Juneau, and whale watching in the Inside Passage.

About Juneau Tours & Whale Watch

Between May and September, over 1 million guests visit our Capital City, tucked away in the Tongass National Forest and wedged up against the spectacular Juneau Ice Field. Just 12.5 miles from downtown Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier spills out into the Mendenhall Valley, visible from the road. A few miles away, humpback whales convene yearly for the summer season, feeding on tons of herring and krill. As a driver/guide, half your job is done for you by the amazing scenery and wildlife!

Juneau, Alaska came into existence in 1880 and quickly grew to become one of the most lucrative gold-mining towns until operations finally concluded in 1944. The Historic Downtown District, at the foot of Mount Roberts, surrounds the Docks and Harbors area, where every tour begins and ends. White specks, mountain goats, are often seen on the mountains above the city, Bald Eagles, self-appointed sentries of Juneau, sit upon perches along the road, observing passing vehicles with a stern and regal eye. Occasionally, a bear emerges from the forest and can be spotted along the road near the glacier. For five months, this is your office!

The Employee Experience

Very competitive salaries or commission, end-of-season bonuses, and housing assistance. We are looking for Driver/Guides, marine and diesel mechanics, and boat captains.

The marine mechanic position is potentially year-round with a 1-2 month paid vacation negotiable. 

Boat Captains and Driver/Guides, are with us for the 5 month season, are set up with a salary, and make great tips! Our boats are beautiful, custom-designed, and very well maintained. Our buses are also sleek and well equipped with custom wraps, coach-style seats and a modern PA system. We provide a script, training, and ongoing support and the rest is up to you. Customize, personalize, and design your own best presentation. Our passengers are here for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you give an engaging, fun, and interesting tour, they will reward you.

Ideal Candidate

If you have a winning personality and sense of humor the rest is pretty straightforward. Enthusiasm for people, interest in history, and a great driving record are what we look for in a driver/guide.

Your tour type may change from day to day, so flexibility is a major plus. Most of our vehicles require a B-Class CDL with a passenger endorsement. Some also require an air brakes endorsement. 5 years driving with a good record desired.

Don't have a CDL? We will train you free of charge! (If you have a perfect driving record that is). Ask us about our CDL training program.

Check out posts and epic photos from our guests at:

Room and Board

We help all our employees locate housing! Limited employee housing is available for $300 a month (shared room) or $600 a month for a private room. Additionally, we rent private properties each year. Internet, cable, and phone are on your own dime, but easily set up and affordable - especially if you chip in with your roommates.

Employee Perks

Monthly parties, barbecues, and excursions are typical. Enjoy whale watching on days off! It helps that we have our own 49 passenger boats. Our newest, the Chilkat, is designed for longer trips through the Inside Passage. Endless outdoor adventure at your door step.

Getting Here and Getting Around

A car is useful, but not necessary. Public transportation exists in Juneau. However, those who have their own wheels straight up have a better experience! Many of our employees buy a car and park it for the winter or sell it again at the end of the season. Car prices are higher here, so you may want to plan a road trip! It's 2400 miles of amazing Canadian and Alaska wilderness and one ferry to get here from Seattle. Or, ship on the barge from Bellingham, Washington. Let us know and we can help you make arrangements.

For Fun

Our employees often hang out together and go camping or hiking on our long summer days. Bonfires are a common way to unwind each evening. There are 10 epic hikes within 10 minutes of downtown Juneau, hundreds of state-run campgrounds and cabins available, and thousands of miles of coastline. Fishing is amazing! With 18 hours of daylight in the summer, you've got plenty of time to fit it all in! The Alaska Ferry or Alaska Seaplanes can get you to local Southeast Alaska destinations. Our employees also enjoy great local rates on excursions. Make a few friends and they can get you comps!

How to Apply

Please email resumé to serene@juneautours.com or call (907)723-3208 to schedule an interview. Now don't get hung up on a fancy resume. If you don't have one prepared - just list your relevant experience and where/when you got that experience - high-quality resume paper and perfect fonts are NOT needed at all!

Once we complete your first interview we will be asking for some additional information and documents such as: References, and for drivers: Driver's License, Medical Form, and Last Three Years Driving Record.  Have those ready when you call, please.

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