Huttopia Adirondacks

Have you ever wished you could live and work in the Great Outdoors?

Huttopia invites its clients to disconnect from everyday life, to get closer to nature, to reconnect with their loved ones and to discover new horizons and new cultures. Huttopia is pursuing steady development in North America and internationally (France, Netherlands, China). In 2023, Huttopia manages over 90 ‘outdoor resorts’ with glamping-type accommodations.

Just inside the “Blue Line” that marks the boundary of six million acre Adirondack Park, and only a few miles from Lake George Village, you can escape to a secluded forest in ready-to-camp tents.

About Huttopia Adirondacks

Huttopia Adirondacks is an all-new outdoor camp located in the Lake George Region of Adirondack Park, just one hour from Albany, 2.5 hours due south of Montreal and 3.5 hours due north of New York City. Nestled into the base of Kenyon Mountain and spread out over nearly 300 acres of woodlands – and surrounded by thousands more – our first resort in New York State features all the signature elements of Huttopia: a beautiful location in the heart of nature, accommodations designed for casual comfort in the company of family and friends, and wonderful amenities such as freshly prepared meals made to order, a coffee bar, and plenty of activities available on-site and nearby.

Huttopia has been developing a glamping concept for the last 20 years, combining nature, comfort, and aesthetics on unspoiled natural sites by adapting to the culture and spirit of the local area. With its Forest Villages, Nature Campsites, and City Kamps in France, Europe, Canada, the USA, China and elsewhere, Huttopia is one of the main players in ecotourism.

Huttopia projects itself as a global brand in the field of ecotourism, representing a lifestyle and values that are ​​respectful of nature and curious about other people’s cultures.

"Our profession is both a simple and exciting one: Finding beautiful natural environments, establishing sites that do not harm the surroundings and that enhance the nature and local culture, and setting up light-weight and easily dismountable infrastructure which nestle in harmoniously with the landscape. Then welcoming families, often city dwellers, who are looking to stay in simple and direct contact with nature, to relax and discover the region together in an environmentally-friendly manner." - Philippe Bossanne, Founder of Huttopia

The Employee Experience

Have you ever wished you could live and work in the Great Outdoors?

Huttopia has got you covered! We have numerous roles to fill at our Adirondack Camp.

Give meaning to your work, choose nature as your living environment, evolve with confidence within the company and be part of the Huttopia adventure! 

  • Live on-site for FREE. We offer comfortable living accommodations that make you live the glamping experience. You have access to a nice kitchen where you can cook with colleagues. 
  • This is an international company with the possibility of evolution.
  • There are many social activities to do with the Huttopia Team. Make some lifelong friendships.
  • Work in a gorgeous environment and fun atmosphere. 
  • Free access to the pool during your time off. 
  • 20% discount resto + camp store
  • Free Laundry
  • Opportunity to work for a second season on a different campground

Ideal Candidate

If you are:

  • Customer oriented
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Engaged and like to have fun
  • Passionate of nature
  • Available this summer

...then you will be perfect for us! If you are eager to learn, we will teach you everything that you would like to know.

Room and Board

We offer different free housing accommodations. You will be housed in a house or tent with a roommate. You have access to a common kitchen, where you can be independent and cook whatever, whenever you want. You can also choose to eat at the restaurant and use your meal discount. WORK IN PROGRESS

Employee Perks

The biggest perk of working at Huttopia is that you get to live the very experience that our customers seek, and you get to experience it all summer long and while working! Outside work hours, you can enjoy all the amenities and relax. You also work closely with colleagues and inevitably become part of the Huttopia Family. Having fun is part of the job.

  • You learn a lot at Huttopia, and the possibilities here are infinite. Want to work in another country next summer? Why not! 
  • In addition, we offer a 20% reduction at the restaurant and in the store. This way, you can enjoy more of our famous pizzas!
  • We are a great team that values differences and new ideas.  We are eager to welcome you into our Huttopia family!

Getting Here and Getting Around

If you live near Huttopia Adirondacks and don’t want to live on-site, then you can come work with your personal vehicle. Parkings are available for you all summer long. If you are not at all close, we will be happy to find you a nice home on-site. Together, we will arrange the initial transportation and find the best option to bring you on-site.

For Fun

Huttopia Adirondacks is convenient to a lot of nearby attractions as well, so you have lots of options for adventure. The Adirondack Park is made up of six million acres of public and private land ready for you to explore by car or motorcycle, on foot or a bike, and in a kayak or canoe. Within the “Blue Line” that marks the border of the park you’ll also find amusement parks, historical sites from the American Revolution as well as the 1980 Olympics, local arts and crafts, and other options to capture your imagination and fill your spirits.

The Lake George Region, where Huttopia Adirondacks is located, features something for everyone – the majesty of Lake George and the surrounding mountains, the thrill of rides at Six Flags Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor, historic sites from the French and Indian War as well as the Revolutionary War, and more.

A short drive north is the Lake Placid Region and the High Peaks, where you can hike the highest mountains in the state and explore the site of the 1980 Olympics. Travel to the top of the ski jumps for an unbeatable view, take a ride in a bobsled on part of the actual 1980 course, watch future world champions compete in world cup events, and see the rink where the famous “Miracle on Ice” took place when the U.S. Hockey Team beat the Russians. Further west is Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, which brings the history of the region to life through fascinating exhibits and hands-on experiences.

what you should try:

  • Fort William Henry Museum - 5 miles

    Fill youself with History and visit this famous fort to experience the history of the French & Indian War ! Popular attraction in Lake George.

  • Prospect Mountain Summit - 10 miles

    Drive up the 5.5 miles of the Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway and reach the 2,030′ summit for the spectacular 100-miles panoramic view of the Adirondacks.

  • Steamboat Excursion on Lake George - 5 miles

    Established in 1817, the Lake George Steamboat Company has been operating on Lake George for over 200 years. It is an iconic experience, perfect for families or friends!

  •  30 minutes from Huttopia Adirondacks is Saratoga Springs, which first became famous for its mineral water but now is also known for its summer music festivals, thoroughbred racing and polo, as well as numerous restaurants and shops lining it’s walking-friendly downtown. August is the height of the season, but there is something for everyone all year long.

Everything for you to spend one of the best summer of your life!

How to Apply

To apply, simply follow the link below. It will take you to our corporate website where you can browse through our various opportunities and fill out an application form. It shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.

We can't wait to meet you!

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