Geneva Glen Camp

Being a staff member at Geneva Glen is an unforgettable experience!

Founded in 1922 as a character development and leadership training program, Geneva Glen is a private, non-profit summer camp. We are committed to providing a safe, loving atmosphere full of rich traditions where children and young adults develop a love of nature, create life-long friendships, and enrich their character, values, and leadership, inspired by dedicated and caring leaders.

Geneva Glen is in the foothills of Denver, at an altitude of 7,000 ft. The camp, located on 500 acres of beautifully wooded mountain terrain, is in the mountains but has convenient access to the city.

About Geneva Glen Camp

A summer camp that is so much more than just a camp, Geneva Glen is the place to spend an unforgettable summer while having a positive influence on the lives of children.

Our Goals

  • New experiences, discovering unknown talents and learning independence: It might be as simple as coming up with something creative to make in arts and crafts, or as exciting as overcoming their fear of heights on the climbing wall or high ropes course, or even just the challenge of living with 10 other kids away from mom and dad and the comforts of home.  
  • Gaining self-confidence: Geneva Glen is where kids can be free from some of the anxieties of the “real world.”  They don’t have to worry about grades in school, impressing their peers or other social pressure, which helps them come closer to realizing and expressing who they really are.  
  • Building positive relationships: The support, comfort, and empathy that the counselors provide are a catalyst for growth in our campers. It will be the kids who adore you, the children that try your patience, and campers who confide their secrets to you that will change your life as much as you transform theirs.  

The Employee Experience

Life at Camp

A Colorado summer is the perfect time to work and play hard. At camp, lights out is 9:30-10:30 (depending on the age of your campers), and wake-up is at 7:30. The climate is ideal: warm, dry days, cool nights, clear blue skies nearly all the time, and afternoon showers (often followed by double rainbows!) are typical. 

After a comprehensive 7-day orientation and training, counselors will share a cabin of campers (one particular age group) with two other leaders. For one-half of each day, a counselor is with the campers as they participate in the various activities. For the other half of the day, the counselor works in, and helps run, a certain activity area (horseback riding, swimming, sports, ropes course, archery, etc., according to his or her skills and desires).

What camp gives to you

Staff members have the opportunity to gain the richest benefits from Geneva Glen because of their involvement with children from all backgrounds. They are therefore most able to generate interest and stimulate the creative talents of these youths. Geneva Glen is famous for creating just such an atmosphere.

Staff also can become proficient in each of the activity areas. In every circumstance, our employees may learn the art of human relations, as Geneva Glen holds at the core of its philosophy the healthful and constructive development of the child, as well as the positive influence of leadership and fellowship for all of its staff.

The Themes of Geneva Glen

Geneva Glen remains distinctive and unrivaled in our commitment and dedication to youth development. It is that commitment and dedication – as well as the unique “theme” programs by which campers are inspired to live their “camp lives” while focusing on values and leadership – that sets Geneva Glen apart from other residential summer camps.

Geneva Glen campers and staff are encouraged to develop high personal values as they examine critical and ethical issues of importance to young people. All programs and activities have a strong emphasis on and foundation in universal and ageless virtues. We design each theme to encourage and challenge campers and staff to recognize and honor the qualities of honesty, integrity, courage, patience, respect, enthusiasm and responsibility. Geneva Glen organizes each one-week and two-week camp session according to a specific theme that forms the basis of the program and experiences for each camper.

  1. Myths and Magic
  2. American Heritage
  3. Knighthood
  4. World Friendship

Ideal Candidate

Being a staff member at our camp is an unforgettable experience that can change your life and the lives of the children you work with. It is also a demanding job that requires hard work and selfless giving. The success of your camp experience will depend on your willingness to give of yourself to Geneva Glen -- its customs and traditions -- and to trust in the magic that this camp gives to the campers and it's staff, year in and year out.

It is important that applicants know the main requirement we have is quality of character. This includes a good disposition, impeccable personal standards, and the ability to adjust to a demanding lifestyle. We also anticipate your willingness to work with others.

We expect all camp family members to be positive role models for our campers, and to express a genuine appreciation for children. Please realize that "pay" for this work and service is intangible - it may be lower in monetary measures, but is rich in the values of experience, leadership, and fellowship. We expect consistently "top-notch" work and believe individuals are highly rewarded from the investment of self into our unique program. If you can seize this opportunity, and afford this wonderful experience, you will find it memorable and of great personal benefit.

Room and Board

Room and board is provided to all staff. Counselors sleep in rustic cabins and dorms in bunk beds with shared bathrooms. Camp Nurses stay in private rooms in the Health Center. The food is great, nutritious, and there's lots of it -- three times a day.

Employee Perks

Here's what our summer staff describes as the perks of the job in their own words:

  • "It isn’t just a summer job, when you join GG you become a part of a family."
  • "The feeling of teaching something to a kid they had no idea they could do or had even imagined."
  • "Watching the campers navigate independence and relationships in a new way."
  • "It’s people you trust, people who will make you better, people who love you... The people are the best."
  • "One of the best parts of being a Geneva glen staff member is college kids working together to make it fun for children, and creating a safe community for them to be in."
  • "Free coffee and the best horses in the world"
  • "You will also find on your list a healthy clump of unforgettable moments and relationships. Sometimes just looking back on what you’ve gained may send a chill down your spine, and it also may put a silly looking grin on your face that no-one outside of camp seems to understand.  Many of the people you worked with will always be a part of your life -- either because you become close life-long friends, or simply because they have taught you something valuable about yourself and your world at a time you needed it most."

Getting Here and Getting Around

Geneva Glen is located in Indian Hills, Colorado, 23 miles southwest of Denver. We will pick up out-of-state staff members at Denver International Airport (DEN), which is about an hour away from camp by car. Staff Members are welcome to bring personal vehicles and encouraged to carpool for days and nights off.

For Fun

Staff members have the opportunity to hike on Geneva Glen's 500-acre property, climb and rappel on our Shrine Rocks, horseback ride on the camp trails, and monkey around on our climb wall and upper element ropes course, as well as participate in all our other camper activities from exploring, swimming, archery, music, drama, arts and crafts, pageantry and ceremony. For more information about camp activities please CLICK HERE.

How to Apply

Please go to our Staff Employment page for more information.

To apply, please follow the APPLY HERE link below.

Thank you for your interest in Geneva Glen!

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