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We are a busy, fast-paced full-service restaurant and general store that operates seasonally. 

Our business is open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, although our high season for employment runs from June 19 through September 7.

Our staffing needs for the 2020 season are an executive chef, experienced line cooks, dishwashers, an experienced front of house manager, an experienced general store manager and retail sales clerks/cashiers

We are looking for restaurant staff that are passionate about food and cleanliness, managers with organization skills and attention to detail, and sales clerks/cashiers that excel in customer service. For the successful candidate, opportunities will exist to be cross-trained in one of the other roles in the business.    

Compensation:  All of these positions are paid hourly, with overtime wages at 1 ½ pay. All employees are eligible for a performance-based bonus upon completion of the contracted season.

Support Team: Though we don't hire in advance for specific support team positions, all employees who show initiative after arriving and beginning work will have the opportunity to be cross-trained in the service end of the restaurant. This includes hosting, serving, bartending, bussing and food-running. These are tipped positions and the pay is at a service rate plus tips.

  • Executive Chef

    $20.00 / hour

    For the 2020 summer season we are in need of an executive chef.  The position is for full time work starting on May 18 and continuing until September 7.  There is also part time work available after September 7.  The executive chef will work closely with the Food Service and Operations Director in actively leading and coordinating all activities regarding food preparation.  This individual will help assure efficient and effective operations of the kitchen staff, leading by example, adhering to menu recipes and sanitary guidelines. 

    Specific job responsibilities include:

    • Lead kitchen in food preparation/cooking.
    • Assure that all food is consistently prepared and served according to the restaurant’s recipes, portioning, cooking and serving standards.
    • Assure that recipes exist for all menu items and menu components (such as sauces, marinades, etc.).
    • Help supervise and assure that all food preparation staff are trained in and act consistently with policy, procedures and checklists.  
    • Develop checklists required for kitchen operations, ranging from work station open and closing procedures, to morning prep and stock.  Assure that checklists are properly followed.


    Compensation of up to $20 per hour for this role based on previous experience and skills.

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  • Kitchen Crew / Line Cook

    $15.00 / hour

    We are a high-volume kitchen that serves pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and a variety of dinner items. The stations include prep, grill, fry, pizza, saute and expo. Our busy restaurant is looking for experienced line cooks who can prepare meals as per our standard recipes.  Line cook responsibilities include creating meal portions, cleaning food, cooking meals and keeping a sanitized work area.  The successful candidate will have two or more years of prior food service experience, an excellent work ethic, good communication skills, be a team player and have a commitment to quality. Competitive hourly rates based on prior experience.


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  • Dishwasher

    $13.00 / hour

    Dishwasher responsibilities will include the cleaning and storage of all dishes, pots, pans, utensils. As work load permits, the successful candidate will also have the opportunity to be trained in prep and pizza cook activities.  Hourly salary starts at $13.00 per hour with the opportunity for raises based on performance and or prior dishwashing experience. 

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  • Store Manager

    General Store
    $16.00 / hour

    The Store Manager oversees and coordinates the operations of the general store.  The Store Manager is responsible for helping to maintain the condition of the store in a manner to produce maximum customer satisfaction and store profitability.  The store manager assures appropriate inventory levels, merchandising and staff productivity, including training and supervising employees.  The store manager promptly alerts the owners as issues are detected and suggests corrective actions.

    General duties and responsibilities include:

    • Motivate, encourage and mentor store employees to build a team that delivers a high level of customer satisfaction through excellent customer service.
    • Assure that all merchandise is stocked and displays are attractive, priced correctly and displayed appropriately.  Utilize daily sales reports to accurately restock merchandise. 
    • Assure that merchandising and organizing activities are performed throughout the day as business activities level permit.
    • Assure that all food service areas and displays are clean, orderly and products fresh.
    • Monitor inventory levels of clothing and other gift merchandise, recommending restocking purchases as necessary.
    • Receive product deliveries, stock and store as appropriate, and assure accuracy with delivery invoices.
    • Assist in the receipt and inventorying of clothing deliveries.  Confirm delivery counts, label received goods and properly store.
    • Assure that remote inventory is properly stored and organized.
    • Address and resolve customer issues and concerns in a timely and professional matter.  Provide feedback to owners on noted issues.
    • Alert owners to observed trends in store performance such as fast moving items, slow moving items, frequently requested items, etc. 
    • Propose ideas to improve customer satisfaction and store profitability based on observed trends.
    • Assure the financial accuracy of the cash register, credit card batch and store bank.
    • Have in depth knowledge of all store policies, procedures, and standards.
      • Make recommendations where changes are required to existing policies, procedures and standards in order to improve service standards.
      • Identify, propose and document new policies, procedures and standards were gaps exist.
      • Develop necessary checklists for consistent execution of daily operating procedures assuring that store is clean, organized and adequately stocked.
      • Administer prompt, fair and consistent corrective action for all violations of company policies, procedures and standards.
    • Supervise and assure that all employees are trained in and act consistently with policy, procedures and standards. 
    • Other duties as assigned.
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  • Store Clerk

    $12.00 / hour

    Our store offers beer, wine, gifts, groceries, and sundries. The store employee is an important customer facing role.  This role interacts with our customers throughout the day, helping them to find merchandise, answer questions and ring up sales.  Responsibilities include customer sales (working the cash register/point of sale terminal), stocking inventory, folding and organizing clothes, and answering customer questions.  While this role is based in the General Store, it is important to also learn about the Café and the Café operations as many of the customer questions will be regarding the restaurant.  As work load permits, the successful candidate will also have the opportunity to be trained in other positions in the business and have the opportunity to work additional hours.  Hourly salary starts at $12.00 per hour with the opportunity for raises based on performance or prior work experience.

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How to Apply

We want to talk to you!  Please send cover letter along with a resume and contact informatin to From there we will schedule a phone interview.  We would like to learn as much about you as possible and also why you think you would be a good fit for us.

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