Denali ATV Adventures

Wilderness ATV tours in Denali, Alaska - A summer job you'll never forget!

Denali ATV is looking for positive, outgoing, and energetic employees to work with us this summer! Come join the team at one of the most exciting companies in Denali!

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali ATV is a local family owned and operated ATV tour company located in the Denali National Park area in Alaska and division of the Denali Park Adventures family (who also operates Denali Jeep Excursions and Denali Park Zipline). Our tour office and gift shop are in the heart of the Denali Canyon and our housing and tour launch site are in the town of Healy, 10 miles north. We offer guided ATV tours from mid-May to mid-September, operate every day of the week, run tours from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm - all while making the most of our Alaskan summer!  Preference will be given to applicants that are available for our entire season.

Ideal Candidate

Here at Denali ATV, we take great pride in our employees! We are looking for people who are:

  • Customer Service Oriented – We are nothing without our guests! The needs of our guests and their tour experience is the top priority.
  • Team Player - Our group of employees is more like a family. For 4-5 months, we work, eat, sleep, and have fun together in very close quarters. You must be able to consistently get along with your co-workers on and off the clock.
  • Positive Attitude - always polite and courteous with guests and co-workers.
  • Outgoing - you will be around guests all day, every day.
  • Professional - clean lifestyle and neat appearance.
  • Safety First Mentality - the most important part of each of our tours is that every guest comes back safely, every time. You are responsible for our guests’ safety and good judgment is key.
  • Attendance and Work Ethic - we have a short and very busy summer season. All employees must report to work on time, every time. There will be days that you are asked to work more than your scheduled shift.
  • Honest and Trustworthy - Our employees are the face of our company. We must be able to trust them, and they must be able to trust each other. We need honest employees in our office, driving our buses, guiding ATV tours, working on our equipment, and managing our staff.

Fit all these qualities? We might already have a spot for you on our team!

Room and Board

At Denali ATV we take pride in the fact that our employee housing as one of the best in Denali. On our 1.2 acre property situated beside Otto Lake in Healy, Alaska we have a dormitory-style 15-bedroom building. All but 1 room are single occupancy, meaning no roommate! The building has 4 bathrooms and free laundry facilities.

Recently, we built a new large kitchen just off the deck of the main housing, filled with plenty of appliances, counter space, and food storage, as well as a common area with couches, VCR/DVD, and DirectTV. There is free wireless internet throughout the property, a large covered deck, outdoor horseshoe pits, fire pit, BBQ, and more!

We also have several 1-2 person dry cabins that are located a couple hundred feet away from the main employee housing building. Best of all, housing is located at the ATV tour launch, so you have a very short commute! We do have limited couples housing available. Rates for our employee housing start at $80 per week (single occupancy) and includes all utilities.

There are several cabin rentals available (not associated with Denali ATV) within 1 mile of our location if you would like to obtain your own housing. They are usually more expensive ($500-$600 per month) and most do not include running water, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, internet, and TV. If sharing housing with 25 employees doesn’t sound ideal to you, we highly suggest looking into local cabins as an alternative. 

Employee Perks

Employees who complete the entire season and fulfill their contract are eligible for an end-of-season bonus. Also, you will receive priority when we hire for following summers, first pick at your housing, and other benefits.

Other local attractions offer complimentary or discounted tours to local employees such as whitewater rafting on the Nenana River, ziplining over the boreal forest, riding Jeeps down the Denali Highway, meeting the puppies and Iditarod Champion sled dogs at the local kennel, flight seeing tours and glacier landings around Denali, helicopter tours with glacier landings, bus trips into the national park, fly fishing, etc.

Getting Here and Getting Around

It is your responsibility to get here, as Denali ATV does not pay for transportation to and from the Denali area, but we will help you plan your transportation as much as possible. Our employees do receive a substantial discount on the Alaska Railroad and Motorcoach buses to our area. We can arrange to pick you up at the local train station or bus drop-off. The easiest and most economic option is to fly into Anchorage and take either the train or shuttle bus up to Denali/Healy from there.

For Fun

Denali is an outdoor enthusiast's ultimate playground. We live beside Otto Lake, where there are kayak and boat rentals available, as well as fishing and sometimes swimming (watch out for the leeches!). The ATV trails that begin in our front yard provide access to several trails up the peaks of the Healy Range which falls within the Denali National Park boundaries. Mountain bikes are available for rent, or purchase a used one when you get up here. With 6.2 million acres of national park at your fingertips, and all of the tourist activities available to you throughout the summer, we challenge you get out there and enjoy all Alaska has to offer. Being as far North as we are, we experience long periods of daylight, with the sun only hiding behind the horizon for a few short hours at the peak of the season. We encourage our employees to get out on their time off and do our best to equip you with the tools to do so. Our ‘Guide to Local Activities’ details the wealth of knowledge of local trails and adventure opportunities, only gained from 10 years of operating in the area and getting out in it ourselves. Ultimately, it's up to you to make the most of your time in Denali. While you’re here, get out and experience what Denali and Alaska has to offer and see why tourists pay thousands of dollars to visit!

Our Jobs

Here's a short description of our available jobs.  Please visit our website for more information and required qualifications - Denali ATV Employment Page

ATV Tour Representative - Provide guests with the first impression of Denali ATV whether it is in person at the Tour Office, over the phone, or through an email. They don't just naturally excel at interacting with people, they love meeting and chatting with folks from all over the world! Tour Representatives are responsible for taking online and over-the-phone bookings, answering customer inquiries, and maintaining tour schedules using an online reservation system. They greet customers, check individuals and groups in, assist with retail sales, and prepare individuals and groups for their tour. Central to the role is networking with a variety of agents, from large cruise ships to small travel agencies, and coordinating guest itineraries with other adventure companies in Denali. This position is great for people who love challenges, thrive in fast-paced environments, and enjoy engaging with people. Hourly plus commission.

ATV Tour Office Manager - At Denali ATV, great teams start with great leadership. The Tour Office Manager is responsible for encouraging and supporting the Tour Representatives towards creating a focused, friendly, task-oriented, customer service driven team. Major components of the Tour Office Manager position include direct correspondence with Travel Agents and Cruise ships to arrange the sale and scheduling of tours, oversight of finances, understanding and organization of company logistics, and involvement in management meetings. The Tour Office Manager is able to be a respectful and supportive leader, delegate tasks, structure the tour schedule with respect to whole company needs, remain calm and resolute during crisis, be responsible for the direction and team efforts of the Tour Representatives. Hourly plus commission.

ATV Adventure Guide - Greet guests with welcoming attitude, explain how to operate machines, give interpretation at each stop on tour, and monitor safety elements throughout tour. Regularly perform trail maintenance. Hourly plus tips.

Driver Guide - Shuttle guests to and from local resorts and campsites. Maintain the clean appearance of our shuttles. You will be driving vans and 25+ passenger buses.  CDL with passenger endorsement, as well as Commercial Drivers Medical Certificate required. Hourly plus tips.

Mechanic - Work in our garage mainly on ATVs, provide assistance in maintenance of Jeeps, company vehicles, trailers, vans, and buses. 40 hours a week with occasional but limited overtime. Hourly pay.

ATV Tour Manager - Responsible for most day to day operations of Denali ATV. Facilitate communication across all tour operations from the sales office, shuttles, to the trails. Manage employees, ensure the safety and satisfaction of our guests by implementing company policy and safety procedures. Organize and participate in proactive trail maintenance. Includes some shuttle driving in vans and 25+ passenger buses. CDL with Passenger Endorsement, as well as Commercial Drivers Medical Certificate required. 40 - 50 hours a week. Pay may be hourly or weekly salary.

ATV Assistant Tour Manager - Split time between managing the tour operations and ATV tour guiding. Responsibilities includes managing employees, ordering/inventory, maintenance work on equipment, safety protocols, Includes some shuttle driving in vans and 25+ passenger buses.  Hourly plus tips.

How to Apply

Please visit our website for more information and to apply for summer employment - or just click the links below!

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