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Come join the Clear Creek Rafting Family!!

Clear Creek Rafting Company is a whitewater outfitter that has been offering trips on 2 of Colorado's most popular rivers for over 25 years. We are passionate about rafting. Sharing our passion and experience with our staff and guests is why we continue to love our jobs. Teamwork does truly make the dream work when you join the Clear Creek Rafting Family.

2 great locations!! Clear Creek in Idaho Springs just west of Denver. The Arkansas River in Canon City near the Royal Gorge

About Clear Creek Rafting Co

We are a Colorado-based company that specializes in fast-paced challenging rivers. We have two offices on two of Colorado’s most popular rivers.

Our Clear Creek Rafting Company location is on Clear Creek; a steep technical stream located in the mountains 30 miles west of Denver. Clear Creek drops an average of 67 feet per vertical mile with up to 100+ feet on our advanced section and the rapids are very continuous.

Our Whitewater Adventure Outfitters location is at the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River near Canon City. This is a larger volume river nestled deep within a 1000-foot gorge. The scenery is spectacular and the rapids are challenging.

The Employee Experience

Here is what some of our employees have to say about us:

“As a professional river guide looking into a new company I would want to ask three questions:

  • Will I be challenged?
  • Will I be paid well?
  • Will I be respected?

The answers for Clear Creek Rafting Company are Yes, Yes, and Yes! The unique part about working for the creek is becoming part of a family that will give back all that you give them.”
 Scott Hace, river guide 6 years

“Clear Creek has some of the most technical and demanding rapids commercially rafted. The creek is steep, with continuous gradient and channelized to drops – similar the B’hote Khosi in Nepal. For the experienced guide, Clear Creek offers the opportunity to hone solid guiding skills and to be challenged on every trip. The creek will make you good…. there is not a lot of margin for error. If you make mistakes you will be spanked. Despite that Clear Creek runs along the highway corridor there are still many beautiful and isolated sections. The fact that the creek is accessible has allowed rafting difficult whitewater with commercial clients to flourish. It also means a minimal amount of time spent riding in buses. A thriving client base from the Denver Metro area, as well as heavy tourist traffic, ensures the ability to stay busy and make good money.

Clear Creek Rafting Co. is renowned for having some of the best guides in Colorado. In addition to having a dominating presence on Clear Creek, the company holds permits for most of the classic rivers in the state with opportunities to run all sections of the Arkansas River including the Royal Gorge and Pine Creek/Numbers, as well as Gore Canyon of the Colorado River.” — Matt Terry, river guide 9 years

Ideal Candidate

At Clear Creek Rafting Company we are a family. To be a part of our family you need to be positive, willing to work as a team, and ready for a high-energy, fast-paced operation while keeping safety as a top priority. 

Room and Board

We do allow staff to stay on-site at both locations, but there are some restrictions. Please ask during the application process if you are interested in staying with us.

Employee Perks

We offer Free rafting for all employees and discounted rafting for friends and family. We also work with many other local businesses for discounts on food and attractions near us. 

We also have pro-deals with many gear providers and will extend those discounts to all staff!

Getting Here and Getting Around

Most of our staff prefer to have a vehicle to get around, but it is not required. While public transportation is not great, most amenities can be reached by walking or riding a bike. There are also frequently other members of our team headed the same direction and carpooling is often very easy. 

For Fun

Both of our locations are in areas of Colorado that have a large number of outdoor activities. There are numerous rivers to boat, as well as trails for mountain biking, hiking, and four-wheeling. There are also many climbing areas as well as fourteeners near both sites.

Finally, if you enjoy good music, our Clear Creek Location is only 20 minutes from the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

There are countless fun ways to enjoy your time in our area.........and the rafting is pretty good too!

How to Apply

Call 303-567-1000 or email today for more information or to apply.

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