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Currently recruiting for jobs that start between June 7th, 2024 and August 22nd, 2024.

  • Assistant Program Director

    Camp Leadership
    San Juan Islands
    up to $4,700.00 / season

    The Assistant Program Director (APD) works closely with the Program Director to provide direct support and oversight of Nor’wester’s daily department programming and Special Days. As a part of the summer Leadership Team, the APD plays an integral role in fostering a positive camp environment, contributing to decision-making, summer management, and the overall success of the summer for campers and staff. The APD is a non-coverage residential staff, assigned to live in a camper Unit, in shared a tent with other staff members, but is not included in unit supervision responsibilities.

  • Videographer

    Lens Crew
    San Juan Islands
    $4,200.00 / season

    The Videographer at camp films, organizes, and edist video footage covering the current summer's activities and community for use in the summer movie (short film) and other  social media. This position is independent, but still community oriented as they work in tandem with the Photographer, and also serves as relief staff. This position involves assisting with and filming during overnights, contributing to a camper unit, and as additional support or supervision campers during non-activity times such as meals, evening activities, and night-time coverage.

  • Unit Leader

    Camper Care
    San Juan Islands
    $4,200.00 / season

    The Unit Leader position at Camp Nor'wester is similar the idea of a camp counselor. It involves overseeing (with a co-) a designated group of approximately 10 to 15 same-age campers with similar gender identities. Collaborating with the co-Unit Leader, responsibilities include providing individualized and group support as the unit moves through the daily schedule, participating in activities and events alongside their campers, and maintaining the well-being and safety of each camper. Unit Leaders play a crucial role in camper care, consistency, and the overall unit and camper experience

  • Camp Nurse

    Health Care
    San Juan Islands
    up to $13,000.00 / season

    Working on a team with another camp nurse/medical provider, and health care assistant, our Camp Nurse is responsible for providing comprehensive medical care to campers and staff. Their duties typically include assessing and treating injuries and illnesses, administering medications, maintaining accurate medical records, and communicating with parents or guardians regarding camper health concerns. Camp nurses must be prepared to handle a wide range of medical situations, from minor cuts and scrapes to more serious emergencies, and will collaborate with camp leadership and other healthcare professionals to ensure the health and safety of all individuals at the camp.

    1 full contract and one partial/half summer position available.

  • Head Cook

    San Juan Islands
    $6,500.00 - $8,000.00 / season

    Sharing shifts with our returning Food Service Manager, this role will be responsible for helping preparing meals for camp community – approximately 250 people. Experience in cooking for large groups preferred. Will share in supervisory support and leadership of the Kitchen Team (cooks, assistants, and dishwashers) with the Kitchen Manager. Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Requires current WA State Food Handler’s Card.

    This role is ESSENTIAL to successfully running Camp each summer. While the responsibilities do not include camper supervision and unit support, they fill an integral role in daily camp operations, providing support in a variety of areas very necessary to Camp and are integrated within the camp community. 

  • Department Director

    Camp Leadership
    San Juan Islands
    $4,200.00 - $4,400.00 / season

    This position works closely with the Year-Round Program Director, as well as other members of the Leadership Team. They supervise 9 other summer staff and manage all aspects of their department:  (Waterfront or Craft Shop). They also provide support by living in a residential (camper) unit and help to support campers day to day in unit and program activities. Learn more about this position and program here

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