Camp Lochearn for Girls

Cabins on Lake Fairlee
S Day Campfire, Campfire Hill
Highland Hall - Dining Hall
Blue Green Campfire, The Point
Horse Stables

Mentor and inspire girls to be confident and true leaders - in the beautiful White Mountains

Camp Lochearn for Girls is an all-girls, residential summer camp located in the heart of the White Mountains in Post Mills, Vermont. Lochearn is an unbelievable 10-week staff experience. Our counselors and campers come from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of Vermont. Lochearn is one of the most well-respected all-girls camps in the country and has been on Lake Fairlee for over 100 years.

Located in the White Mountains in Post Mills, Vermont, about 3 hours from Boston and about 5 hours from New York City. Our 50 acres of pristine camp property is right on the shores of beautiful Lake Fairlee, and many of our cabins and facilities are right along the waterfront as well.

About Camp Lochearn for Girls

Camp Lochearn is an all-girls summer camp located in Post Mills, Vermont.  Our camp runs two sessions that each last four weeks, and our staff spend about ten weeks total on beautiful Lake Fairlee.  Our activities include, but are not limited to, land sports, such as lacrosse, tennis, and horseback riding; water sports, such as waterskiing, canoeing, and paddleboarding; a high ropes alpine tower; and hikes through the White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.  Camp Lochearn has been in operation on Lake Fairlee for over 100 summers, and is rich with traditions new and old.  Working at Camp Lochearn is an experience that lasts much longer than the 10 weeks spent in Vermont!

The Employee Experience

Working at Camp Lochearn is an experience unlike any other job.  Staff will meet and work with people from all over the United States and all over the world.  We live by our camp motto and by our four core values: mentoring, passion, leadership, and initiative.  Our staff members not only have a passion for working with children and for working at camp, but are also mentors who help to shape young girls' lives over the course of four weeks.  The skills, friendships, and work experience you will gain at Camp Lochearn is unmatched by any typical summer job and is an experience that lasts a lifetime.  

Ideal Candidate

Our staff members are well-rounded, diverse, and passionate individuals.  We are seeking college-age or older individuals who love working with kids, have solid communication skills, and want to spend their summer at camp.  We pride ourselves on our core values of mentoring, passion, leadership, and initiative, and look for these values in prospective staff members as well.

Room and Board

Room and board is included for the summer.  Cabin staff live with between 4 - 8 campers, and co-cabin staff and non-cabin staff live in cabins with 1 - 4 other staff members.  Bathrooms are community-style bathrooms located centrally in camp.  

Employee Perks

Over the course of the summer, staff will have 2 30-hour periods off each session, and days off before camp starts and between sessions.  We have van shuttles that take staff members to and from the nearby towns, where they can shop, go out to dinner, or catch a bus to nearby Burlington, VT or Boston.  On staff days off, we provide a ski boat and boat driver for them to enjoy skiing and wakeboarding, as well as open our other facilities up for them to use in their free time.  

Getting Here and Getting Around

The most highly recommended way to get to Camp Lochearn is by flying into Boston Logan International Airport and taking the Dartmouth Coach to Hanover, New Hampshire.  From Hanover, we pick up staff members and are about 25 minutes away in Post Mills, VT.  We also have areas at camp for staff to park personal vehicles if they choose to drive.  We provide van shuttles to and from town on days off for staff that do not have personal transportation at camp.  

For Fun

Camp Lochearn is located near the border between Vermont and New Hampshire.  Surrounding the area in the White Mountains are various hiking trails, mountain hikes, and east coast beaches in Maine and New Hampshire.  We are located a few hours from Montreal, Canada, as well as Lake Champlain and Burlington, Vermont.  In the nearby towns and cities, there is shopping, dining, and other activities for staff to do on time off.  Camp Lochearn is about three hours from Boston and about five hours from New York.

Our Jobs

For summer 2018, the basic staff dates run from June 10th - August 13th.  Support staff roles arrive on June 1st, lifeguards report on June 5th, climbing staff report June 8th, and all other staff report on June 10th.  

The first week of camp upon arrival is our staff orientation, in which staff are trained in their respective program areas, as well as other basic information to lay the groundwork for the summer.  


Camp Photographer

Our camp photographers are responsible for photographing activities and events day to day.  Periodically throughout the day, they spend time in the office sorting and editing photos, but are out in camp with the campers and other staff members most of the day.  In the evenings, they are responsible for uploading 300 - 500 of the daily photos to our database, so that the photos can be viewed by parents of the campers.


Horseback Riding Instructor

Our horseback riding instructors work with about 65 girls per session and help manage our barn of 13 - 15 horses.  We have an English-Style riding program with campers of all ability levels.  

Support Staff

Kitchen Staff

Our kitchen staff are responsible for helping prepare 3 meals per day for approximately 300 people.  Breakfast and dinner are served family style, and lunch is served as a buffet.  There is a pre-prepared menu that our kitchen follows, and each kitchen staff member works closely with our head chef.  The duties include, but are not limited to, food prep, plating and serving the dishes, and clean-up and dishwashing.  


Ski Boat Driver

Our ski boat drivers drive our Malibu ski boats for 4 - 5 periods per day, as well as a "free choice" period in the afternoon.  They assist in teaching both skiing and wakeboarding, and help with our end-of-session ski show, which highlights campers from each ski class.  The boat drivers work with our director, Tony, during orientation, to learn the lay of the lake and to fine-tune their boat driving skills.

Support Staff

Van Driver

Our van drivers play a crucial role in and out of camp.  They are responsible for running shuttles for staff on their days off, as well as running errands in town.  They also assist in some miscellaneous special trips throughout the summer.  Van drivers must be 21 years of age and have a clean driving record.

How to Apply

To apply, please email: and submit an application by clicking the Apply Now button.

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