Camp Kawanhee for Boys

A place where community is a state of mind, and where boys dare to make enduring an honest friendships while cultivating a broader and deeper sense of what is possible in their lives.

Kawanhee is a summer camp founded in 1920 serving boys from across the U. S. and abroad and offering an evolving and rich mixture of enduring traditions and innovation, of intentional learning and spontaneous, unbridled joy.

On Lake Webb in the rugged western mountains of Maine and proximate to some of the finest hikes, rivers and forests in the East.

About Camp Kawanhee for Boys

Camp Kawanhee is a summer camp for boys situated on a remote lake in the mountains of western Maine. Founded in 1920, Kawanhee serves boys from age 7 through 17 hailing from all over the U.S. and other countries as well. The camp is committed to several core principles intended to encourage lifelong learning, a love of the outdoors, cooperative living, and enhanced self-confidence and self-awareness.

The Employee Experience

Our staff in many ways reflects our camper population. It is a diverse and predominantly veteran group that welcomes new talent and new opportunities for expanding the reach of Kawanhee's singular commitment to community.

Ideal Candidate

Kawanhee staff members are expected to be, first and foremost, committed to the well-being of kids. Additional desirable qualities include a sense of humor, a commitment to appropriate fun, resilience, stamina, and an appreciation for the primacy of the natural world in the healthy development of youngsters.

Room and Board

All staff members are provided room, board, laundry services and reasonable time-off.

Employee Perks

Kawanhee is proximate to some of the Northeast's finest mountains, rivers, lakes and forests. Recreational opportunities abound, and the staff has liberal use of the camp's equipment and facilities in order to enjoy those opportunities. Transportation to local attractions and amenities, including to nearby restaurants and shopping, is provided to staff members during time-off.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Staff members are welcome to bring vehicles to Kawanhee, and parking is provided. For those who travel to Maine by plane, bus or other public transportation, shuttle service to and from camp is provided. 

For Fun

Camp Kawanhee is located on the shores of a pristine lake and in the shadow of Tumbledown Mountain, one of Maine's iconic peaks and best-known day hikes. Swimming, canoeing, sailing, waterskiing, fishing, paddle-boarding and hiking are literally a stone's throw away, and wildlife abounds in the endless forests. As corny as it sounds, the sunsets are unrivaled for their beauty, and the night sky affords views of our galaxy that inspires a sense of wonder and humility. This is the singular setting of a tight community united by a sense of common cause and committed to making the most of their formative weeks together.

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