Camp Fire NCW - Camp Zanika

Camp Zanika Lache, more than an unusual name.

Zanika Lache is a traditional camp offering five main program areas including Archery, Tripping (Hiking -Backpacking), Ropes Course, Waterfront, and Arts & Crafts. We strive to create safe and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships.

located on the shores of Lake Wenatchee in Wenatchee National Forest, Camp Zanika Lache is about 30 minutes from Leavenworth, WA, a small Bavarian tourist town.

About Camp Fire NCW - Camp Zanika

Camp job experiences allow you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketability!

Our hard working, knowledgeable, and amazing staff is Camp Zanika’s greatest asset. For over 89 years Camp Zanika Lache has striven to find unique, safety minded individuals who enhance our programs with their own personality and spirit. Camp Zanika Summer Staff are required to be outdoors throughout the day and actively engage with all youth throughout the entire programming period.

Working at Camp Zanika is an amazing opportunity to gain useful skills, meet great people and have fun outdoors. We give our staff: the opportunities to learn and develop new skills, professional job experience, comprehensive job training, support and feedback during employment, a chance to work with staff from all over, c, room and board, staff shirt, and a truly amazing life experience with memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

Every Camp Zanika staff member assumes an important role in working with children. You are a leader, role model, and even a "stand-in" parent, regardless of your position. Our staff members are part of a valuable team with the collective goal of bringing the camp philosophy to life and helping children grow toward their fullest potential. Coming from all over the world, staff are selected on the basis of their skills, experience, professional work ethic, and ability to serve as positive role models for children.

Camp Zanika Lache is proud to be a part of Camp Fire, a national youth agency with a strong focus on valuing youth voices, leadership, and inclusion. Camp Zanika is all-inclusive welcoming campers and staff from all backgrounds. Acceptance and participation in our programs is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, national origin, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, or other aspects of diversity.

The Employee Experience

It is a Zanika Lache tradition that all staff members select an alternate "camp name" for the summer. Many staff select names that reflect their personality, symbolize something important to them, or are just fun! These camp names are a cool tradition that kids love. Fellow staff will undoubtedly help you choose a name if you don't come up with one, but don't be pressured to choose a name you don't like. Staff live in rustic but beautiful log cabins with around 8 campers. We have cabins with electricity and without electricity. Wall tents, where most staff live, are large canvas tents on wood platforms and have 2-8 beds. Limited modern housing is available for 4-6 Directors. Convenience exists where it counts... The Bathhouses! They have electricity, private shower stalls, hot water, ect. Our number one priority is the physical and emotional safety of our campers, but we understand you cannot fill someone cup if yours is empty. It is important for staff to be well rested and remember that camp is fun, it doesn't always need to be serious. 

Why listen to me, when you can hear it from a former staff member?

"In 2018 I was a camp counselor at Camp Zanika. This was one of the most unique and craziest summers I have had. I went into this just looking for a cool experience, and not only did I get that, but I also came out rich with life experiences. 

Along with the countless other skills you pick up at camp, you develop amazing planning skills, leadership skills, and teambuilding skills. Planning a schedule that engages 8 children with different personalities can be tricky, but by the end of the season, you will be a pro. I was also able to develop my planning skills through overnight pack-out trips. You will learn to plan carefully to ensure you have everything needed and the trip is enjoyed to the optimal level. This has helped me in life when trying to balance busy schedules. 

Working at camp will also help you develop leadership skills. Through the summer you will have many opportunities to lead children and show guidance through their developmental years directly. Leadership also comes in less direct forms such as being the goofy person that is willing to look foolish in order to make children smile, helping others who may be struggling, and creating unique activities.

Lastly, you develop great teambuilding skills. Your co-workers will become extended family members. Camp provides a unique experience where you spend an entire summer with the people around you. You will be there for all of the highs and lows which will in end result in many close relationships being built throughout the summer."  -"Puck"

Ideal Candidate

Working at any summer camp can be stressful, sometimes you can lose sight of the purpose of the position you are in. We are here for the kids, to create a positive, safe, and supportive environment for them to be themselves. Our focus at camp will always be the children, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself too. You will not only be caring for the children, but you will also be living the camp experience alongside them. 

We are looking for staff members who:

  • Respect the fact that our camp provides a welcoming environment for everyone. You will need to respect individual differences in other staff members and in our campers.
  • Enjoy working in an outdoor setting.
  • Are able to supervise and interact with campers during activities and free plan in a safe and purposeful manner.
  • You can act as an appropriate role model for children through your actions, language, work habits and general conduct. Camp may be fun and exciting, but also a real job, and as you are expected to act in a professional manner.
  • Abide by the camper policies, procedures and guidelines including those related to underage drinking and other drug use.
  • Be a team player! Everyone at camp is important and camp cannot succeed unless everyone works together. We focus on building positive communities at camp and you must set this example for the campers at all times.
  • Are available for the entire season (be able to adjust to a 24 hour a day flexible schedule) 
  • Staff often live in cabins with the children, and must be able to make a bed, clean and teach campers basic housekeeping skills.

Room and Board

Room and board is included! Cabin counselors live in cabins with their campers along with most program staff. All other staff will live in wall tents. Most sleeping cabins and tents are rustic, yet comfortable and are without electricity.

Each cabin will accommodate 7-8 like-age campers and one counselor. All restrooms have electricity. The Head Cook's private room is adjacent to the kitchen. A staff retreat room with a refrigerator, wireless INTERNET, and microwave are available to all staff members. Laundry facilities are provided at no charge.

A large general store is four miles away along with a few restaurants. Leavenworth, the nearest town, is thirty minutes from camp.

Employee Perks

Bank more money than you think, with food and housing covered. We get a discount at Squirrel Tree, which is about 30 min from camp. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Staff are welcome to bring their own vehicles to camp. All staff vehicles need to have owner authorization that they can be used if there is an evacuation. Unfortunately, we do not offer compensation for out of state travel. We can pick up any staff traveling via plane, train or bus, as long as we know the arrival date and time ahead of time. 

For Fun

During camp, you may have the option to go horseback riding, and River rafting with our group of campers at no cost to you, if not you can go with other staff during your time off. We are located in the Beautiful Wenatchee National forest, miles away from city lights and sounds and beautiful hiking trails surround us!

Located about 30 minutes from camp is Leavenworth, Washington a small Bavarian tourist village. Leavenworth has lots of fun things; You can visit the Reindeer farms, eat at one of the many excellent restaurants, and shop around in some of the quirky shops (check out Kris Kringl if you like Christmas). 

Seattle is about 3 hours, some staff will take trips together to explore.

How to Apply

Apply online via the link below.

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