Brooks Lake Lodge

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Morning views from the lodge.

The Exclusive All-Inclusive Wyoming Rocky Mountain Resort

Brooks Lake Lodge is where casual luxury meets the wild west. We are a full service luxury guest ranch nestled in untouched wilderness surrounded by jagged ridge lines. Built nearly a century ago to house travelers en route to Yellowstone National Park. Our brand is a legacy and a heritage of excellence that is tried and true. When you join us for pleasure or for work you join the Brooks family.

We live among the lodgepole pines and awe-inspiring peaks of Shoshone National Forest. The nearest towns are Dubois, WY to the East and to the South West is the famed Jackson Hole. Our lodge is sandwiched between two national parks and two national forests. If immersion into the wilderness is what you seek, we have it.

About Brooks Lake Lodge

With 98 years of experience, we know how to make dream vacations come to life. Our clients come from all walks of life to fully submerge themselves into the wilderness. We offer only world class experiences to our guests and you get the pride of knowing you couldn't have offered them any better.

If you are asked to join our team you'll know the expectation: we will only accept your very best from you and that's a two way street with us.

All of your meals are provided and prepared for you by talented chefs.

We offer an escape from mainstream life at the end of our five mile long dirt driveway under the shelter of pines. So unplug, put on your boots, and come to the mountains for an adventure that you'll cherish for the rest of your life.    

The Employee Experience

We are not about to sugar coat it, we work hard. Our schedule is six days with one day off a week and sometimes you might even miss that but, we will make it up to you. Hard work around here doesn't go unnoticed and is rewarded handsomely.

If you are hired as a wrangler know that you can and will be asked to wash dishes and as a housekeeper, you might be asked to guide a nature hike to the top of Brooks Mountain. If you are a part of our team you are asked to do anything and everything to serve our guests and to help out our team. 

Now that you've heard the hard truths you need to know that it's not all manual labor around here!

Year after year our employees have won ranch team rodeo events that go on every Friday. Want to learn to fly fish? We have passionate instructors that will give you the tools for landing huge trout that people pay thousands of dollars to find. Love horses? We will teach you to ride. Think Julie Andrews in the sound of music was in a beautiful field of wildflowers? Wait until you see that field put to shame. 

The natural beauty here is simply unbeatable. 

Ideal Candidate

If you thrive off of constant structure and an unwavering routine, this is may not be the best place for you.

In order to be a successful member of our team, you'll need to roll with punches and take initiative.

All of our employees are hired knowing that there is nothing excluded in their job description and that you are a reflection of the brand at all times.

All of our guests will receive the royal treatment and they have the means to reward you for going above and beyond.

We are an equal opportunity employer and not only welcome but, encourage diversity.  

Room and Board

The food is great, if you have dietary concerns we can handle it, and best of all it's completely free! 

All of our employees live in one of our two dormitories. You should expect to have roommates here and share communal bathrooms. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

We can help you get here from Jackson Hole Airport, just give us time to plan a ride. Having a vehicle here will prove to be a real asset if you want to venture into town but it's not necessary. You will walk to work and back, its only a minute or two from the staff housing. Just bring a headlamp, if you work late you will want the light. We make an active attempt to keep our night sky light pollution-free. 

How to Apply

We do not have an online application, to apply with us you need to send a current resume and a short video. Your clip should tell us how you will make a great addition to our team, what your current goals are, and a little bit about you. This is our spin a Skype interview, it doesn't have to be a cinematic masterpiece we just want to hear from you. Extra points for your creativity!

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