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Black Diamond is pretty flexible about start and end dates.  Our ideal availability is a May 1st start date and a September 25th end date. We plan to open May 7th this year and close around September 20th.

Due to our seasonality we are only able to offer people who are legally able to work in the US already.  We do not offer any other type of work visa except J1 student, Intern, and training visas.  You would need a sponsor in your country to apply for a work visa with us.

We offer a 40 hour a week schedule.  Our staff is scheduled 5 days a week, 8 hours.  You can punch in and out for a break if you would like or not, and we especially ask that you do this if you want to leave the property for lunch. We are super flexible about how long of a lunch break you take, so that is not a problem. If you want to take a break and also work 8 hours, it is not a problem, you just can stay a little longer or even come in early.  One great thing about a small business is that we get to know each other as a team, and we are super flexible. Also, if you are coming as a tour guide, we have perfected our tours so that each tour with set up, tour, and clean-up is 4 hours. You will be working split shifts and doing two tours per day so you will also get 8 hours per day unless for some reason we don’t have a tour then we have extra projects. The posted schedule is your timecard. We require you to clock in and out with our time clock so that we know what time you arrive and leave each day. The best way to make sure you get paid exactly your schedule is to clock in and out every day correctly.  It is super easy, and it is your responsibility to clock in and out.  Of course, people can accidentally forget and that is not a problem we have time adjustment sheets at the front desk that you fill out and we fix your clock in or out. 

How to Apply

The best way to apply is to e-mail me at and I will email you an application. 

We also have a quick link on the bottom of our website

You can also text me your email address at 707-490-2697.

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