Bearskin Lodge

See moose, bears, wolves, lynx, bobcats, foxes, pine martens and much more wildlife at Bearskin Lodge.
Canoe access right into the BWCAW
Truly on the edge of the wilderness -- BWCA canoe country, entry point #64
Make new friends in the woods
Take part in the annual Gunflint Trail canoe races
Learn to photograph the northern lights
Bearskin staff members visiting Crocodile Falls for the first time in spring
Many people would happily pay a small fortune for the view from your staff apartments.
Foxes have been greeting staff outside staff housing for more than 15 years.
Canoe races are a highlight for our summer employees
You'll love living on the edge of the BWCA
Sweet log cabin in winter at Bearskin Lodge
Some of our jobs include teaching nature and craft classes
A Bearskin cabin in winter
Expect to regularly see moose at work
Snowshoeing, skiing, winter silent sports
A little staff house in winter--live in the woods, on a lake

Live and work where you love to be, on the edge of Minnesota's BWCA canoe country

Bearskin Lodge is the premier, high-end wilderness resort and outfitter on the Minnesota's famed Gunflint Trail. Most of our guests return year after year, often for many generations. Our resort frequently plays a major role in their family memories. Bearskin guests usually get to know our staff members well during their stay and they have very high expectations for the quality of our staff.

26 miles up the historic Gunflint Trail, just half an hour from the fun little Lake Superior "Coolest Town in America," Grand Marais, Minnesota. Located on BWCA entry point #64, with easy access into the BWCA right outside your front door.

About Bearskin Lodge

This is the dream life, to live and work where you love to be, on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness in far northern Minnesota. See a moose outside your window; listen to loon calls at night; spend your free time swimming in Johnson Falls, photographing the northern lights, or paddling to a remote campsite. 

Since 1925 Bearskin Lodge has been a destination for guests who appreciate the solitude of Minnesota's canoe country. Bearskin Lodge is a beautiful, edge-of-the-wilderness resort with a very loyal following of guests who return year after year, decade after decade. In the summer we are one of Minnesota's best-known family resorts, while in the winter Bearskin is a top-ranked cross-country ski destination. 

The Employee Experience

This is a contented place to live and work. Our permanent employees are "living the dream," and tend to stay in their jobs for a long time. Our summer employees make memories and deep connections to Bearskin that they talk about forever.

All Bearskin employees do all jobs.  One morning you might be helping with housekeeping, later in the day you might teach a class, help out at the front desk, or get paddles for a canoe trip. This is a great job for people who like variety.

Bearskin guests love getting to know our employees, so if you work here it is important that you have good interpersonal interaction skills.  

All of our staff members live a healthy lifestyle. We have great trail running around the resort in the summer, and 70 K of top-notch cross-country skiing in the winter. Our housing is non-smoking and drug-free. Grand Marais is an arts community and consequently, we often have staff members who are engaged in creative pursuits. We may be able to sell your work in our gift shop and we will support your art however we can.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal job applicant enjoys the outdoors and will be happy living far from shopping and cities. Many candidates put down that they "love to hunt and fish" as their primary job skill, but that generally won't get you the interview. Much more is required here. Our employees are detail-oriented, drama-free, and organized. They present well when they meet other people, they have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and they are very responsible. They have good references from previous employment. They love a healthy, outdoor lifestyle and they want to experience life on the Gunflint Trail.

If you are a good worker and you want to be here, we can teach you the skills you need. If you already come with previous knowledge about front desk work, guest services, maintenance, or especially housekeeping, that's even better!

Room and Board

Staff housing is at the west end of the lake, with a beautiful BWCA lake view. All employees have their own house or apartment. You do not share your space unless you choose to live with a spouse or partner. There is a private employee dock where you can bask in the sun on your days off, and you have free access to canoes and gear when available. Rent is $150/month, which is deducted from your check. You do not pay for electricity or heat, but there is a small monthly fee if you want internet access.

Our staff housing is smoke-free and drug-free. You will be happiest here if you are someone who already chooses to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Employee Perks

Best employee perk:  you can leave from your front door and paddle, ski, or hike nto the BWCA anytime you want to go there. You can use our canoes and gear for free, based on availability, of course.

Do your shopping in our gift shop at a discounted rate. Will you miss your family if you're living this far north? During some times of the year, your immediate family may stay in a cabin at a discounted rate, or for free in the off-season (you do the cleaning). We want you to be happy here; sometimes a visit from family is a highlight. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Bearskin is 26 miles from the nearest grocery store and more than two hours from a major city. Most of the fun hikes and activities along the Gunflint Trail are a 10 - 30 minute drive from Bearskin. This is not a good place to live without a vehicle. All employees need to have a driver's license to drive company vehicles and applicants who have their own personal vehicle are best set up to thrive in our remote environment. 

For Fun

Canoe, kayak, camp, hike, bike, cross-country ski, snowshoe -- if you enjoy the outdoors, you're going to love being here.  If you came to shop, well ... this isn't the place for you. 

This is a photographer's paradise, and we'll help you make the most of your skill, whether you're experienced or a beginner.  We've had painters, potters, woodworkers, photographers, and weavers on staff. This is a beautiful place to create and we are happy to help you expand your talents.

How to Apply

Follow the Apply Now link below to read more about our available jobs.

The application is linked to the employment page. We appreciate a completed application, as well as a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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