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Currently recruiting for jobs that start between June 1st, 2024 and October 31st, 2024.

  • Front Desk

    Grand Marais, Gunflint Trail
    $15.00 - $17.00 / hour + tips

    This role is for a front desk/outdoor advisor/ all-purpose helpful human. Do you like to be the person at the center of everything, responsible for running the entire resort? This might be the job for you!

    One job available this year, and it's one with great responsibility and well-defined duties. On two days a week this employee will be at the front desk, in charge of everything that happens during the resort day. You'll send canoeists out on their BWCA trips, greet all visitors to the lodge. advise guests on hikes and day trips, and call other staff members on the radio to come assist guests with boats or other needs. This is a go-go job that requires good physical stamina and an authentic presentation as an outdoors advisor.

    On one day a week, probably Friday, this employee will assist with other activities and then will take over the front desk job later in the day. On Saturday and Sunday, everyone works together to "turn-over" the cabins and get them clean for the next week.  It's two days of camaraderie and hard work, that feels great when we get it done and start into a repeat schedule of the previous week.

    Your colleagues this year are top-notch, possibly the best ever. They do everything so well that it makes your job easier.

    Job comes with a second floor, individual apartment with an amazing long view of East Bearskin Lake, a BWCA entry point to the wilderness. You have access to our canoes and gear, by request, and are welcome to use your days off to explore the BWCA. We can't allow additional days off for weddings, family events, etc. between June 15-September 2, but you will normally have 2 contiguous mid-week days off each week when you can explore. You are always off by 6 PM.

    This is a job that only makes sense for people who already love the outdoors. It's all about wilderness here, so previous experience with an outdoor job, lifestyle, or hobby is a requirement for this position. 

    Wage rate and start date negotiable. Regular raises and bonuses. Health and dental insurance options available after employee has reached permanent status. Preference for employees with aspirations for staying in our area for a long-run.

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