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For decades, Bearskin Lodge has been considered one of the best employers in our area. Consequently,  employees are generally happy here and tend to stay a few years. We do occasionally hire seasonal employees as needed, so you are welcome to also apply on a seasonal basis.

We try to be fair, respectful, and kind employers. Hours will always be scheduled sometime between 7:30 AM - 6 PM; if you work more than 40 hours, you will be paid overtime wages. You will always have two days off during a pay week, and we try to schedule you with two consecutive days off. 

  • Guest Services/Housekeeping

    Grand Marais, Gunflint Trail
    $15.00 - $17.00 / hour + tips

    Skills needed:  Attention to detail, a good work ethic, a friendly nature, and a willingness to tackle every job, outdoors or indoors. Good communication skills essential. You’ll have your own small lakeside apartment, with access to canoes, skis, and snowshoes. Wages negotiable, depending on experience. This employee could eventually join our permanent staff, if you are a successful fit for working here. Health insurance and dental insurance benefits are available to our permanent employees. We are always interested in finding a person who has previous experience with housekeeping and can help manage and direct the complicated organizational flow of daily housekeeping tasks. 

  • Experienced, professional housekeeper/guest services

    $17.00 - $20.00 / hour + tips

    Experienced, high-energy housekeeper/guest services person with management skills, and a great eye for detail. Plan cleaning schedules, encourage fellow staff members, stay ahead of ordering supplies and above all, *notice* things and help bring our cabins up to very high standards.  

    Our staff is young, mostly 20s &30s, and they are fast-moving. We’re hoping to find someone with the same qualities.

    You need to love winter in order to survive our next seasons, or at least have survived a real winter in the north. 

    Apartment available.  Our housing is no smoking. Some, but not all pets acceptable.

  • Short-term housekeeping help

    $15.00 - $17.00 / hour + tips

    Looking for an experienced housekeeping/guest services person who’d like to finish out the season at a lovely northwoods resort. Could become a permanent job for the right person but we are also open to a very short -term option for someone who has the skills, but just a temporary need to work here until the “next thing” starts. Start 10/1, could be done 10/25 or could stay longer, depending on how good a fit this is for both of us.

How to Apply

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The application is linked to the employment page. We appreciate a completed application, as well as a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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