Bar Lazy J Ranch

Come Work and Play in the Rocky Mountains along the Colorado River at Colorado's Oldest Dude Ranch!

Opened in 1912, Bar Lazy J is considered the oldest continuously operating guest ranch in Colorado. With a guest capacity of 42 we strive to provide our guests a week long stay in a friendly, informal atmosphere with a true "western experience.

Our ranch is ideally located just southwest of Rocky Mountain National Park and nestled in a peaceful valley along the banks of the Colorado River.

About Bar Lazy J Ranch

The Bar Lazy J guest ranch is an incredible place to spend the summer--have new experiences, meet new people, and enjoy the Rocky Mountains! If you enjoy working with people in a fun and beautiful environment, your time at our ranch will prove to be an invaluable experience. We are looking for outgoing and hardworking individuals to spend the summer and fall with us! Last summer through the Covid crisis, we kept our doors open for the sake of our staff and our guests and were able to navigate the changes with a successful and safe season for everyone.

We will have work available beginning early / mid-May through September. Please do not return an application unless you can begin work by the last week of May and stay at least until late August.

The Employee Experience

Our staff are treated like family! You'll have the opportunity to meet wonderful people (both guests and other staff) who will be part of your life for long after your time here at the ranch. Staff are offered the same food as our guests and room and board is included as part of your experience here.

Join in the ranch activities, respectfully use ranch amenities, or use your time off to explore the public lands in every direction. Wi-Fi is available for the staff in their rooms and there are private staff areas to eat and to relax on breaks or off time. We encourage our staff to take advantage of all the ranch has to offer--come fish, come ride, come hike, and bike! After a good day of work, you'll find lots of ways to enjoy the Rocky Mountains.

We encourage you to learn more about the experience by checking out our "So you want to work at a dude ranch" blog post!

Ideal Candidate

Bar Lazy J has a very high percentage of returning guests each year, and a large part of that success is because of our staff. Our guests stay for a week and therefore have ample opportunity to interact and become familiar with our staff - regardless of their role. As a result, it is extremely important to us that all our staff members are personable, polite, honest, hard-working, and enjoy being part of the staff team. We're looking for individuals who enjoy giving a positive experience for others and will take advantage of the beautiful area we're in with new friends they'll make here on the ranch.

Room and Board

Staff accommodation is mostly communal (shared rooms). The female staff is housed 2 persons in a room with 2 beds, 2 dressers, a walk-in closet, and a private bathroom. The male staff is housed in the bunkhouse with 3-4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a common area for watching movies with all staff.

There is a large staff fridge available 24 hours a day for food and snacks--plus the bottomless cookie box our staff enjoy as well! Linens, pillows, and blankets are provided. Staff meals are provided 3 times per day and are the same quality of food as our guests experience. There is a staff dining area and snacks/beverages are available at all times.

Employee Perks

Staff compensation is based on an hourly wage plus an additional bonus at the end of your contracted time here. Overtime is paid for working over 40 hours in a week. Depending on the position, staff will average 40-50 hours per week and all staff members work a five or six-day week depending on their position.

Other benefits include:

  • no commuting costs
  • use of laundry facilities, wifi, staff parties
  • use of the ranch facilities including fishing the river, use of recreation barn, riding when schedules allow, swimming pool and hot tub, etc.
  • meeting new and exciting people (both staff and guests!)
  • living in a beautiful location

Getting Here and Getting Around

Having your own vehicle is not required. Many staff fly into Denver and use one of several van shuttle services to arrive at one of our local towns. The ranch will gladly pick staff members up at the drop off point. AMTRAK is another option for getting to the ranch. There is a train stop in GRANBY, CO - approximately 12 miles from the ranch. If staff choose to drive to the ranch, here are driving directions. 

For Fun

Staff are encouraged to use the amenities of the ranch and immediate area on their time off. There is a variety of hiking, horseback riding, quality fishing, mountain biking and easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park.

How to Apply

Please submit our online application via the button below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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